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Abet Poems

Abet Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abet poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abet.

New Poems

Yes. May, 1956,
The liquid black gold formed the beginning of greatness
In Oloibiri and later in the entire Niger Delta communities.
Today, we are drinking from the rivers polluted by oil spillage,
Many of us regret being a mortal in our ancestral homes,
Because...Read More
Categories: abet, abuse, community, depression, pain, pollution,
Form: Free verse

Liquid Shelter

I toss fire down your throat
pour you your bullet, goblet to gullet

glass-jacketed explosions 
line my wall like church organ flues
ablution for absolution from desperation 
libation-liberations for exaggerated exhilarations
bottled fevers for believers

kneel your mind
choose your raptures

you’ve come to my altar
now your...Read More
Categories: abet, drink, metaphor, night, people, wine,
Form: Free verse
Disappointed Devil Hood Das Fume And Fret
Disappointed Devil - Hood Das Fume And Fret

'Curse darned demon
     of that thar
     underworld nudged me abet
as a permanent solution
     to a temporary problem
    ...Read More
Categories: abet, 10th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member How Did You Do
Have you ever considered the life you have led?
Did you strive to make better the world that you found?
If your actions were weighed, would you come out ahead?
Have you savored the wonders and joys that abound?

Was existence a blessing or...Read More
Categories: abet, introspection, judgement, life, self, wisdom,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Juneteenth - not for contest

This time each year we now celebrate
          The conviction: love can conquer hate

Yet while our journey has come so far
          A horizon,...Read More
Categories: abet, appreciation, community, humanity, peace, people, society, wisdom,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Summer Shower
Awash her hair in honeysuckle suds,
As rain with pleasure falls from puffy clouds, 
Over dye — pink and gray sans sun, pert buds.
Youth’s effervescent scent of rain so loud —
The sunflowers asleep...June laughs out loud.
A summer’s stream of joyful tears...Read More
Categories: abet, summer,
Form: Rhyme
The Tunnel Vision
You can keep swinging in your smile
as your eyes see through the cylinder only
where the flowers radiate the scent
where the leaves wait for the rustle
of the fondling wind
where stars wait for the music
of the magical light peaks
where the blue sky...Read More
Categories: abet, art, beauty, environment, freedom, motivation,
Form: Free verse

You can’t control weather at the Pole;
But Thule as a rule is always quite cool. 

You’ll hate Scottish weather - it’s never really hottish,
And the climate in Chile you’ll always find  chilly.

It’s true - Spanish snow...Read More
Categories: abet, weather,
Form: Footle
Come, lay thy kisses on my body
A sacred tribute be thy sweat
Exalt my each and every chord
Oh spike, deep thrusted in my being

Will be my torment but a hoist
Oh, sweetened poison without cure
You kneel me inescapably
Slave-made from cold and prided...Read More
Categories: abet, goodbye, heartbroken, love, passion,
Form: I do not know?
He's Talking In His Sleep
He's Talking In His Sleep

Shhh...Night...he's talking in his sleep. 
Soft...Now...the corner of his lips, 'hidden kiss' does peep, heart feels its ellipse. breathless crags of air...
Shhh...Night...he's talking in his sleep. listen, (if I dare). tortured heart's replete....Read More
Categories: abet, dream,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member Unquotable quotes: Lawyers - XX
Unquotable quotes – Lawyers:  XX

(No aspersions are willfully or otherwise cast on the honorable profession of the Law. Though I’m not a Barrister, I passed – through self-study – all the subjects at the Bar Examinations set by the...Read More
Categories: abet, abuse, culture, dedication, humor, judgement, money, word
Form: Epigram
Premium Member The Druid 3
Now that Crimson Fire was gone
Fire Eagle needed to gain experience.
For over ten years he travelled the lands
helping people, learning from many other druids.
One day he knew he would be called up on to
take the role of high priest as...Read More
Categories: abet, bereavement, death, funeral, spiritual,
Form: Epic
A Fugitive
A Fugitive
Bus Stop Overland Park, Kansas   7:35 PM

