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Abhorring Poems

Abhorring Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abhorring poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abhorring.

New Poems

Pipe dreaming democracy
Today’s a day that’s supposedly filled with political rhapsody/
Yet I sit down and write these words in full spiritual apathy/
I rather be electing a leader whose ideas can capture me/
Chattel ghosts are after me so I can’t afford to be...Read More
Categories: abhorring, conflict, political,
Form: I do not know?

Almighty God* I adore
Author of faith, approved by Your atonement
Accept my acknowledgment and admiration of Your anointing.

Awed by and adorned with Your advice
Abiding am I in Your avouching assurance 
Apprehended against abominations, arrayed with holiness’ attire.

Away from adversary’s affliction
Alertly, I...Read More
Categories: abhorring, appreciation, christian, confidence, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Alliteration
The Atheist
He pipes out in pride and boasts of his creed   
crushing the spirit of those who believe 
he thinks he is right he has planted no seed  
except that of money and power, perceived  
The stars...Read More
Categories: abhorring, fate,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Ella's Spooky Night of Terror
Ebon was the night and the road was winding.
The thunder struck and the lightning blinding.
One moment of peace Ella was intent on finding.
A good safe haven she was trying to discover,
a terrible gruesome occurrence she did uncover.
It was about the...Read More
Categories: abhorring, scary,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Silent Oceans, Holy Wombs
From Earth's original OceanicWomb
our DNA regenerate Soul emerged.

Yet these are yet One
Sacred Ecological Nature.

DNA's memory strings
of Spiritus-Anima Mundi
became Greek encultured MotherWomb
of holistic uniting Earth.

Spiral dipolar poetry of motion
and emotion,
and recommitments,
bare analogical deep values
for regenerating healthy climates
and internal cognitive wealthy landscapes.

Gaian-formed...Read More
Categories: abhorring, creation, earth, health, integrity, peace, psychological, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Halloween Scare
The horror of All Hallow's Eve was a night of fright,
                it was the time of year when Johnny rose from the dead-
All the townspeople...Read More
Categories: abhorring, halloween,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sevenbits Mask
  veiled by a shroud of mourning, 
                    lost outside a mask of woe-
    I seek abhorring...Read More
Categories: abhorring, dark,
Form: Verse
My form of sonnet modified(Holy Spirit).
Now it entails; An Acrostic form with the rhyme scheme aabbcdeeffcdgg. Enjoy!

'Hewn out of mystery,
Endowed with scary physiognomy.

Tensed with eyes and flappy wings
Winning...Read More
Categories: abhorring, allusion,
Form: Sonnet

I walk this earth, unbeknown to human kind
an heir to Legends, men of mighty deeds
who through the force of fire and stars we find
those such as I the offspring of their seeds.
Hercules, his power and strength unmatched
was challenged by the...Read More
Categories: abhorring, humor, myth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member L'Overture

Lest we forget
Words often mouthed
For the dead of bloody war
Forgot not those great ones
Whose battles were on the home front
Seeking only equality of voice

Ray Charles to you was a singer
Backwards and long ago he was a preacher
A brilliant man of...Read More
Categories: abhorring, black african american, encouraging, freedom, french, history,
Form: Free verse


We LINE up in traffic, or clear out the door, 
And there are BEELINES we make, to the seashore.
Get mad and we're "DRAWING A LINE IN THE SAND," 
He USES A LINE when he asks for her hand.

You're in A...Read More
Categories: abhorring, allusion, angst, humor, spoken word, symbolism,
Form: List
Above all the life's traits
Ambition tops the list
asserting one's will to
acquire a secured place,
Aiming high for the stars
albeit down to earth
abhorring vanity.

Pleiades contest by Kim Merryman...Read More
Categories: abhorring, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MONSTROSITY

Up in the old house down by the creek
Stood a mammoth waiting on me.
Down by the river close to the sea
I saw his eyes looking through the trees.
Walking through the valley feeling free
The mammoth came running after me.
Never a day...Read More
Categories: abhorring, anxiety, fear, halloween,
Form: Rhyme
In The Flesh
Introducing: Casarah Nance & Poet Destroyer

Scars of empty promises are darkened by your kiss.
Torturous touches are meant to soothe my pain.
It is without gain, without pleasure, beyond measure,
You are the puppet master, strung on dark days, a haze.
Specter of solitude,...Read More
Categories: abhorring, adventure, dark, deep, depression, loneliness, voice,
Form: Epic
Bedeviled by those pleading eyes
deep as the secrets they chasm
captive as the questions one must surmise 
and I, for your deliverance the ransom 

"never leave me, my love, my friend"
spoken feebly as a prayer of little faith
In angst your heart...Read More
Categories: abhorring, for him, love, magic,
Form: Quatrain
Led to believe 
you'd help me achieve
the grace of a ballerina
a voice operatic 
from my usual asthmatic 
cackle like a laughing hyena

Distaste despite
I endured your bite 
the party with gusto to steer
true state of affairs
via video fare:
drunk, I'm a weirdo,...Read More
Categories: abhorring, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
My Husband Your Bride
Like a ghost I flitter through the night
keeping to the shadows 
abhorring the light
Tears... Unrelenting grief

The night camouflages and no one can see 
the shadow of the person that once was me
The day lays me bare with nowhere to hide
Where...Read More
Categories: abhorring, death,
Form: Quatrain
Phantom Ashes
Cosmic Ashes

Being gone, as the light of the stars
A ghost illumination in the witching hours
I, abhorring the interstellar sex, wait
To expire from this ‘home’,
Through wind and rust.
In little specks of ash and dust,
Dissolving from my minion of mind
Out from the...Read More
Categories: abhorring, birth, death,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lonely Plight
created not by God but man
harsh ridicule he endured

abhorring the mere site of him
people pursued a “monster” in perception only
carrying torches and weapons

angst festered within a tormented heart
sentenced to a life of agonizing loneliness
without committing a crime

abandoned by a thoughtless...Read More
Categories: abhorring, loneliness, lonely, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Two Sides of the Divide
 tender, passionate
 wanting, panting, joining
 friendship, pal, foe, enemies
 hurting, harming, abhorring
 dis-likable, detestable
 Hated More
Categories: abhorring, life
Form: Diamante
Only The Street
The sugar-tipped touch of desire
Meets every abhorring soul at one point in time
Mine hits,
It knocks me to the curb and leaves me bloodied
With signs of fresh exposed flesh
In agony and devout angst 
I rise
All I can see is hazel-
Your eyes,
The...Read More
Categories: abhorring, angst, girlfriend-boyfriend, loveme,
Form: Free verse
Skin Deep
when you look 
you see nothing 
but the girl you love to hate 

to you she's just a closed book 
who's exsistance is abhorring 
to you who's nothing but great 

but when i look in the mirror 
i see a...Read More
Categories: abhorring, faith, people, sad, teen, girl, life, girl,
Form: Lyric
Smirk followed the view,
I had seen it clear,
It was distasteful and abhorring,
I simply did not want it,
Nevertheless it was happening,
Nose screwed and facial muscles contracted,
My ears were drawn alert to hear something bad,
My eyes narrowed down to pupils,
As eyelids tried...Read More
Categories: abhorring,
Form: Free verse