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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
POET OR PEOPLES POET1/20/2018Brian Strand
TO WIT TO WHO1/19/2018Brian Strand
'One Stone - Unknown'1/17/2018SKAT A
How To Format Your Play (self-publishing)1/16/2018Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog On comments, support, and fried green tomatoes1/15/2018July Morning
New Year 2018 finalized1/15/2018Kim Rodrigues
A Short Story posted1/15/2018Robert Haigh
Hot Blog False Missile Alert for Hawaii1/13/2018Connie Marcum Wong
New PoetrySoup Page Layout1/13/2018Team PoetrySoup
Rhyme Me A Poem Finalized1/11/2018Broken Wings
Replies From Admins?1/11/2018Gregory R Barden
A Safe Place Tainted1/11/2018Sara Kendrick
Hot Blog Daddy's Home!1/10/2018July Morning
Hot Blog Emotions1/10/2018craig cornish
Hot Blog Over The Counter Medicine1/9/2018craig cornish
Hot Blog ''Invisible Girl''1/8/2018SKAT A
New Song1/7/2018Carole Duet
Upside Down World Winners 1/5/2018Eve Roper
~~~Happy New Year and Other Items~~~~1/5/2018Sara Kendrick
Hot Blog In Memory of Keith Bickerstaffe1/3/2018arthur vaso
Hot Blog Happy New Year & Thanks, Fellow Soupers!1/1/2018Gregory R Barden
New Year12/31/2017Phyllis Babcock
Just a random thought 12/31/2017Becca Teagan
So BRAVE 12/30/2017Debbie Guzzi
To PS why are petty people allowed to post petty problems?12/30/2017Brenda Chiri
To PS Why Dull Your Shining Star12/29/2017connie pachecho
A GREAT LITTLE HOLIDAY VIDEO FOR PET LOVERS/ Happy New Year, ALL12/29/2017Andrea Dietrich
Food fight finalized12/29/2017Viv Wigley
Posting Pictures12/26/2017Charlie Smith
Hot Blog MERRY CHRISTMAS12/26/2017arthur vaso
Link To Emile J. Pinet's Second Book SCATTERED THOUGHTS12/24/2017Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Poetry is a Gift 12/24/2017Becca Teagan
Where are Brian's blogs???12/23/2017Agnes Krampe
New Book 12/22/2017Eve Roper
Announcing Two New Brilliant Poetry Books by Emile Pinet12/22/2017Connie Marcum Wong
Christmas Story 12/21/2017Eve Roper
CHRISTMAS RHYMES12/19/2017Kim Rodrigues
Congratulations12/18/2017Broken Wings
Gramps are you There?12/18/2017craig cornish
Hot Blog To the ladies here on the soup ,i have an idea for us to do a collaboration! LADIES ONLY PLEASE!12/15/2017Brenda Chiri
One More Christmas Song Trivia12/14/2017craig cornish
Rudolph History12/12/2017craig cornish
Happy Holidays12/12/2017SillyBilly theKidster
I Started a Joke Contest Results12/11/2017Maria Williams
Announcing the winners of the Haters and Judgemental People today!12/11/2017Brenda Chiri
Hot Blog DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE?12/11/2017Keith Trestrail
Haters contest is almost ready to post the results! 12/8/2017Brenda Chiri