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A Murder Most Foul

I am having that dream of dreams again
The one that wakes me up in the night
                         Then my Heart did ask me with a fright. 
                                                     What dream is that again?
‘Tis always the same dream 
The one that keeps me awake at night
The one that shows me
I dare not say
                        Then my Heart says with no humor.
                                               Dwell upon that with me
                                                              Let the Dream Begin
‘Tis a fall day in the mid of October
When the foliage is in bloom
Bright are the colors
Red, Yellow with Auburn too!
                         Then My Heart did say 
                                           ‘Tis a lovely Fall day?
Lovely indeed 
Gentle on the crisp breeze fall the leaves of Autumn
Piling up on Heaping mounds
A sweater day
There is no better day
And She is here!
                         Your Lovely Fall Dream?
Yes, My lovely Fall Dream
We are playing as school children do
Frolicking through the piles
Tossing leaves into the air. 
Giggling and laughing as we do

With such gaiety do we play
Sweet and tender is our touch
Chase is what we did 
The catch is what's in our hearts

Holding Hands and feeling the warmth of her heart
The softness of her touch
'Tis a lovely day
There is none finer
                        Then my Heart did say 

He is here too. 
I know him not by name
Nor by his appearance
But I know him all the same
                          A friend, would you say?
A Friend indeed, bonded we are
In My Heart- I know this to be
Bound together- he is a brother to me
                          What comes after?
The warmth is the sun and in our hearts.
Bonding by friendship and courting
Long lost in our song do we sing
                          ‘Tis a frivolous day
‘Tis no frivolity when hearts are feeling in Ernest
A day is spending with no malicious intent or callous ruin
When souls meet with affection and understanding for one another
Our grace is in the warmth we feel toward each kindly
                        So, your Heart is laying bare upon this day?
Yes, my heart is manifesting on this lovely fall day
For the leaves of Fall and brightness of the shining sun
To the love, I feel for My lovely Fall Dream
And the affectionate fellowship to my dearest friend
                         Blessed are you indeed
Agreed, or so I am hoping.
As the sun is seeking shelter in the westerly gloom
The gentle breeze is softening to a whisper
Music of our song is no longer playing its melody
In its discord, am I starting to find in my verity
The unthinkable!
                         What is that?
A Murder Most Foul.
                         And to whom is this foul of murder about to be commit
In my Heart of hearts, am I not able to note?
The betrayal, the treachery, to being treated in such a way
The offense is poignant and pointing at the reliquary of my Heart
lost am I in my exigency; I cannot discern the quandary I am in

I am aghast and flabbergasted with discorded disbelief
A fellow I consider deeper than a friend
Is leveling his difference at me.
How can this be?
Have I offended him in some way?

Perhaps I am leading without thinking, or I am following without my Heart 
To this, I am unable to say, but disbelief is all I feel
Can he no longer fire upon me than to fire upon his own Heart?

I am approaching, I tell him so, making it known
Whoa this is folly, a fool’s errand 
Put this from our site, and we will be as before
You are kin to me. Born of the same Heart.

He is silent! And unmoving as I grow near
Gently I am bidding to sway his hand
Unmoving it is 
A ballista through the Heart!

The look on my Lovely Fall Dreams face says it all
There are tears in her eyes.
I am falling from grace
Darkness is closing in, all joy from the world is fleeing

I am afraid!

I am falling!

How is this happening?
Bonded are we, our Hearts are the same, him and I
                          Can you discern his face?
No, veiled to me still. A wraith as before
                          Look closely now, focus!
Will you catch me?
                          I will
Do you promise?
                          I swear
Then I will try to look again
……………. I do not understand, nor fathom the reason why
How can this be?
                          What is it?
His Face.   It is me!  
How can I murder myself in such a way?
                          Where are you hit again?
A Ballista through the Heart 
                          A Murder Most Foul Indeed!
You have not caught me yet. 
                          Then my Heart replied, how will I? 
But you made a promise.
                           I am afraid I cannot fulfill that vow, for I died long ago.
                           On that day, hers was not the only heart you broke.


