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Short Accrued Poems

Short Accrued Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Accrued by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Accrued by length and keyword.

The Book of Love
Who wrote the book of love?
I think they could be sued
For many a disaster
In love's name is accrued...

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Categories: accrued, funny, love,
Form: Rhyme

Arabian sea
Encroached the city
With chopped head
And swelled legs.

Clouds fought like black cats
Spirit scented rain raged on.

The world lay
As if in a morgue
Varied dance accrued
Atop it.

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Categories: accrued, allegory,
Form: Imagism
Finite Reach of Terms
The pinnacle source
We strain to unfurl
The mind pulls apart

Seams of iron stand
Accrued throats of steel
Hammered against raw will

But the energy breaks with season
As moods uncovered what went
Secretly finite, scrawling new terms...

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Categories: accrued, education, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brain Muscle

Doesn't seem right, though I started walking each morn Gaining weight must be brain muscle that's been reborn Once again can add two plus two And other stuff I've accrued Wearing make-up, prancing around in a nurses uniform

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Categories: accrued, health,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Living in Today
We turned a knob, and ventured back, into the place, we dwelled Standing here, within these walls, ..a cottage small, accrued travails ago But clearly see that all is well, ...all is well, ...we need not come again
___________________________ In honor of Deb's contest: "Trinity" ...

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Categories: accrued, introspection, life, nostalgia,
Form: Sijo

Premium Member The Burning Ash
The burning ash Took a painful picture of you The burning ash Lit the image on fire to wash Cleansing the burnt soul through and through Releasing pain through ash accrued The burning ash
Russell Sivey The word I chose is (A)......for Ash Entrant into Nette Onclaud's "ALPHABETS OF RONDELET" contest 2/18/2012...

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Categories: accrued, life,
Form: Verse
How Excellent
Revolutionary insight
for forty days and forty nights
Noah discovered what rain was;
Moses was given God’s ten laws.
Josh and Caleb searched out the land;
Jesus triumphed at evil's hand.
Goliath’s grand boasting accrued;
Elijah lived on angel food.

March 5, 2014

Author's Notes:
forty words for forty days and forty nights
examples of those who XL'd....

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Categories: accrued, 11th grade, bible, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
One Day At A Time
I’m still alive
Though not intact
I strive and strive
To stay on track

I try, I fail
I try again
I need to heal
It never ends

The coarse was set
With little wind
My sails a net
It’s hard to win

LIke a tattoo 
One stain at a time
What I’ve accrued
Is pain in my prime

I work what I got
With smiles and grins
I want to give up
But fight giving in

So on I’ll go
One day at a time
I’ll go on to
Life’s finish line

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Categories: accrued, abuse, depression, growing up, growth,
Form: Bio
Table of giving
An ounce of love intensified into a cup of memories
those memories over filled the rim and spilled into a bowl of appreciation
a plate will be needed to hold all of the ramifications that accrued. 

This full plate needs to be reverted back to its giver.
Giving back appreciation for those memories one has been fulfilled with.
An ounce of gratefulness will spread the table cloth for
a meal of thankfulness that all have been blessed with


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Categories: accrued, appreciation, thank you,
Form: Free verse
Ode to Autumn
Dancing leaves
Swaying trees
Autumn time is here

Air is crisp
Wind is brisk
Gusts from far and near

Leaves fall steady
Like confetti
Faster than they grew

Gold and brown
All around
Moist from morning dew

Harvests high
Wheat and rye
Squash and pumpkins accrued

Blackbirds flee
Squirrels spree
Storing winter food

Scads of fun 
In gentle sun
Best time of the year

Dancing leaves
Swaying trees
Autumn time is here.

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Categories: accrued, autumn, earth, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Lake Vaso
Skies falling, upon the ragged heart pasquil
Tranquility ripples across the lake in plethora
She is there, in my heart, a sweet delusion
As I cross the waters wishing I was omnipotent
I drop my oars on forest floor, seeking Aurore
I run along the earth clad pathways towards the cloister
Praying that accrued love still has her beholden 
Kneeling on one knee, I look up with a glint of promise

The Lantern reflects back the softness of her eyes

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Categories: accrued, art, french, imagination, lost love, love, moon,
Form: Lanterne
Premium Member What Was, Will Forever Be
What Was, Will Forever Be Written: by Tom Wright October 2015 In youth, I envisioned not what life would be, So with each day’s dawning, as sun came up; I questioned, if ripening years I’d see, As I daily supped from a bittersweet cup. As years accrued, dreams became an illusion, Causing me to question the life I’d chosen. I’d given too little of myself in conclusion, And now in the past it seems I’m frozen.

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Categories: accrued, dream, how i feel, me,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member time
is there a time when pain accrued
dissolves to nothingness
when life again bares mites of joy
amid this hopelessness

and will i dare let go this grief
bid fair thee well to pain
and spirits shall no longer be
my daily crutch and bane

for time's become my enemy
by keeping us apart
and yet it drifts directly to
the one who owns my heart

so suffer i these nights alone
abiding daily life
obsessed with burning passion for
this soul i call my wife...

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Categories: accrued, death, grief, loneliness, love, miss you, pain,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Finest Lush Wear-With Writer's Notes
                                Finest Lush Wear

                                     silk bra
                                   accrued fit
                               fashioned comfort


I like the concept accrued fit. Similar to
accrued taste, acquired, grown into over time.
Probably been better to use couture in place of fashioned....

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Categories: accrued, beautiful, clothes, sensual,
Form: Lanterne