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Absinthe Poems

Absinthe Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absinthe poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absinthe.

New Poems

Plague Doctor Mask
My love
we fear the corona
my lover
let us wear
our plague doctor
masks to bed again

You look at me
with eyes like two ribbons
of warm absinthe

We fear for our life
from our life
the whole span
of it glistens

To protect us
light the candles
spray on some

Let us recite
some...Read More
Categories: absinthe, anxiety, dark, fear, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member FEMINAE
Women are strange 
Float on subwoofer dreams 
And a myriad of screams 
Confuse perpendicular days with absinthe haze
Stretch peculiarities from end to end 
Know only that flesh converses with flesh 
That top and bottom aren’t the same 
Don’t realise ,...Read More
Categories: absinthe, gender, humorous, imagery, introspection, perspective,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A View of the Vineyard
The chartreuse pearls hung on the pregnant vine
as whispered jade of leaves in autumn breeze.
The necklaces of trellis did entwine
like clefs of absinthe notes in verdant keys.


Original poem:  Grape Harvest

Rithium Divisa 2 Contest
Sponsor:  Gregory R Barden...Read More
Categories: absinthe, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Falling Like Leaves
Oh, how a fair breeze of Autumn can stir
          My heart with reprieves - the redolent leaves
     Remembrance of romance with you in a blur
  ...Read More
Categories: absinthe, metaphor, nature, passion, romance, school, soulmate, true
Form: Rhyme
Hemingway's Bartender
We share our love for writing
A seat at the bar is always inviting
Writing comes naturally
Alcohol is used medicinally
Both had their own way 2 stop the chaos
Long conversations with ourselves
Asking for whisk(e)y off the top shelves
I stir & mix him concoctions
Absinthe...Read More
Categories: absinthe, drink, friend, literature, loss, mentor, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member They Sparkle, Yet

Perhaps our sight is soon to fade,

          Still we know love and how it's made -

               A...Read More
Categories: absinthe, age, appreciation, beauty, passion, soulmate, true love,
Form: Lay
Premium Member I Dreamed Worlds
I dreamed of worlds
far and away;
worlds of colored fancies,
worlds that play
among the stars,
in emerald air and
shimmering golden.

Gods play peek-a-boo
with Chimera,
of abalone skin,

Ambrosia and absinthe
dining is the
pleasure here;
worlds among the ethers
where mortal dreams
lend wishes
of perfection
to the ethers...
sheer bilss.
...Read More
Categories: absinthe, art, dream, philosophy, poems, poetry, spiritual, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Memento Memories
Another White Christmas
coming down
hard ...
Asphalt bitter cold
Danny Boy blues ain’t o-Kaye-o     
Broken glass Dean-o voice
Martini sing in absinthe stinging
d minor   ~   Road to Hope got
Crossed 'B' out Bing-o

Another whiteout Christmas
Domino tears
Twenty below...Read More
Categories: absinthe, addiction, depression, holiday, pain, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Little Man's Eyes
I see it, little one ...
In the magic of your eyes -
'Tis the world, blooming wondrous!
Bright, dazzling dreams of a midday meadow,
A softened sweep of butterfly wings, azure-bound,
The warm, wobbly mud of a May puddle,
And a kiss, stolen from your...Read More
Categories: absinthe, appreciation, childhood, family, life, metaphor, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
subject to meet
always mixing 
tequila lemon
cello with

my muttering
words utterly
come out
like milk

from a cow
but usually

so soon but
not soon
for me

we will be
facing one
another and
not knowing

enough of each
of the other's
we'll be

living life
after Babel
babbling but

laughter...Read More
Categories: absinthe, muse,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Indian Summer
A glass half-full of August pours its gold
on autumn's copper turning it to bronze.
The brittle Santa Ana gusts unfold
to rattle omens hidden in the fronds

that burst from trunks up high like absinthe flame
and singe October's turquoise-matted sky.
Each puff of smoke...Read More
Categories: absinthe, autumn, imagery, metaphor, nature, summer,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Windows

Look close, my tears ...

    can you not see the toil of my father -

       the glint of my mother's care?

