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Abashed Poems

Abashed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abashed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abashed.

New Poems

Premium Member The Old Jalopy
On a farm in a community of drudgery and toil lived a man alone
He had lost so much in his life and had so little to show
For the multitude of years, sweat and love that honed his bones
It left him...Read More
Categories: abashed, anger, anxiety,
Form: Narrative

Introvert issues
An awkward chuckle
Escapes my lips 
White knuckles
Teeth grit

I don’t poke fun
Or humiliate
I get your pun
It isn’t great

I bear the burden
Of your ego
My introversion
Takes the blow

The problem is
You’re not clever
As lame as it is
I must endeavor 

Feeling abashed
And quite dumbfounded
I chose...Read More
Categories: abashed, anxiety, social,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Toot the horn
When a baby's born, we toot the horn
   When from this Earth we pass, we play taps

In between, horns herald Kings and Queens
   The onset of war, an ambulance or fire machine

Yet the grandest event at...Read More
Categories: abashed, death, god, history, technology,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member Take Me to your Leader
I see you're Right
  Her Path is Light
    I can hardly wait to meet Her
     Hurry, please ~ Take Me to your Leader

I've lived life all wrong
  To nothing, to no...Read More
Categories: abashed, anxiety, death, longing, loss,
Form: Rhyme
They saw you naked,
And yet, fully clothed,
They saw your skin glisten,
Despite the bruises and scars,
That you intended to shroud,
They saw you naked,
And they loved it.

A touch of a hand,
A raspy Mississippi muttered,
And despite your abashed flinch,
His chest swells with pride,
Tonight,...Read More
Categories: abashed, angst, beauty, pain, women,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Eyes of the Orient
Oh, mercy ...

Amazing eye whites, perfect and pure as glacial ice - they draw me in, like
diving into a clear Caribbean lagoon, fluid and cool ... brown iris so dark in contrast that they're lost in the inky black of...Read More
Categories: abashed, beauty, love, metaphor, passion, people,
Form: Free verse
My journey
The years have passed
And my time wont last
The memories have amassed
Some were a blast
Others fragile as glass
At times I was abashed
Feeling like an outcast
But i will continue to steadfast
Through the dead hand of the past
While I engraft my spiritual life...Read More
Categories: abashed, adventure, conflict, faith, god, inspiration, life, memory,
Form: Monorhyme
A tale of the occult
Once upon a time
There lived, on an Earth as we know it not
An enchantress
A recluse
Living isolated in her forest!

She was content with her lot
For she had never known love,
Companionship or even the jolts of desires!

Then, one night, barged in through...Read More
Categories: abashed, mystery,
Form: Narrative
the blood of heroes
why do we weep
for the blood of heroes?
titans of virtue,
examples by faith.
as the banal,
the crass,
our inner selfish one,
diminish in contrast,
abashed in the sun.

we toil,
we dread,
we shy in the fold.
to laud, to smile,
at fantastical contrasts,
ordinary, yet not.
hope in the god spark,
burnt...Read More
Categories: abashed, hero, hope,
Form: Rhyme
First Flight
Assuming hand from above
guiding fretful pinioned glove
past waltzing pines and drunken oaks,
cheerful friends yet frightened folk.
Swelling fear puffs spotted breast,
no watchful eye, no woven nest.
Sharply shoved by hurried gust
and mistral maidens in a huff,
who twirl up toward yellow glare
to greet...Read More
Categories: abashed, bird, flying, freedom, nature,
Form: I do not know?

The Coppertone Girl
There once was a girl
In the Coppertone ad
And her dog pulled her bathing suit down;
So her pale little butt
Was exposed by the mutt
Though the rest of her body looked brown.

