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Aborted Poems

Aborted Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aborted poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aborted.

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Our Thinkers Today
A Sequel to Paciolo Pen Saint’s No Thinkers Please 

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Categories: aborted, abortion, evil, humanity, lust, vanity,
Form: Free verse

Thank You Mama: From the child who was almost aborted
I look back at a time
When I was too young to decide
She had the power to choose
If I could make it or not
And I had to oblige
The doctors told her
They had to terminate me
To save her life
She had to think...Read More
Categories: aborted, journey, parents, poetry, tribute, true love, trust,
Form: Ode
Such a short distance,
As Time has now Run Dry;
On a world so abused,
even God begins to cry.
A world we now have, that continues to betray;
The innocence of our children and the smiles they display...
Forced into the evils of a man's...Read More
Categories: aborted, abuse, pain,
Form: Rhyme

How little credit you are given 
to have chosen to given birth!
Millions of aborted children~
where are their bodies now?
An answer far too frightening
us to unearth!

You took your child home, no
Daddy to there to help you.
But, oh the joy~~ staring into
those...Read More
Categories: aborted, birth, blessing, child, mother,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ABORTED-
distance, distant
trinket, shrinking

figment, thinking
spirit,  stigma

instant, vision
wilting, listen

bidden, dripping
infant, sickness
pregnant, stringent
silent, client

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.2020©
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Categories: aborted, abortion, abuse, analogy, anxiety,
Form: Footle

slavery and reparations all done
I am a descendant of slaves - from India!
Anyone who demands REPARATIONS shake & quake at my words
Competition? So, we have competing tales of bondage?
The Jewish people's perhaps the longest & cruelest,
With smaller holocausts to spouses, persons, populations...Read More
Categories: aborted, africa, america, analogy, black african american, education,
Form: Bio
Imagination Unborn

If there was no poetry
Where all the muses would have gone
Aborted in the harsh depth of eternity
Imagination would have remained unborn.

January 25, 2020...Read More
Categories: aborted, imagination, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Jackal and Hyde Pride
Your passionate, unneeded pride...
Is hard to swallow, so I’m waiting for another tomorrow
Going along with the rowdy ride
Still feeling so low…but I must stay high, you know?

I want to glow bright and grow and not feel this hollow…
Break the mirror...Read More
Categories: aborted, angst, emotions, endurance, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Mother's Regret

all the family
near her deathbed: glazed eyes seek
an aborted child

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 			
A Senryu on Mother Contest
Sponsor: Jenish Samadas

© 5th January 2020

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Categories: aborted, child,
Form: Senryu
A pro-life poem
Not all women all victims of assault.
Some couples have moment of weakness, and are at fault.
Abortion is something worse than cruel.
To God all life, is a precious jewel.
No doubt, nor exception, all life beings at the moment of conception.
No doubt,...Read More
Categories: aborted, abortion, baby, birth, creation,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Careless Thoughts
Careless Thoughts

Honest whispers, 
from somewhere unseen. 
Things we should not, 
dwell upon. 
Life's mistakes, 
“Do Overs”.

Punished in this world, 
saved in the next. 
God the only path, 
worth taking. 
The rest, 
the left behind…

Measured short by their own rulers....Read More
Categories: aborted, children, encouraging, environment, gender, god, immigration, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Miseries of the Mind
Listen to the sobbing air, smothered by
a satanic blanket of carbon monoxide.
Condemn me not, though I may be impatient,
for my wishes are aborted under industrial waste.
Weave your glowing tapestry of life; believe me,
I won't touch your creation lest it be...Read More
Categories: aborted, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Postmodern Girl Can Scream Out
postmodern world
they have rights
freedom is liberal choice

now a girl can scream out,
"Give me freedom, I won't be an aborted girl; I won't be a killer! " 

- Friday, June 14, 2019 Chattogram...Read More
Categories: aborted, girl, life,
Form: Free verse

