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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
A MUST READ 2/26/2021Alexis Y.
Contest Update2/26/2021Carolyn Devonshire
Zoom poetry convention2/25/2021John Hamilton
Second Post Attempt-SEEKING HAIKU2/24/2021Sally Eslinger
A Birthday Wish2/24/2021Sandra Weiss
IMAGINE2/21/2021Brian Strand
Hot Blog Health Hiatus Answers2/20/2021Chantelle Anne Cooke
Hot Blog Blog on The Great Poet-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,2/18/2021Robert Lindley
FUN FACT2/18/2021Keith Trestrail
The Rearing Twenties2/18/2021connie pachecho
PS Poems With Sound Effects2/18/2021Gary Radice
PS It's Poetry2/17/2021Sandra Weiss
Hot Blog FLUXUS a happening in words2/17/2021Brian Strand
Poetry contest: Joy continuum 2/16/2021Unseeking Seeker
Hot Blog Happy Birthday Tom Cunningham2/16/2021Sunshine Smile
Hot Blog FOOL OF A POET2/16/2021Gregory R Barden
How to add photos to your poems2/15/2021Line Gauthier
Hot Blog A L O N E2/14/2021Sally Eslinger
My Invented Form - I Write Upon2/14/2021Constance La France
REJOICE a word in season2/14/2021Brian Strand
While Mother Earth Gently Moans Poetry Contest2/13/2021D.W. Rodgers
Hot Blog Blog on the magnificence of the Romanticism Era in American Poetry2/13/2021Robert Lindley
A Reminder on my P's & Q's contest2/13/2021Michelle Faulkner
CORONAL CONSTIPATION2/11/2021John lawless
A Valentine's Senryu Contest Finalized2/9/2021Tania Kitchin
Sensual Poetry Contest Judged2/8/2021Charlotte Puddifoot
Hot Blog Blog- On An Introduction To British Romanticism2/7/2021Robert Lindley
An Experience Of Faberge-inspired Rare Eggshell Art (Video)2/7/2021Malabika Ray Choudhury
Bobby May's Tease A Friend contest2/6/2021Line Gauthier
Easter Lyrics needed for YouTube production2/4/2021Line Gauthier
Pantoum Fireworks Contest2/4/2021Eve Roper
Hot Blog RIP mother2/3/2021Krish Radhakrishna
Cowboy Contest Finalized2/3/2021Line Gauthier
Poets' Quotes About Poetry2/2/2021Gary Radice
OK, lemme ask a stupid question:-)2/1/2021Edward Ibeh
MY FOOTLE LIVES1/31/2021Brian Strand
Address of Poetry, MORE ON WORDS1/29/2021Sally Eslinger
Open Poetry 1 Contest Judged1/27/2021Charlotte Puddifoot
Hot Blog Health Hiatus II1/27/2021Chantelle Anne Cooke
Hot Blog - January 25th - Eve Roper -1/24/2021Sunshine Smile
Hot Blog - January 25th - JAN ALLISON -1/24/2021Sunshine Smile
Blog, I Was Once The Man Locked In The Box, ( Tribute Given To Alice In Chains, "Layne Stayley" )1/24/2021Robert Lindley
THE HILL WE CLIMB a poetic critique1/22/2021Brian Strand
I applause for Amanda Gorman! USA Youth Poet Laureate1/20/2021Sally Eslinger
Cardinal, Blue Jay or Chickadee Contest Update - Urgent 1/19/2021Tania Kitchin
Where Did the time Go?1/18/2021Jeanne McGee
Cardinal, Blue Jay or Chickadee Haiku Contest Update1/17/2021Tania Kitchin
Hot Blog ADDRESS OF POETRY-5 WORDS!1/17/2021Sally Eslinger
Recommended poetry books1/17/2021Kim Rodrigues