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Syphilis Poems

Syphilis Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of syphilis poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for syphilis.

New Poems

The Cost of Revenge, Part III
“And then I turned,
my mind truly burned
said,’What kind of a sick mother
would go coerce
a child of hers
to sleep with her own half-brother?!

“ ‘You are a fool,
and a mother cruel,
no matter what my father did!
To prostitute,
and try to pollute,
and to do...Read More
Categories: syphilis, anger, betrayal, dark, family, lust, relationship, sin,
Form: Epic

The Cost of Revenge, Part II
“It was a race
going to my place,
our emotions out of control,
went for the bed
and my lust-filled head
focused only on it’s one goal.

“Our clothes were tossed,
they were soon half-off
when she froze and gave me a stare,
In all my time
never had my...Read More
Categories: syphilis, anger, betrayal, dark, family, lust, relationship, sin,
Form: Epic
I could make ring bells from seashells found on seashores
go into retail where these bells get sold on shop floors 
and tell thee tales of Seabells see sales win awards
if Seabells received well we could see sells soar
but there be...Read More
Categories: syphilis, humorous, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Pompous Poet
“O to dwell in the past!” yearned the poet. “How nice!”
“The words of today are so coarse!”
So he wallowed in syphilis, sadness and lice,
Wrote a sonnet, then married his horse. 

He sat with dear Dobbin ‘neath shimm’ring skies,
as they supped...Read More
Categories: syphilis, fun, funny, horse, humor, humorous, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Fooled, broken and dumped
The aircraft landed in Nigeria,
The day, 27th December, year 2018
And the airport taxi brought him home,
Mornings and afternoon's
Filled with sounds and sunshine
Amongst the family.
The affluent splendor of his foreign accent herald the days
Yuletide season! He's come from abroad, well, Europe.
*...Read More
Categories: syphilis, cry, depression,
Form: Free verse

Alas, become neglected,
Fallow and unproductive;
The mind gets tired, 
And so does the emotions,
They torment,
They weaken,
They are sweet yet corrupted,
Words as unclean as syphilis,
As painful as cancer,
As cruel as death that awaits everyone....Read More
Categories: syphilis, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Refusal To Be Bamboozled
Refusal To Be Bamboozled

Immersed insecure among the books,
Hides the anti-Christ naturalist.
The bamboozled crowd awe in unison look
Impressed: Something new, witty; to witness.
As members of the mob mentality,
Unable to comprehend originality,
The artist’s intentions of creativity
In presentation of reality.
“No artist tolerates reality;”...Read More
Categories: syphilis, education, history, meaningful, perspective, philosophy, psychological, society,
Form: Sonnet
Simians Seek Sybaritic Satiation
tens of thousands years ago
     (a figurative out in left field ball park figure)
     Homo Sapiens (or the forebears of said species),
     deliberately sought sensate satisfaction

  ...Read More
Categories: syphilis, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Free verse
Fighting to be Treated Fair
Fighting to be fair Being hit with whips Hung from a tree like fruit Being chased by people in sheets Being denied an education Drinking from separate water fountains Being forced to smile from the back of the bus Becoming...Read More
Categories: syphilis, black african american,
Form: Personification
New Opinions
Not to die or to perish or to fall off a cliff 
Not to disappear from the hearts of others
Not to drowned, stuck in a submarine 
like a can of tuna. I never want to reek of tuna
or reek of...Read More
Categories: syphilis, depression, girlfriend, immigration, meaningful, prejudice, prison, relationship,
Form: Imagism

Cosmic Shoeshine

this one goes out to all you symbolphrenics
wink wink light the fuse and
bow only before your own image
for we are each a TV studio
with really huge detector molecules
recall that consciousness is tunable
you need only space your characters
and employ the 11th...Read More
Categories: syphilis, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Within its brilliance gleaming
Cool black in lacquered polished silver chrome
Cranked up pistons bleached in summer’s heat
Hot steam rising as gears thundering
Beyond the crystal liquid city lights
Highways built across the land
In hearts felt pride American dreams made real
Within its prime
Men...Read More
Categories: syphilis,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Soul Stance River - 16
Now that December has descended
with it's roots of ice and skies of snow
our timber fortress is a sanctuary of ethnographic enlightenment
and embassy that entreats the exchange of craftsmanship, 
lately I have been preoccupied with my etymological research,
it is important to...Read More
Categories: syphilis, adventure,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Ties That Bind
I never saw a tie that had a practical use;
And I never knew why a man would want to wear a noose.

