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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Floccinaucinihilipilification And Very Little Bread3/21/2018Robert Lindley
FATE'S FOOTFALLS - Poetry contest finalized3/21/2018John lawless
HAIKU - Scenes through a New England window3/21/2018John lawless
OPAQUE OR NOT, what do you say?3/21/2018Brian Strand
HORSES FOR COURSES inc updates3/20/2018Brian Strand
POETRY Q&A NO 4 voice your choice3/19/2018Brian Strand
I love words3/18/2018Jim Slaughter
The Two-Faced Writer3/18/2018Jim Slaughter
POETRY Q&A no 3 your advice please3/18/2018Brian Strand
An Explanation About My New Poem Today, Which Just May Be Needed3/17/2018Robert Lindley
POETRY Q&A no 2 do share,don't be shy3/17/2018Brian Strand
A leg up for a newbie3/16/2018Viv Wigley
Operation Yew Tree Contest Finalized3/16/2018Catie Lindsey
Ummm... strange soupmail 3/16/2018Shadow of the Past
POETRY Q&A no 1 who,what why ?3/16/2018Brian Strand
Hot Blog THANK YOU3/15/2018Alexis Y.
Belated thank you3/15/2018Jim Slaughter
Thank You3/15/2018Maureen McGreavy
POETIC PROBLEMS3/15/2018Brian Strand
Mystic Evermore - my third Kindle Scout campaign3/15/2018Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
TOO abecedarian for my TASTE3/14/2018Brian Strand
POETRY with ears open3/13/2018Brian Strand
Hot Blog WHAT IF "IT" IS???3/12/2018John lawless
Hot Blog Soupmail problems?3/12/2018Agnes Krampe
Everyone deserves a good relationship.3/12/2018Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble
I REVEAL MY REAL NAME IN FULL3/12/2018Maurice Yvonne
LASTING LEGACIES3/12/2018Brian Strand
MINUANETTA CONTEST3/11/2018Gregory R Barden
Rhyme Me A Posie Contest3/11/2018Broken Wings
OLD=PASSE I don't think so3/11/2018Brian Strand
Hot Blog Can I Get A Date3/10/2018CayCay Jennings
Petrachan/Italian Sonnet Contest3/10/2018craig cornish
STUNNERS contest3/10/2018Line Gauthier
****Life, My Contest, And Other Bits****3/10/2018Sara Kendrick
POET as PRIESTS3/10/2018Brian Strand
TO STAY OR STRAY3/9/2018Brian Strand
promotional video book trailers3/7/2018Robert Stoner Jr
Hot Blog Announcement3/7/2018Viv Wigley
If left alone too long....the mind....will wander3/6/2018John lawless
Hot Blog What was your favorite contest?3/6/2018Shadow of the Past
In Grateful Appreciation3/6/2018Tom Cunningham
MOTTOS AS MAXIMS3/6/2018Brian Strand
Speculative Poetry3/4/2018Deborah Guenther Beachboard
The Le Guin Contest3/4/2018Debbie Guzzi
IMPULSE .. is why I bother?3/4/2018Brian Strand
Describe a thunderstorm without the sense of hearing3/3/2018Brenda Chiri
Book Recommendation: The Haiku Handbook3/2/2018Deborah Guenther Beachboard