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Poetry Contest Deadline: Friday, September 22, 2017
60 poems of the maximum 75 allowed have been entered.
Sponsored by: Cyndi MacMillan | Send Soup Mail

Contest Dealine:

9/22/2017 12:00:00 AM

Note from Sponsor:

A reminder to those who entered this contest's form is free verse, not rhyme. Some rhyme is okay... but I will not be placing a couplet. There is plenty of time to edit/revise your work. Thank you.

Contest Description

This contest is for the gals of Poetrysoup who want to rant, call out misogynists, support our sisters...

Sorry, guys.  This one is for Womyn only (and those who identify as women.)


You are free to use the poem elsewhere, enter it into another contest, share on Facebook...

I am asking for a free verse poem

that delivers a punch. 

Remember to heed Soup's language restrictions-- even if you decide to write about our right to choose, freedom from groping, the current political climate.  I know.  It'll be hard. 

But put on your 'Pussyhat" and pen yourself a Ginsberg YOWL

Scratch the recliner.  Be as feline and hissy as you want. 

Be visceral. 

I’m looking for something between 15-50 lines.  It can have stanzas, but if you feel a ‘block poem’ suits your content better, lay it on me!

The winner's poem will:

1) Use figurative language

2) Provide a certain degree of ambiguity

3) Have some wordplay, connotation, layering

4) Contain stunning imagery! 

5) If rhyme is used, it must be understated and preferably slanted

6) Uncommon word pairings.  At least one pair. 

7) Language that fires me up!  Make me feel you!

8) Tell me something! Be original. No clichés!

9) Be honest and if angry, let it out.  But no hate speech.  Make it about what should change ...

10)  Use Line cuts to full advantage.  Make them count... I'll be looking for this.


So scream it!  Be heard!  Hold up your sign!