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Taco Poems

Taco Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of taco poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for taco.

New Poems

if sniffed
there's a
bear out
side my
tent for
i forgot
and kept 
my tooth

of hang
ing it in
a tree a
bove me
with my
while in
my sleep
ing bag i'm

in begin
ning to
feel like
a mint
ed taco...Read More
Categories: taco, muse,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Free Verse Carelessly
Now I just wanted a taco;
Is that too much to ask.
I have the meat and spices, yum.
First I slapped the meat in the pan,
Waited for one side to scorch,
Flipped it over and 
Splashed grease all over but then,
Scraped it into...Read More
Categories: taco, humor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Time To Cook the Rolls
Time To Cook the Rolls 

“Honey, turn on the oven to 350; the movie is starting!”

Soupy Sales is kicking back with June Taylor at Studio 50.
He is flirting with her leggy dancers as they feed 
A sniveling White Fang burnt...Read More
Categories: taco, angst,
Form: Free verse
I'm So Scared
If i lose you
I’ll lose screws
i will never be the same anymore
My 4 by 4’s
Will be 2 by 2’s
i will lose my soul mate 
my smile 
The woman that I absolutely want to carry my child
my laugh and my everything
I...Read More
Categories: taco, beauty, love, missing you, passion, relationship, sweet
Form: Free verse
Beans and Rice
Beans and Rice  

My Dad was not a rich man                             ...Read More
Categories: taco, child, childhood, home, winter,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member 80s 2 dancing in time with god
Hey There

Giving so much 
I can't see you
with your husband4
That should be me
We tested the waters and the great sea
found a sailor.
Nearby I fixed the dog: he'll never love again
Lusting beast, he'll never love again.
I found an old picture of...Read More
Categories: taco, depression,
Form: Free verse
Naked And Afraid
each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose
an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this
a tender swept deal amidst the pain zero in...Read More
Categories: taco, anti bullying, arabic, aubade,
Form: Free verse

In matters of paintings 
and choice of food,
your taste and mine are 
just as good.

     Picasso, Da Vinci,
     spicy taco, broccoli

To each his own, 
to each his mood.
No one's chic or
classy, gross...Read More
Categories: taco, character,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Appropriate This
I was walking down to the taco joint
wearing my new conical Chinese hat,
I looked how it looked, it gave me some flair,
but some beta-hipster took issue with that.

He stalked up and said,”It’s people like you
who are holding us back as...Read More
Categories: taco, culture, growth, how i feel, political, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 1971 Hey Dude
1971  (Hey Dude)

Hey dude, come in, come in.
Been a long time since we last smoked the peace pipe together. 
Hey! I think it was during Hendrix’s set in Bethel, dude!
Here, let me move these Rolling Stones out of the...Read More
Categories: taco, music, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse


     Fine flour folded food,
     Broil beef, broccoli, and beans,
     Tasty taco treat!

     -by Edlynn Nau
     ©April 19, 2019
...Read More
Categories: taco, food,
Form: Senryu
maybe i need a sweet change
maybe i need a sweet change
driving down an avenue
looking at all new things
digging cherry flavored scenes
chicken kabob feeling
taco salad nature
wish for peppercorn ranch waterfall
i will even take a drizzle

maybe i need a sweet change
driving on an island
looking at candy houses
wanting...Read More
Categories: taco, cute, day, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Scrabble Mania Takes A Turn
I was playing competitive scrabble with my cousin the other day
when I suspected my anagram practice was getting in my way.
was it helping or hurting? Frankly, it was difficult to decide.
Taco-cat spelled backwards and forwards helped me to rapidly turn...Read More
Categories: taco, 10th grade, 11th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose
an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this
a tender swept deal amidst the pain zero in...Read More
Categories: taco, appreciation, art, rap,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Invisible Oldster
Taco chili. Pumpkin bread. Zucchini bread. Gingerbread cookies. Chicken and dumplings.
It is a potluck at school and we were supposed to bring our favorite fall desert.
The food keeps coming, and so do the teachers, following their noses, poking around in...Read More
Categories: taco, funny, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What About The Doctors
The internet has replaced doctors
We look up our symptoms and
order prescriptions online.
choosing to doctor ourself.
How will the doctors make a living?
How will they pay their exorbitant
Will they have to start working
at Taco Bell like the rest of us?
A humbling thought.
...Read More
Categories: taco, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
Short Man
There once was a short man from Morocco
Who suddenly found  himself caught in a Sirocco
He lay down to pray
And on his last day
Had himself a quick per-packed taco...Read More
Categories: taco, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Coffee Shop
I met her in the coffee shop
She hid me from a violent cop
She didn't care if I'd been hooking
She gave that cop a sober look and
Said, "She ran out that back door"
While underneath the check-out stand
I curbed a giggle, touched...Read More
Categories: taco, beautiful, friend, giggle, girlfriend, love, muse, romantic,
Form: Rhyme
A poem for someone
a poem for someone who likes orange marmalade
a poem for someone who owns mallard ducks
a poem for someone who has used a baby changing station
a poem for someone who is not looking
a poem for someone with no cavities
a poem for...Read More
Categories: taco, africa, animal, humanity, people, society, world,
Form: Free verse
The unpredictable yaw of rolling seas,
as in life, pummels us from one side to the other 
randomly dictating capricious ways 
arbitrarily gripping our lives

Life, like the ghost of Christmas,
is here tonight and gone tomorrow,
but the expenses it incurs keep mounting...Read More
Categories: taco, happiness, life, remember, truth,
Form: Free verse
Another concrete bomb shelter emerges, taking the shape of a Starbuck coffee palace embedded with the captive lure of free internet service. Like a crouching tiger on the prowl, this behemoth hungrily eyes the empty grass lot as a sure...Read More
Categories: taco, culture, perspective, society,
Form: Narrative

Of regret
shedding its skin
across my paper


Of malice
pebbling my skin
in a hailstorm


Of kindness
tie-dye my tshirt
orange, magenta, blue


Forged of steel
A hot knife through butter

A taco chip
of Words
into a soul...Read More
Categories: taco, bullying, emo, how i feel, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Blank verse
Perform Some Sexual Sin
Perform Some Sexual Sin

Remember time we took a trip to Morocco,
And had stopped by there for terrific taco;
After that into time we took very long leap,
To see willow who always wanted to weep.

The next day we zipped over to zany...Read More
Categories: taco, allegory, analogy, , cute,
Form: Couplet
Average Lazy Bum
He’s just your average lazy bum — 
a sweet, lovable loser
Who loves to stick his index finger
high in the air,
and tell you he’s number one
When in fact, technically,
his favorite sports team is
It’s success by association, 
as he moons the neighborhood...Read More
Categories: taco, fun, humor, parody, sports,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Old Man Mistakes His Home
The Old Man Mistakes His Home

my eyes espy
follow the old man
as he makes his way
into the Taco Bell
my interest wanes of Tacos
piques at the old man's peculiarities
or is mine in question, too?
it's early morning
worms have risen
on a fisherman's hook somewhere
near...Read More
Categories: taco, age, growing up, life, old,
Form: Free verse