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Abetting Poems

Abetting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abetting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abetting.

New Poems

Don’t display, they will quarantine.
Runaway escape the quarantine.

•	Don’t worry, just a few days till it fades.
      This will keep your family and society safe.

I don’t believe in social distancing,
Solitude is something I hate!

•	A carrier infects...Read More
Categories: abetting, education, encouraging,
Form: Didactic

Should we shed the boy and be a man?
Shoot of spirit wild -to be tamed in the tamed land.
Where is the proof that this cynical evolution;
this cyclical passthrough is a strengthened constitution.
A blur and a blink of vision to the...Read More
Categories: abetting, birth, child, child abuse, childhood, first love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Our Fabled Shabbos Table
Shabbos Table True Fable
Our family "Heimish" setting,
Replete with 2 lighted candles letting,
Blessings, my wife's "Emunah" truly abetting.

6 days' worries & scurries set aside, allayed,
2 lights cleansing in noble "Dr. Suess" style displayed,
Candlesticks' "Curved Art", due to years of use arrayed.

Bluma...Read More
Categories: abetting, blessing, emotions, happiness, jewish, marriage, philosophy, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
The Ultra Violence part1
An earth in exhale of sigh, rising up, rising down in lungswell 

till the air and forest becomes flash paper dry

Eoning as its corner eye looks in disgust 

at the red flashed sky mirroring the pits of shale

The Unmooring of...Read More
Categories: abetting, abuse, conflict, culture, dark, good night, grave,
Form: Rhyme

A woman in travail, to give birth, 
above her head a crown of twelve stars. 
Clothed with the Sun, 
the moon at her feet.
The day the Universe changed.
The day the water broke,
the banks.
Of Evermore.
The Manchild to come.
Come to overtake...Read More
Categories: abetting, abortion, america, angel, anger, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Elitists part 2

Now you know full well what they're about, they're about using you
aint know better than wizards of wall street, rockin the beat with a juke.
Vegas bookies abetting frauds taking odds right against you,
left to die in the streets, exasserbated by...Read More
Categories: abetting, anger,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member How Absurd It Seemed
How Absurd it Seemed

Ah, those memories, so well refined, reworked, revised to meet the failings of memory – or the shame of remembrance.  Tinged now with humor’s hubristic insolence, fleece covered shards of broken lives reassembled in a grotesque...Read More
Categories: abetting, confusion, family, life,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Summer Magic
The sounds of a summer night ring out;
a firefly air ballet performs,
as young eyes embrace the tale;
played out by blinking lights.
summer’s magical;
churning waters

...Read More
Categories: abetting, animal, appreciation, environment, insect, nature, poetry,
Form: Nonet
Days Drift By
Days drift by with seeming haste,
Time to fill or time to waste.
Minutes spent can’t be replaced;
They aren’t worth regretting.

Memories are often based
On moments that our minds have traced
To joys or sorrows interlaced
With reasons for forgetting.

Thus, as seconds tick, we’re faced
With...Read More
Categories: abetting, life,
Form: Rhyme
Tissue Mountain
On a shelf above his bed,
Looking like a fountain,
Henry has what has become
A little tissue mountain.

Each tissue gets one wipe or blow
And then it joins the pile,
A mound that had been growing
For much more than just a while.

When asked if...Read More
Categories: abetting, grandson,
Form: Rhyme


in the end, we were there-not there
two present absentees 
sharing an apartment vacated by a relationship 
and the worst kind of loneliness
   - feeling solitary next to someone
partners in the crime of abetting mutual misery
though neither of us...Read More
Categories: abetting, boyfriend, break up, girlfriend, lost love, relationship,
Form: Free verse
addictive ampoules annihilate after alluring
amphetamines acquaintanceship assuages 
agonizing aches also advocates amorousness
assiduously activating admiration
aggressive attacks assault afoul 

affable affinity and affectionadumbration
anatomical accidental addiction attested as academic,
although afterward abnegation absolutely arduous,
affianced attired apparently as an anomaly 

Ares and Abyssinian Astarte admixture
acquiescence affliction affected adroitly,
and abruptly...Read More
Categories: abetting, 10th grade, 12th grade, addiction, community, dark,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Unquotable Quotes VIIIL: SEXUAL HARASSMENT - the feminist kind
Unquotable Quotes VIIIL : SEXUAL HARASSMENT* - the feminist kind

(*”aggressive pressure or intimidation”: Is it really “any different” in most cases in the act, judging by Hollywood standards?)