There are as many good reasons for wearing ties
As there is for cultivating mosquitos and  flies.

To cover up...Read More
Categories: syphilis, funny,
Form: Light Verse
I went ghetto gold .......

I was told that when I flip this, 
I'm come sicker than syphilis,
My verses come in 3's like triplets,
I drop ebonic type scriptures,

That keep your eardrumbs numb,
when my psalms roll off my tongue,
my adversaries hide &...Read More
Categories: syphilis, hip hop, spoken word,
Form: Rhyme

The man in the alley is insane.
Syphilis eats at his brain.
All dressed in black,
he is ready to attack.

He stalks in the dark of night,
trying to stay out of sight.
A certain type he wants to find.
Whores,filthy whores screams in his mind...Read More
Categories: syphilis, crazy, dark, death, evil, horror, murder, scary,
Form: Rhyme
October History
I wrote these when the Soup was down and had no place to share them

History of the Day

Oct 15th
This is the anniversary of the first draft card burning
It happened at Berkeley when the country was turning
From support of the war...Read More
Categories: syphilis, history, war, war,
Form: Rhyme
black snakeroot, yew, cocklebur, poison (ivy, oak, parsnip, sumac, ryegrass, hemlock), blister bushes, daffodil, mayapple, lilium, jerusalem cherry, indian licorice, deadly nightshade, christmas rose, bleeding heart, asparagus berries, wolfsbane, tomato leaves, doll’s eyes, the suicide tree, young larkspur, blue-green algae,...Read More
Categories: syphilis, life,
Form: Free verse
the saving power of the letter s
speak softly soothe skeptical soldiers.
solicit sages solemn solace sombre soliloqy. 
silence sinister speakers speaking 
spiritless slogans spiting spightful signs
sift spontaneous sincerity signaling sooth
switch stuborn stupidities superflious supplications
supply superior supplications seeking Soverigns succor
search subtle subversion spreading such syphilis
silently subvert singularly subtle...Read More
Categories: syphilis, faith
Form: Alliteration
Recent Revelations
horrific, decades-long
study syphilis, study its effects
covert medical testing

army scientist
bitten by mosquitoes,
yellow fever
mustard gas,
enter chambers
temporarily blind

dark age
hospital patients
injected with plutonium,
atomic soldiers
in the waves
of nuclear explosions

trace amounts of radiation,
in breakfast cereal
of handicapped children
new drug, LSD
dropped over a French town,
unsuspected, hallucinations

with the latest...Read More
Categories: syphilis, history, natural disasters, philosophy, political, science fiction
Form: Free verse
This is the Story of How We Begin to Remember
We hardly remember the truth
Victims of the Great Forgetting
We hardly recognize that history is popular culture
A screenplay of the past written by the victor

Just look at Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of Independence 
With his quill scribing the words, "All...Read More
Categories: syphilis, history, philosophy, political, history,
Form: Free verse
Dark Love
I'm sorry...

Love is a thornbush.
Pretty to the sight
yet, in the end;
it's prickly touch
is unimaginable.

With bright red roses -
it's message
seems too fragrant -
vociferous from afar.

Romantics are obsessed with love -
the misanthropes dread it;
it's a kill-joy feeling -
an inner nightmare 
of an...Read More
Categories: syphilis, lost love, lovelove,
Form: Free verse
the goatherd's crooked staff
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa made
tea so his Third Eye could open
to see dreams fortifying in aspiring hearts
as they reach for the next beat in their comings and goings

Socrates played the lyre by
banging on the strings while
humming and hawing about the trouble...Read More
Categories: syphilis, allegory, art, dedication, education, history, life, on
Form: Dramatic Verse

A Massacre 
 Valentines Saint Massacre Day was in Chicago the man played them a tune on 
his fiddle. The Aftermath The newspapers instantly picked up on the crime,...Read More
Categories: syphilis, imagination, parody, people, satire, science fiction, social,
Form: Free verse
“Innocent  Syphilus?
He is debaucherous!”
Exploded his wife
In dismal grief!!

Avidly lecherous
Became cunning and treacherous
His lascivious play
Was his plaintive lay!

His ‘unusual canker’
Was in fact a genital chancre,
The randy Syphilus
Had contracted syphilis!

The acne on his face
Brought him disgrace
For it extended  beyond the...Read More
Categories: syphilis, faith, family, health, science, social, song-sympathy,
Form: I do not know?