It was harmless and sweet
And offensive to none
So for years it...Read More
Categories: abashed, change, innocence, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Mortification Fortified
Stimulated off of asphyxiation 
Chortling silence kills me alive
Ignoring the pain of your rain
I’m your everything
I’m nothing without you

Love is where home is
Joy is where home is
Spiraling, mad as a hornet once again
Spinning, sad cuz my heart is broken

Hello…darling stillness...Read More
Categories: abashed, words,
Form: Rhyme
Stimulation: Let THAT sink in
Eyes that can't see clearly,
Ears that can't hear keenly 
Shame embraced me, never leaving my presence 
I hated the moments you called me a boy that's dense...
It just doesn't make sense...
Hence, I think up on other notions...
Fenced in by my...Read More
Categories: abashed, deep, depression, desire,
Form: Free verse
all the world is thus compared
My love, to you, I think tis fair
That all the world is thus compared
In evenings eye the stringy ray
In mornings stir the colloquial way
Which nature flaunts her sallow cheeks
Or bats a blushing eye indeed.
For in the call of natures wake
Which...Read More
Categories: abashed, love, romantic,
Form: Free verse
My Face Reflecting in a Glass
my face reflecting in a glass was small;
the face looked sure, was sensible, yet appeared
to be a kind of abashed, intimidated and embarrassed, 

as the glasses add up one, two and more and more
moon rises, clouds drift, and the wind...Read More
Categories: abashed, abuse, allegory, angst, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Following the sunrays
Fables are told today
Only on past golden days
Love is what we’ll make today
Loneliness will be ashamed to stay.
Oasis as longs for rain,
Wacky me to get a swain,
Iambus we long to gain
Naiad I shall play again.
Gaiety will be brought back to...Read More
Categories: abashed, love,
Form: Acrostic
Shirley Temple
Sipping on a drink
A sweet, cherry sprite soda
Shirley temple bliss!

Up in Arrowhead 
I catch a glimpse of green trees
Mountainous nature

Squirrels and birds I see
Beautiful times spent in glee
Honoring Shirley

Walking the dog...tread
With me in the deep forest
In pure paradise 

I take...Read More
Categories: abashed, desire,
Form: Senryu
Like Moths
Moths do not appear too bright
When barreling into the light.
No matter if it’s bulb or flame,
Their gut reaction is the same.

We humans, though, don’t differ much.
We’re drawn to things we shouldn’t touch – 
Like drugs or gambling, food or booze...Read More
Categories: abashed, life, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Still you say child labour' is wrong
'Child Labour' a word..
For your failure children pay,
No work, no food;
in the name of economic growth,
give Poverty and sufferings;
Still you say 'child labour' wrong;
Has no sense,
And still you say it as crime;
Wrong for you,
life for us, food for us,
And family...Read More
Categories: abashed, child, children, international,
Form: Prose Poetry
Clanking Coins
The weight of sixty four cents in my pocket 
Badgers me with the most vexatious of clanking sounds

The lack of sixty four cents in her wallet
Is that net worth amount of food missing from the mouth of her kin

To Me...Read More
Categories: abashed, appreciation, change, hope, money, people,
Form: Free verse
Yesterday's Sorrow
Let your healing rain fall down on me today
Everything will be alright…
Things will work out at night
Things will fall into place I pray! I pray!
But, He whispers to me "no worries, don't let your heart beat with fright!"
You make me...Read More
Categories: abashed, change, confusion, courage, grief, hope, sorrow, strength,
Form: Free verse
Abberance of the ATHIEST
A brand new clock with all new resolution i wish to buy
From the eight hour of midnight to the arrival of dawn i'm all awake
The soul speaks in darkness and whatever echoes from there is
Never to Abhor
Never to be aberated...Read More
Categories: abashed, adventure, age, angel, anger, birth, blessing,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member The Dead Man Whom I Kissed
I am free as a bird
Ready to discover this wondrous world
I am dressed to the nines
Seeking a knight in shining armor

He will be handsome alright
Defending me from life’s lows and sorrows
I shall be his flower, ready to be plucked
Oh my...Read More
Categories: abashed, beauty, deep, heart,
Form: Light Verse
In Silence
in silence I wait
in silence I break
in silence I seek

for your love,
in silence I weep
in silence I adored you
in silence I averted my heart from you 
in silence I come with a renowned adoration 
will you adhere to it 
Or,...Read More
Categories: abashed, beauty, betrayal, longing, loss, lost love, love,
Form: Lyric
Hawkins County Sheriff's Report
Hawkins County Sheriff’s Report

Complainant advised that he thought
His girlfriend the thief that he sought
So he set up a trap
Near the couch where he sat
Believing this time she’d be caught

One envelop had dollar bills
One envelop had many pills
When he went to...Read More
Categories: abashed, people, society,
Form: Limerick