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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
A CURIUS STATE OF AFFAIRS2/20/2018Brian Strand
Urban Sonnet Finalized2/20/2018Laura Loo
IN THE KNOW TO WHOM DID YOU GO?2/19/2018Brian Strand
Missing Poet2/18/2018Sandra Haight
MUSIC ADDED2/17/2018Carole Duet
My first contest as a judge!2/17/2018Robert Haigh
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be Finalized2/16/2018Barry Stebbings
Hot Blog Happy Birthday Paul Callus, My Collaborator2/16/2018Eileen Manassian
PUB NIGHT poetry for thee- NOW with audio link2/15/2018Brian Strand
Valentines' Day Contest2/14/2018Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
A Celebration to Death & the return of a New Life Happy V Day2/14/2018Debbie Guzzi
I recommend you read the poetry by this Poetry Soup poet2/14/2018Deborah Beachboard
The KIMO 2/12/2018Deborah Beachboard
New Cliche Finder on PoetrySoup2/11/2018Team PoetrySoup
Magic is finalized2/11/2018Broken Wings
The Left Hand of Darkness2/10/2018Debbie Guzzi
What Did Old Savannah Do With the Black Orphans?2/10/2018Trisha Sugarek
Vanity Blog...Chuck Lorre2/10/2018Trisha Sugarek
OPEN MIC -special STILL TAKING YOUR CLIPS2/9/2018Brian Strand
Here we go!!!2/7/2018Craig Hawkins
The Seasonal Change in our Lives2/7/2018Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble
I am now ranging in the lords guns'2/6/2018Joe Maverick
One In Five Contest Finalized2/6/2018Joseph May
TEASHOP TALK SPECIAL this afternoon in February2/5/2018Brian Strand
Apologies for not responding2/2/2018Barry Stebbings
Write a book?2/2/2018Sydney Friend
Hot Blog Au revoir2/2/2018Robert Haigh
Tyburn Contest Commentary2/1/2018Kim Rodrigues
John Lithgow...and His Stories 2/1/2018Trisha Sugarek
TEATIME ON THE TERRACE -PUB SPECIAL ......Updated footnote2/1/2018Brian Strand
Multilevel Art2/1/2018craig cornish
A Blitzing Christmas finalized1/31/2018taai tekai
Hot Blog HAPPY BIRTHDAY (FEB 1) to CONSTANCE (AKA: Broken Wings)1/31/2018Andrea Dietrich
Loch Ness contest judged.1/31/2018Thvia Shetley
MOVIE NIGHT1/31/2018Keith Trestrail
The News That Brought On The Blues 1/30/2018Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble
The Ballad of Miss Dutton1/29/2018SKAT A
The Poetry Blog1/29/2018Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble
A Voice from the Past with Hope and Encouragement1/29/2018Joe Flach
Update on the Blitz contest1/28/2018taai tekai
There is a Brighter Side 1/28/2018Eve Roper
Hot Blog - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVE ROPER -1/25/2018Sunshine Smile
Hot Blog - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAN ALLISON -1/25/2018Sunshine Smile
Positive Thoughts 1/24/2018craig cornish
Hot Blog IT'S ALMOST JAN'S BIRTHDAY (in her time zone!)1/24/2018Andrea Dietrich
Inspirational Thoughts-My Deepest Apologies to My Soup Readers1/24/2018Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble
Water & Sky Results Posted1/24/2018Gregory R Barden