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Contest Judged:  11/23/2019 3:31:00 PM
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Contest Description

Write me a NEW poem, in any form, serious or fun, using the word “disarray” as your prompt.

In this contest I will be giving lots of credit for zingy, original and well-crafted imagery.

For some inspiration, I’ve posted a blog called “Ten ideas on imagery”.


PLEASE CALL YOUR POEM ‘DISARRAY’ SO I DON’T ACCIDENTALLY READ IT BEFORE I JUDGE THE CONTEST. However, if ‘Disarray’ doesn’t really work as a title for you, please feel free to insert your own title in the text above the poem.


As usual, please left align your poem and do not use italics, unless for emphasis.

Please keep your footer neutral so I don’t know it’s you, eg


Contest Name:




I enjoy originality, playful use of words and quirks. I have a big soft spot for rhythm and rhyme if used well. 

I don't enjoy prose poetry, religious themes, forced rhymes or archaism. And if it's a long poem, it REALLY has to hold my attention!


Please have fun with this. Remember there are only ten winners' spots!