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Best Poems Written by Sara Ella

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Last Dance and May I Have This Dance

Last Dance by Darren White Oh be my heart for me when it stops beating, My lungs to breathe thin air still far too chill, My feet to dance the world while I’m still living As they still want but now no longer will. Be my two arms and tug me in our tango— Flamenco palo, wrap your wings around My lithe frame, chant me our concluding canto With all the strength in us you somehow found. Oh sit with me and reminisce those dances… Pure, perfect passion, smile and lift your head, Observe illuminated skies above you… We meet again, we’ll waltz soon in Atlantis. With you here, there is nothing that I dread, Do not be sad, this is not an adieu.
May I Have This Dance? My heart beats a steady rhythm Gale winds won't take my breath Your feet on top of mine can dance all ebullient And if your arms get tired, mine will hold your weight No wings here-I am mortal Let our spirits of freedom sate And soar across the heavens, through the Milky Way You are a bright lit candle-the flame will not go out For I am keeper of the lighthouse Scribing every nuance Your words shine so, mi Estrella Living words that sing and sway Sometimes rhyming, artful placing Every syllable is etched to stay So, light the path of your life’s passions Each word a heartfelt view Dance for everyone to follow-learn the beauty that is you.

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Always Aware

Note the golden morning sun, red and orange, blue aeonian sky
Silver reflections of moonlight cast on dead of night still waters
Window light that shines so bright welcoming you at night
The way your smile reaches all the way up into your eyes

Smell the boulevards rain-washed and bitter-sweet, hot coffee
Spicy, earth-rich pipe smoke and baking chocolate chip cookies
Lovers embrace with musky skin, a dozen roses perfume is heady
That unique scent the very first time inside your brand new Chevy

The good sheets - 600 count - fresh from a hot dryer
Sitting in the window seat basking in the sunlight's heat
Long or short, with every stroke, snuggle-soft is kitten's fur
Favorite faded holey jeans, shoes no one else would wear

Good morning songs from birds nearby, kitten's rumble purr
Soothing rain patters on the roof then booming rolls of thunder
Chirping frogs and bugs in grasses, the chattering leaves in trees
Waves that lap upon the sand, a sexy spoken please

This group of friends who share
with open minds that care
Patiently listening
Always there

may I always be aware.

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Summer Snow Angels - Collaboration with Darren White

Spring rain, and I am flat on the lawn:
arms spread, laughing loud.
I create snow angels without snow,
daisies watch with undisguised surprise.

Like the day, I dream in wild red of
strawberries bursting on my tongue;
petal feathers, pure radiance:
sun in sprinklers reflected prismatic rainbow

rain shower painting chromatic arrays
sing the summer colors
painted winter's grey goodbye
fly to the heavens on sunshine rays

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Sweet Dreams in C - Collaboration with Darren White

black and white tones
ring together echoes
over two tone photos
scrolling along

colored in remembrance
happenings in sepia
when we were small

imagination animated
claude leading the way
moonlight illuminates
a kaleidescope display

moon shines its silvery
rays, soft music plays
around the room
I will sleep soon

key notes weave harmonies
whipperwill and chickadees
night's sweet lullaby song
gently sings of rest and sleep

last notes fade away
musical dreams in C
eat away sharp edges 
I smile in my sleep

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Collaboration Contest

Life On The Inside As the trees whisper words of wisdom, The wolf lies below and howls, To the Raven high in branches above, Their spirits entwined beyond the visible raven caws from the highest tree bringing news of the territory beneath laddered branches green wolf listens patiently, ready Across the meadows' silent in night A lone white owl hunts her prey The mouse scurries below in crystal snow No escape for him from her deadly array Arrow straight, towering tall with soft evergreen leaves shelter fur and lofty feather time tested, giving life to all See with divine light Shine on brightly the way Learn through divine knowledge Be quiet not, have your say
10~July~2017 For Jan's collaboration contest

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Random Thoughts

Sitting here next to you and yet so far apart.  Watching the winter in all of its pristine white from my window and the sand in my driveway dripping from the car.  The crows that perch at the tips of trees and survey their flock activities.  And the Christmas tree that stands silently, no lights twinkling, no festive flair, still there.    Dreams of laughing little puppies or snuggling little kittens are wisps of wishes hovering at bay.  Do we settle for the wishes – faint glimmers which bring a small smile or do we grasp every minute, take action, decide, do what feels right in our hearts and in our minds.  Do we keep discovering, exploring and sharing who we are?

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Still There revised

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
why are you still standing 
The days grow long
snow's almost gone
a new season is near to dawning

A snowman smiles or more than one
glittering snowflakes large and small
A new born's festive photograph
a second grade too much older
hand-made creations here and there
a decoration in the eye of the beholder

Tall and strong this tree still stands
holding all these precious memories
It took so long to decorate
each sentimental piece just right in place
It's a shame to take them down again
Sort which goes where
wrap with tissue and care

This ever green tree purchased specifically to annually assemble
loses needles here and branch limbs there with each holiday preamble
As life keeps moving ever on and change is creeping nearer
the Christmas tree still stands, testament to all I hold dear

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Where Shadows Roam

Where Shadows Roam The space next to the window dancing darkness on display shards of life from far away In the corner sharing shadows safe haven or safely hidden from the progress of the sun thoughts creep in unbidden Life is slipping slowly all connections are eroding time is coming near end anxiety and fear Words worm their way in deep oublietting me from sleep

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017

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Waves - collaboration with Darren White

Sound currents
     invisible caresses
     on sensitive skin

Rays of sunlight
     dazzled display 
     adorns brown curls

Pirouette whirls
     personal cyclone
     lifts off
surges up

crests the arc
     internal elation 
     revels in the moment 

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2018

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Food For Thoughts

Dark are the voices in my head Haunting words Darkness fed It is a familiar food Dark chocolate for a better mood It is my own This- I'm no good Nights I'm rolling lolling Echoes extolling tolling Can I find an end? This trend is understood

Copyright © Sara Ella | Year Posted 2017