A furrowed brow and furtive eyes
that refuse to engage another,
striding quickly through the crowd
and putting people between him
and the police car.
He is hardly the drifter or the hobo.
His walk remains crisp,...Read More
Categories: abet, destiny, identity, tribute,
Form: Narrative

So you went off to school son and what did you learn?
will it make the world better the next time it turns?
No I didn’t go to school ma, I played hooky today
and I learned that it’s time to throw...Read More
Categories: abet, education,
Form: Couplet
painted leaves abet
oak attacks: acorns,
   tripping me up as
illegal fires smoke
rotting pumpkins
under fake blue skies 
white sunshine
beating down
the cold...Read More
Categories: abet, autumn, color, nature, sunshine, tree,
Form: Verse
A marriage and a bet
One’s meanness and the other’s foolishness abet
them in arranging both a marriage and a bet. 

Volodymyr Knyr
2014...Read More
Categories: abet, husband, marriage, men, people, wife, woman, women,
Form: Couplet
Fire and Ice
If snowflakes set aflame the ground
They touch and wintry winds abet
The flames, would she and I this day
always remain deeply in love?
Yet snow is snow-it’s wet, it’s cold
Its frigid blanket lacks the warmth
That lover’s hearts depend and thrive;
It stifles, smothers...Read More
Categories: abet, love,
Form: Verse
Get out of my Heart
I lay, dripping, soaked within a dark sweat,
seeing and hearing your soft voice abet.
I want to run, to leave this merciless realm,
but you pull me closer, without a choice at helm.
Get out of my dreams.

I miss you, but I hate...Read More
Categories: abet, absence, angst, best friend, betrayal, dark, depression,
Form: Rhyme
Mario versus Contra

Here comes the carpenter                                    ...Read More
Categories: abet, dedication, children, kids,
Form: Rhyme
Kant Incriminated
Reason insufficient, put no man above the law
And to instigate
To aid and abet in any form of hate
Is a fundamental conspiracy
Against his own exalted view
Of the savage transformed to deity by reason.
I cannot speak of St. Bartholome's massacre
But I know...Read More
Categories: abet, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
FREE CEE a cheery cherry tree

Cheery cherry blossoms bunched all aglow
Appealing apple blossoms all grow in a row   
Spontaneously planned picnics on a particularly pretty afternoon
Evenings made misty by a...Read More
Categories: abet, angst, me, woman, longing, longing, me,
Form: Monorhyme

Wisdom cannot be taught  but can be learned
As rewards cannot be bought but are earned.
Listening to a wise man will not make you wise
But at least he’ll help the blind to open eyes.
The wise have burned their fingers and...Read More
Categories: abet, life,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Nun In Friar Small-Bro's Grave---Yard Part 1
The midnight clings to dwarfish kings 
while robot drones, adorning thrones,
       kneel, bowing to the Old...Guard.
Arrhythmic clocks and wooden box
       grace FRiar Small-Bro’s grave...yard.	

The diplohacks, like melting wax,
have swept along the clueless throng,
       some dying for a life...guard.
And Nun, alone,...Read More
Categories: abet, daughter, fantasy, mother, sister, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Redundant Again
Redundant Again

By Elton Camp

There’s an expression hard to beat
It’s a reference to “hamburger meat”

Here’s another that’s too often seen
Come and use our “ATM machine”

In a storm, folks always “hunker down”
But to “hunker up” is not ever found

An “advance reservation” is...Read More
Categories: abet, on writing and wordswords,
Form: Rhyme
Soul Mate
Soul Mate
By Rick Rucker

In what seems to be unlikely, at best,
I have been singularly Blessed,

Living through three score of years,
With many joys, and some tears,

A Goddess was made known to me,
Who said she wants to live with me!

She has unbelievably...Read More
Categories: abet, loveheart, heart, me,
Form: Couplet