In this time…In this life…in this place…we have no showed

Under a blanket of blankness without thanks…we have no souls

Living’s a mere...Read More
Categories: aborted, confusion, deep, humanity,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Tale Of Light's Challenge

'Tis presently an echoed day and with it, the lips touching an unbridled tongue for it has lain on a countertop of held shames beholden to tasteless breakups that fester in a devil's brew, for fire betrays the envious their...Read More
Categories: aborted, fire,
Form: Metrical Tale
Premium Member The Aborted Mind

A child, who's not of youth, 
And they'd had not being weaned, 
A place so big, they'd never seen, 
A place for the small, that they'd never had been.

2019 September 17

...Read More
Categories: aborted, abortion, imagery, innocence, life, loss,
Form: Narrative
19 Haikus and the Horse of Freedom

It is never real
Only in the midst of pain
Finally I see 

After the liquor
I am found on the ceiling
crawling to the floor

Let's get on with this
Panic in the avenues
Ominous defeat

Penultimate move
the coyote will win...Read More
Categories: aborted, allegory, dark, freedom,
Form: I do not know?
Ice Nine Part 2

Frigid metals twist like 
Banshees in shriek,
Making all who hear it fear it's threatening speech.
Cognitive cogs, turning out torture-
instigating further madness noir.
Pale green and gold in it's likeness.
Promulgated sickness.
Rusted iron dust to waft in the air,
wasping the lungs in claustrophobic-
Gnatly...Read More
Categories: aborted, angel, christian,
Form: Rhyme
This Thing Called the Past

This thing called the Past, it exists, but more 
in pieces than in places, more in the head 
than in the heart, though sometimes we long 
for it like a parched thirst.

An enormous bag filled with human blunders 
we carry...Read More
Categories: aborted, parody,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member One Meal Ill Never Forget
Dedicated to Kyle, my son ... my smile

I recall many unique meals of special appeal
but one dinner replays on a fav memory reel
that I shall never forfeit or agree to forget.
This meal was years ago yet still remains clear.
I will...Read More
Categories: aborted, boy, child, chocolate, cute, food, funny, memory,
Form: Rhyme

We had something so strong that she loosened herself,
And so many oaths binding us like a twine,
I said “You’re more valuable than gold”
She believed my words like the Marxist dogma,
At once epigrammatic and arresting.

It stood like...Read More
Categories: aborted, 10th grade, anxiety, depression, hurt,
Form: Free verse
Absence of humanity
In this time…In this life…in this place…we have no showed

Under a blanket of blankness without thanks…we have no souls

Living’s a mere image cuz what we’ve witnessed is not real

Aborted the birth of a world… for a world we keep but...Read More
Categories: aborted, loss, sad,
Form: I do not know?
I hate robocalls
I turn off damn ringer,
telephone still buzzes
twenty four seven
eight days a week
automated telephone calls

digitally recorded message
perfectly spoken English
differentiation to distinguish
"FAKE" simulation
all bot impossible
totally immune to escape

gagging hospitable invective
electronic jawboning immunized
against antipathy, cruelty, enemy,
hostility, insecurity, pleasantry
Yukon run to tallest mountain
dive into...Read More
Categories: aborted, 10th grade, 11th grade, betrayal, discrimination, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Parallel Selves, Part II
...No longer could they blame it on others,
or chock it all up to society,
their losses, their failings, due to their choices,
a hard truth, and many were not ready.

Some would see what parallel selves had done,
then find a gun, take a...Read More
Categories: aborted, dark, depression, loss, psychological, science, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
Borderline K-9 Cages

Parental desperation
is the dreadful flee bidden cause
Children separation
is the inhumane quarantine effect

Trying to cross the sovereign divide
is narrow mindedly viewed, by more than a few,
as a pestilent travel venture
Ill will is the chilling, unhealthy reception

The uncivil solution: Create an insane...Read More
Categories: aborted, child abuse, political, prison, truth,
Form: Quatrain