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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Noteworthy Ship Poetry Contest10/22/2021Robert James Liguori
Children's Books10/20/2021Trisha Sugarek
Quietus (October 2021) Poetry Contest10/19/2021Unseeking Seeker
RE Hackers, and what they do!10/19/2021William Kekaula
Very important "Pick-A-Tile, Vol. 26" contest update!10/19/2021Edward Ibeh
Interlocking Rubaiyat Contest - Follow-up10/17/2021Angel L Villanueva
Hot Blog Account Hacked10/17/2021Sam Kauffman
Hot Blog Update of Blog for Connie10/15/2021Andrea Dietrich
So, Here's What Happened10/15/2021Marissa Faries
PoetrySoup TEAM HELP NEEDED PLEASE10/14/2021Sally Eslinger
Translations - Empowering Women In Nineteenth Century India10/14/2021Malabika Ray Choudhury
Seeking the WOW10/11/2021Sally Eslinger
MOAN-DAY10/11/2021John lawless
My "This or That, Vol. 7" contest is finalized!10/9/2021Edward Ibeh
Hot Blog Happy Birthday Marilene Evans (9th October)10/9/2021Rama Balasubramanian
Happy Navaratri to all10/8/2021Rama Balasubramanian
Hot Blog "R" Contest, New or Old Finalized10/7/2021Constance La France
Happier Eyes and Kinder Hearts10/6/2021Natasha L Scragg
''Q'' Contest, NEW ONLY Finalized10/4/2021Constance La France
My new Live Podcast: "Above the Flaw"10/4/2021Poet Tacito
Hosting My First Contest - Interlocking Rubaiyat10/3/2021Angel L Villanueva
Quietus poetry contest judged10/2/2021Unseeking Seeker
Motto Matters Contest9/30/2021Natasha L Scragg
Hot Blog Thank you all so very much!9/28/2021Connie Marcum Wong
May The Gas Be With You Farts Part 29/28/2021Chantelle Anne Cooke
Judging My Couplets Contest9/27/2021L MILTON HANKINS
Hot Blog A Blog A Week, Honoring Each Week One Chosen Famous Poet , Second Week, ROBERT BRIDGES.9/27/2021Robert Lindley
''P'' Contest New/Old Finalized9/27/2021Constance La France
AH SUNDAY9/26/2021John lawless
"MERSE - Beauty Of Fall" Contest Results Finalized9/24/2021Malabika Ray Choudhury
''O'' Contest, New Only is finalized9/24/2021Constance La France
Coo'ee9/22/2021Joe Maverick
What is a sonnet?9/22/2021Rama Balasubramanian
Terry Flood's new book " Juice A Firewall Adventure"9/22/2021Eve Roper
"N" Poems, New or Old Finalized9/21/2021Constance La France
First novel: Freshly squeezed9/20/2021Terry Flood
Hot Blog My latest Tribute Contest list posted: Celebrating Carolyn's Poetry9/19/2021Andrea Dietrich
''M'' New Poems Finalized9/19/2021Constance La France
Hot Blog OH SATURDAY9/18/2021John lawless
Dissident Voice to Publish the Poem "Prowling Tyranny"9/17/2021Thomas Wells
Hot Blog A Blog A Week, Honoring Each Week One Chosen Famous Poet , First Week, Randall Jarrell9/17/2021Robert Lindley
Message in an Acrostic 29/16/2021Kim Rodrigues
''L'' Contest New or Old is finalized9/16/2021Constance La France
''K'' Contest New or Old Finalized9/14/2021Constance La France
''J'' Contest, New or Old Finalized9/12/2021Constance La France
Hot Blog Blog- To never give up. To "create" new, a short series of poems 9/12/2021Robert Lindley
A Buggy Tanka Contest Has Been Judged9/11/2021M. L. Kiser
Hot Blog NINE-ELEVEN (never forget)9/11/2021Gregory Richard Barden
''I'' Contest, New or Old Finalized and New Contest9/10/2021Constance La France