        Do the joys...Read More
Categories: absinthe, deep, introspection, life, wisdom,
Form: Free verse

 I Won't be drunk
in bacal ethyl dream ...
nor fuel me
in spiritual alcohol ...
I don't desire evolutions,
illusion of smoke life!
I don't intend to fall for the ruse
of wine, rum, vodka ...
Today I dream
I am awaken ...
I said goodbye to absinthe
crazy...Read More
Categories: absinthe, allusion, analogy, metaphor, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Beautied Panther

       Beautied panther, black as night
   Through the jungle, prancing
 My machete longs to bite
Dark and sleek
 Grand mystique
   Moonbeams bright, entrancing

Beautied panther, steely gaze
    Long, I've...Read More
Categories: absinthe, animal, appreciation, beauty, fantasy, passion, woman,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Your Absinthe Eyes
(Up-Tempo Shuffle)


Each war of personalities
Within your crowded soul
Reaps a gasp of mystery
Anticipated - anticipated ...

But just a flash of golden-green
One sweetened liquored gaze
I'm on a slope that's slippery
Intoxicated - intoxicated - oh


I drink you like a madman -...Read More
Categories: absinthe, beauty, love, metaphor, passion,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member 50 Words for Poe: camera obscura
"50 Words for Poe: camera obscura"

The Night Flower 
turns in her bed
in a dark room
stories of wraiths 
like flies buzzing in her head
and blood-sucking bugs that bite
Rippers and lovers dead
come to collect her from her
ornery black-balled plight

The box is closed...Read More
Categories: absinthe, blue, dark, gothic, murder, mystery, psychological, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member El Jaleo

Prep school day trip, the Gardner Museum, Boston
          I round a corner inside, sunny window to the left
             ...Read More
Categories: absinthe, appreciation, art, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Buzzards and Flamingos

Dim lights ...

Rhythms pound
Cold Duplais Verte emulsifies in my square glass
Tongue tingling, I swallow it in sips
Woody, bitter licorice plucks my senses

The soft, dreamy warmth suffuses my blood, relaxing
And the flamingos start to dance
Up-and-down, sweeping and bouncing
Timed with colored lasers...Read More
Categories: absinthe, appreciation, bird, drink, fantasy, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Absinthe dreams
Color swirl, collision of
Light mesmerizes; the fire 
Incinerates; a dust
Absinthe dreams.
...Read More
Categories: absinthe, dream, inspiration, introspection, meaningful, philosophy, psychological, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sunday in Spain

We stroll the barrios of sweet Madrid
          A world of ill concern thus wafting by
     Reflections of the day alight your eye

Still here we are alone amidst...Read More
Categories: absinthe, adventure, passion, romance, romantic love, together,
Form: Rhyme
Tomorrow a foreboding — where a shovel and daisy thrive.
Prepare yourself with the wind of the sea and coconut-salt.
Stand upon the dock where the ribboned sky cuts the dark,
and call to your sailor who heartily drinks your honeysuckle ink.
Seal words...Read More
Categories: absinthe, death,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member My Darling Boy

     Oh ...

Have you seen my darling boy, blond hair, like corn silk, falling?
          Lost, his sparkling absinthe eyes, but still, my heart keeps calling.
  ...Read More
Categories: absinthe, analogy, boy, childhood, innocence, metaphor, nostalgia, sad,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member RAINBOW BELLS

Belittlement of sea and sky with blue
and green entitlement - unfocused lens
of stormy clime — the darkening of hue
in whites of shellacked eyes, aplomb of friends

does drown in haziness.  They drink his tears —
the absinthe of their cloudy...Read More
Categories: absinthe, love, sin,
Form: Sonnet
It awakens artists & cures melancholy.
Take me away from this dark reality.
Numb my sorrows & heal my pain.
My wounds will heal, but will I love again?

Absinthe releases the "Green Fairy."
It has inspired writers like Mary Shelley.
Open my third eye to...Read More
Categories: absinthe, anxiety, deep, depression, emo, gothic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Breath, Bewitched

     Prithee, my darling

          Let me hear you whisper

Mold a heart with those perfect bows

Crimp them, coy and parted, ever-so-slightly

       ...Read More
Categories: absinthe, analogy, appreciation, love, romantic, sensual, words,
Form: Free verse