Placed 1st
STRAND CHOICE U,any form,any theme
Contest Judged:  3/30/2020 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand 

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2020

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COVID 19 The Day After or There About

I wrote two terrible poems last night.
Will this one be another?
I am looking at the clock.
It is time to leave and get the oil changed.
I read the sign as I pull in.
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service.
I don my mask before entering.

I greet the girl behind the counter.
Do I need an appointment?
I do not know all the rules.
She replies, walk-ins welcomed.

Politely takes my keys.
Just an oil change JC, I nod.
She knows me by name.
Not because of my Poetry.
It is just that I have been here before.

The service starts promptly.
Three now toil on my vehicle.
It used just to be one.
I am the lone customer in the reception area.

Tv still playing the same station.
No more free coffee.
My soul smiles, anyway.
I guess I should have expected it.

I start to listen to Janine Jansen, Vivaldi.
My earbuds are a no-name brand.
I wish I had my Audiophile headset.
But that would be rude.

The technician approaches me.
I was expecting this.
It is not a cabin filter this time.
That would only cost me an extra twenty bucks.

He explains I need my transmission fluid changed.
That is another One Hundred and Eighty bucks.
Shows me the samples he took.
I agree, and he says it will take a little while longer.

As I sit here listening to music.
My keys arrive twenty minutes later.
Drat, I still need a little more hope.
I was looking for one more concerto.

Time to pay as panic sets.
Did I forget my wallet?
No, it is here in my back pocket.
A wave of relief washes over me.

I am slowly returning to normalcy.
On the way home, I am thinking, Metallica.

1st place

BRIAN'S CHOICE 10,any form,any theme
Contest Judged:  5/30/2020 4:05:00 AM
Sponsored by: Brian Strand 

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2020

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The laughing Butterfly

luna moth-dancing with starlight on the petal of a winter rose
chrysalis cocoon-butterflies with gilded wings-singing songs in spring


Placed 1st
ku duet
Contest Judged:  1/4/2020 
Sponsored by: Silent One

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2020

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A Forgotten Love

A Forgotten Love

A Poem by JC Hawkens

That which I long for
I left somewhere in the past
My lovely fall dream

When my winter came
Long lost in spring was she gone
My sweet sad sorrow 

Thinking of fall days
Lost in thoughts of tomorrow
May of what will come

Hope of future days
Beauty is she that follows
Hearts mend on morrow

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2019

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She Held My Heart

She Held My Heart
Poetic expression by JC Hawkens

On a Crisp Autumn day
I met an Angel of such gentle Grace
The warmth of her smile
The soothing of her voice
The melting of my heart

And within that faithful day
She listened to my sad story
And she Judged me not
She replied not in sympathy
But in truth she offered
Confessed her own troubles and doubts
She showed me that I was not alone

Mended my soul
Healed my splintered Heart
Shared a careful whisper
A soft touch

It is but only once in a thousand years
That one happens upon an Angel
And knows with a single smile
That this woman holds my Heart

If only I had the Courage to tell Her!!

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2019

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Insomnia's Dream

Insomnia’s Dream

A Poetic Expression by JC Hawkens

I reach for the walls
Blinded by the light 
I hear a voice call
With rhythm and rhyme 
Not a shadow in sight

Fear hangs as tension that mounts
My head is so empty 
It screams in my mind
A lingering hope that kills only
with time
In a motion I break from the bed
To conquer the light 
found only in my head

Stand sight of the clock 
At quarter past three
A nightmare I can not win 
Awake and never free

A container of my freedom within my grasp
A flip of the top, comes to pass 
With water from a glass

An answer for a reflection
None too soon in coming
A sleep at last
Forever in peace
Not a voice to awaken
Nor a light to break this sleep

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2019

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sunset in the west
dusk falls on an open field
fireflies light the way

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2020

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lone leaf on the wind

lone leaf on the wind
dancing to a symphony...
snow falls silently

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2020

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A Fall Dream

ashen leaves of fall
with pinecones bedded down
lost in snowy dreams

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2019

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Wintery Light

frost chills on air
twilight eve of starlight groves
lost in moonbeams glow

Copyright © JC Hawkens | Year Posted 2019