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Contest Judged:  5/2/2020 12:00:00 AM
Sponsored by: Krish Radhakrishna | Send Soup Mail
See Contest Description

Contest Description

What to submit

Two stanzas only in rhyme to match the first stanza that is given below

Woven are these pages in poetic verse,

With bare threads of our deepest feelings,

You will find laughter, tears and remorse,

and words of wisdom, prayer and healings.

one of these stanzas should be the concluding stanza of the poem. The best concluding stanza gets a prize on its own! 


Two First Prizes 

one for best stanza and one for concluding stanza of the poem.
Second Prize, Glory
Third Prize, Glory
6 Honorable Mentions

this will take the entire poem to 10 stanzas.

the prize may not be in the order in which the stanza appears on the poem. For instance the first stanza added may not be the first prize and the last stanza is not last. Prize will be based on quality of rhyme, matching, content and impact

Preparing Your Entry

Submit one copy of your two stanzas online. Format your poem. Please make your entry easy to read — no illustrations or fancy fonts. 

English Language

Poems should be in English. Poems translated from other languages are not eligible, unless you wrote both the original poem and the translation.

A Note to Poetry Contestants

This poem will be submitted to the proposed poetry anthology by poetry soup for consideration for inclusion.

please date your poem and 

put Krish R poetry anthology contest.

do not include your name.

Book: Shattered Sighs