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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
WEEKDAY quotation7/26/2021Brian Strand
Hot Blog delta variant7/25/2021Krish Radhakrishna
THEORY #263857/25/2021John lawless
Winners of my contest "A broken person" have been announced 7/24/2021Faraz Ajmal
Winners of my contest "A broken person" has been announced 7/24/2021Faraz Ajmal
Hot Blog My Two Years on Soup Street7/24/2021Gary Radice
Caesura Poem Acceptance 7/19/2021Thomas Wells
Look Up To The Blue Skies7/19/2021connie pachecho
IMAGIST impressions7/19/2021Brian Strand
Brevette collaboration - All welcome to participate7/17/2021Rama Balasubramanian
Musing and whimsey by Barbara Peckham7/16/2021Barbara Peckham
Hot Blog A Tribute Blog - On The Magnificent Poet, Edgar Allan Poe7/16/2021Robert Lindley
QUINTAIN CINQUAIN PENTASTICH take your pick7/15/2021Brian Strand
Hot Blog On Vacation...7/14/2021Edward Ibeh
Hot Blog An Exercise in Poetic Camaraderie7/13/2021Jenna Logan
Threesome - a collaboration7/13/2021Terry Flood
PROSE an observation7/13/2021Brian Strand
Hot Blog Eve Roper’s Nursery Rhyme Book7/12/2021Belle Bellevue
Writing Prompt - Grasp _7/12/2021Constance La France
socks and crocs contest finalized7/11/2021Francine Roberts
Important instructions for my contest" A broken person" 7/10/2021Faraz Ajmal
Hot Blog Cecilia, who is she? , sounds like a scam artist.7/9/2021Tom Cunningham
Hot Blog nursery rhyme book is available7/9/2021Eve Roper
THE BELL Contest Finalised - With Peals of Delight!7/7/2021John Anderson
JULY 4 an historic event7/4/2021Brian Strand
Summer Haiku Contest Finalized7/3/2021Tania Kitchin
SONNET ASSISTANCE 7/3/2021Mystic Rose Rose
The blank page7/2/2021Bradley Smith
"Trionet" Contest Finalized7/2/2021L MILTON HANKINS
Jaundiced Eye Contest 7/1/2021Unseeking Seeker
Results Finalized For Contest - A Tender Moment From Childhood7/1/2021Malabika Ray Choudhury
Hot Blog BYRON modesty & fishing for praise -a quote6/30/2021Brian Strand
Hot Blog Blog on poetic- form Haiku- Imagery, Imagination, Color And Inspiration6/29/2021Robert Lindley
A B C D E of poetry6/27/2021Brian Strand
Hot Blog Hacking into poetry soup accounts6/26/2021Krish Radhakrishna
Hot Blog OH, LET'S JUST CALL IT POETRY6/26/2021John lawless
Hot Blog The Shape of Water6/25/2021craig cornish
Writing Prompt - Flawed - Challenge Finalized6/24/2021Constance La France
Have You Invented a Form of Poetry? If so...6/24/2021Team PoetrySoup
Waltz Wave Contest6/24/2021Kim Merryman
Hot Blog CALLING ALL POETS 6/23/2021Mystic Rose Rose
Address of Poetry: New Vistas & I’M BACK!6/23/2021Sally Eslinger
Hot Blog Happy Wedding Anniversary, Jan ~6/22/2021Line Gauthier
Hot Blog Adding New Forms of Poetry: Our Policy6/22/2021Team PoetrySoup
Hot Blog A Personal Message from "Milt"6/21/2021L MILTON HANKINS
Why not add "other" to "Types of Poems"6/21/2021D.W. Rodgers
#covid-regime-nhsstaff-bitchute6/20/2021Joe Maverick
Hot Blog YOU 6/20/2021Sunshine Smile
HAPPY FATHERS DAY, Soup Dads!6/20/2021Andrea Dietrich