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Word Play Poems

Word Play Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about word play. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for word play.

Poem Topics Related to Word Play

words, puzzle, banter, wit, witticism, sarcasm, comeback,

New Poems

Premium Member I TWIST MY TONGUE-
Yada, yada, yada;
I slipped and fell and I twist my tongue;
Spoke so ravenishly datta, cotta lata;
Dislodged wit coal miner’s lung;

See Porky spit"Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th... That's all FOLKS!"
Penny Henry  laid me sum eggs flung,
I’d sli, sli, slip and fell and...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, language, surreal, word play,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member A toy boat or a boy goat
Sell me a toy boat or a boy goat
Make that one boy goat, two toy boats
No: Two boy goats, one toy boat
Wait. Make it one boy goat named Roy Oates

Ha, ha: Back again with soy oats
Soy oats for boy goats,...Read More
Categories: animal, boat, confusion, silly, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Fortunately
Fortunately, this family friendly function,
finds me festive and not feisty in my fifties.
Forgive me if I am not the first
and you may have figured out,
that the fact-finding letter "F"
is my favorite letter
of the alphabet.
There are three thousand words
that start with...Read More
Categories: fun, girlfriend, humor, humorous, repetition, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I can hear the complaints already
D . E. M. O. C. R. A. T. 

D ivide
E xaggerate
M anipulate
O bstruct
C onfuse
R age
A ggravate
T errify

Change my mind…
Nah, just kidding don’t bother LOL

Eric (and sometimes not)
...Read More
Categories: word play, how i feel, people, perspective, political, word
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Timely Bits

              wounds tear all time

                      ...Read More
Categories: introspection, time, word play,
Form: Epigram


                                       ...Read More
Categories: fun, silly, star, word play,
Form: Shape
Do Your Part
No matter how diligently you've mastered Kung Fu 
You can never stand the force of a great typhoon.
If you try, you're only calling yourself a nincompoop
For it will sweep you away as the wind does balloon.
Among the homos, none can,...Read More
Categories: word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Between the Hours

"Between the Hours"

If I had stopped to search 
your page, again…
decoded somehow
what you had written

Between the hours

Surreal a.m. 
I would have lost the time 
to write you into my own story

The Dream

Strip searched against that Wall
where transparent 
stands a ghost...Read More
Categories: romance, sensual, word play,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member broken
i feel the pierce
of each tiny shard
wafting through air
as that glass shatters
in echoes against walls

 my blood
splatters the same
as it falls down

i am fine...just musing...
...Read More
Categories: metaphor, word play, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member oh, prime minister
our, handsome Trudeau-
grew a beard quite sinister,
oh, prime minister;
you look odd with a grey beard,
and black hair- it just looks weird !

January 12, 2020

Poetry/Ode/oh, prime minister
Copyright Protected, ID 20-1216-073-03
All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France

Keyola - a tanka variation...Read More
Categories: word play, silly,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Sweet Sarsaparillas
Sexy Sally sips sweet sarsaparillas

stirring senses at Sam's soda store.

Six sarsaparillas Sam serves sexy Sally.

Smitten, struck, Sam surely seeks to score.

January 11, 2020

For Contest, Twist My Tongue, by Nina Parmenter

...Read More
Categories: silly, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ELF the form
Two poems for the price of one in one short verse

sans verbs,verse may.....SHOW

some may do,but others...DON'T

help,our haiku.................TELL...Read More
Categories: poetry, word play,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member EMPTY VERSE--
Just in case you read this;

Now you're a witness,

Guess what!

I'm tired so I'm done writing this non-poem

Write on
This is a very short verse poem;

written words by James Edward Lee Sr....Read More
Categories: analogy, extended metaphor, fun, word play,
Form: Free verse

A step in my head
Is like walking through a minefield

Pat LeDuc
January 9, 2020

...Read More
Categories: adventure, crazy, word play,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member DISTICH
the truth to tell

in two lines parallel...Read More
Categories: poetry, word play,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member mY I's DON'T C WRITE-
mY I 
Has seen 
I have seen
The paragraph of my...
worst and my word do seem
To run along this parallel
Synonymatical  so impractical
what's the use to know how to spell
The paragraph...Read More
Categories: analogy, confusion, word play, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sticks
Glue sticks stick together paper
Chop sticks might stick food in your mouth
Lip sticks bring attention to lips
Chap sticks make sure they don't go south!

There are drum sticks to beat a drum
And some known as finger lickin'
A tasty treat to make...Read More
Categories: humor, imagery, word play,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member QUATORZAIN the name
on the verge of love,
mutual discovery unveiled
in their secret world;
lips to lips ,sealed,
hearts in passion pound
ardour's whispers sound;
need unchains desire,
pleasure's fever fans a fire,
each flame thrusting higher;
in duet's crescendo choir
realisation exceeds hope,
promise, with trust elope;

enchantment metamorphose
as love,sublime,grows 

a quatorzain is...Read More
Categories: poetry, word play,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member Silly Non-entry Number 2 for Brenda Chiri's Photo Contest
Mommy, what are those two doing?
   Why, honey, they're kissing and cooing

Mommy, why don't you kiss and coo with dad?
   Oh, a peck on the cheek's enough to make us glad

Mommy, if that tall boy was...Read More
Categories: kiss, mother daughter, silly, word play,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member QUINZAINE try me
in just fifteen syllables
a quinzaine I be
seven five three...Read More
Categories: poetry, word play,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member Bubble Wrap Pop

There are folk; who buy the stuff, just so they can pop
And while some folk only need a little, others need a lot

Every workplace; employees should have, a patch a day 
As to while away their worries after...Read More
Categories: word play, appreciation, family, grandparents, humorous, true love, uplifting,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Crisis in the ER
The patient's heart is out of whack
   His pacemaker's tick's become attack...Read More
Categories: health, heart, word play,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Make it Glitter Make it Pop
An inkwell cupcake if you please.
Frost it with adverbs.
Sprinkle it with adjectives.
Don’t be stingy.
You can add more.
Make it glitter.
Make it pop!
Startle yourself.
Bake it whatever degree
Coleridge, Whitman, Thoreau and Poe would have used.

...Read More
Categories: literature, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, word play,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Poulters measure
Verse in metred word makes our inner voices heard
With image,cadence and tone we signature it our own,
Individual and distinct as dna
For all to see,our personality,writ large each day.

a doubled pm couplet...Read More
Categories: poetry, word play,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Misogynist


Mike. . .

       ...Read More
Categories: character, conflict, discrimination, friend, relationship, word play,
Form: Alliteration