 - standing with legs apart on street-corners
 - sitting...Read More
Categories: abetting, beautiful, crush, cute love, desire, humor, men,
Form: Free verse
Unshackle my verse: The People V Poetry
Unshackle my verse: The People V. Poetry

The judge says, 
“Will the defendant please rise”
Intently, I stare into his eyes, 
was once the apple, but now despised. 

“Poetry, you have been charged with multiple counts of loitering in minds, 
Assault with...Read More
Categories: abetting, judgement, poetry, words, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Complains Against The Poet
Always complains are there against poets 
For being petty and writing on trivial things 
And rounding their mind on lower middle class issues 
When I heard these charges I was too angry 
As I was new in this trade and...Read More
Categories: abetting, poets,
Form: Free verse


I’m an alcoholic and no one seems to care
My woman enables me due to her own despair
If she really loved me, she would take up the fight
To keep me from becoming the neighborhood blight
But you...Read More
Categories: abetting, abuse, addiction, character, drink, heartbreak, introspection, wine,
Form: Rhyme
I’m sorry for the decision I made
I’m sorry for abetting your fate
Forgive me as I vomit the truth today,
As it might be hard to digest
But for the sake of my peace, allow me to confess
Because If I don’t do it,...Read More
Categories: abetting, absence, abuse, anger, angst, anxiety, art,
Form: Free verse
A clumsy encounter

Where words fail

Keeping a distance

With those present

Abetting a slow


Demise of dignity...Read More
Categories: abetting, emotions,
Form: Acrostic
She is a girl, learning law,
Hiding and avoiding love,
Aiding and abetting guilty in law,
But the beauty of love!
...Read More
Categories: abetting, love,
Form: Free verse
the unlucky inventor
The Unlucky Inventor 

In winters the sun does not reach down to my valley 
so I put my hall mirror on top a knoll; who the hell
needs a hall mirror, it poked fun of me every time 
I walked past...Read More
Categories: abetting, irony,
Form: Sonnet
No question mark should precede my time.
No exclamation should startle your thoughts.
No apostrophe should suspend our feelings.A full stop must end the confusion.

Waves crush against the rocks,abetting,retreating from my grip!
How would you possibly grasp water?
The mystery gets worse,when at the...Read More
Categories: abetting, lonely,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Congressional Follies

Congressional Follies

What’s happening in this world of ours
That use to be ideal
Congress has become a joke
They don’t care what the people feel
Politician's play the power game
Washington’s in disarray
Grown men acting like children
It’s time they went away!

They brought shame upon America
Leading...Read More
Categories: abetting, political, men,
Form: Rhyme
Me And Nellie McGee
That's not my elephant, the barman said, when last I went a boozing 
Then threw at me a grin filled glance, that was a long way from amusing
You brought him here, you bring him home, your game I’m not abetting
So...Read More
Categories: abetting, funnyme, , 2nd grade,
Form: Ballad
A pristine smoke was pointing
the where of pawns
abetting the glacial runaway.

he was the last man on the stairs
ready to jump in the lake –

when night arrives.
Now this was the tipping point
to stand erect

where the tongue was wasting away,
The death staged...Read More
Categories: abetting, adventure, allegory, angst, animals, anniversary, art
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Photograph
I found a photograph today. 
Its discovery agitated my emotions 
and I caught my breath. 
There you were - suspended - 
like some ancient fly held 
eternally in amber. 
Pose, expression, frozen - always. 

I found a photograph today. 
It...Read More
Categories: abetting, lost love, emotions,
Form: Free verse