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Swedes Poems

Swedes Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swedes poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swedes.

New Poems

We never used an ATM
In Stockholm, on our trip.
The guide on our free walking tour
Took dollars for a tip.

For every other purchase
We used charge cards like the Swedes,
Since coins and bills, it seems, are things
Today nobody needs.

A sign in a...Read More
Categories: swedes, money,
Form: Rhyme

The plains of the Dakotas seem endless
With rumors of great mountains to the west
And rumors of great lakes to the east
But to the proud pioneers who settled here it was home.

The sturdy Swedes, the proud Germans, the thrifty Dutch,
With mettle...Read More
Categories: swedes, america,
Form: Prose Poetry
ruth Shall Make You Free
Americans come by the clock
A British lass just hikes her frock
The French love a tongue
The Swedes like well-hung
But Left or Right Thai knows Bangkok!
...Read More
Categories: swedes, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member All Women Over Forty Are Dried Up
Absurd situations amuse me; they get written into poems.
Foolish generalizations about groups of people infuriate me; 
they also get written into poems.
All Irish, all whites, all English, all red-heads, there is no all.  
It makes not a whit of...Read More
Categories: swedes, age, bullying, conflict, hello, prejudice, rude, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member My Country Tis Of Thee
White stars, red and white stripes.
	Blue for loyalty.
Waving in the wind, instilling pride.
	Reminding us of pledge.
		Apple pie, Chevrolet, John Wayne.

Viet Nam, Gulf War, 
	Freedom of speech, freedom riders,
            ...Read More
Categories: swedes, patriotic, tribute,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member 2018 FIFA World Cup - Quarter Finals Senryu Series
Uruguay 0 - France 2
Uruguay bad day
Les Bleus take total control-
France-Belgium showdown

Brazil 1 - Belgium 2
Brazil's own-goal gaffe
brilliant Belgium bests Brazil...
Belgium comes of age

Sweden 0 - England 2
Swedes hit Pickford wall
England's clean sheet victory
"...coming home" -maybe

Russia 2 (3) - Croatia...Read More
Categories: swedes, emotions, england, football, international, joy, soccer, world,
Form: Senryu

Feeling all alone
Cast away like a stone

Few friends what I got
True friends can’t be bought.

Living is a joke
Think I’m about to choke.
Lookin’ at you
Lookin’ at me
Mirror is true (but the reflection is cracked)
False truths...Read More
Categories: swedes, dark, deep, friendship, holocaust, music, pain, perspective,
Form: Lyric
Patsy Foley Was Roly-Poly in 1947
It may have been the devil himself who prompted the kids in my schoolyard back in 1947 to chant "Patsy Foley's roly-poly from eating too much ravioli."

At first, no one could remember who started the chant. Patsy, a sweet and...Read More
Categories: swedes, memory,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Nobel Prize Winner

Nasal, sand paper gritty voice.
Why did he win the poetry Nobel?
“The answer my friend” may be
“blowin’ in the wind.”

What were the Swedes thinking
when they voted, what were they on?.
 Probably sat around 
“everybody must get stoned.”

Some probably...Read More
Categories: swedes, music, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Didactic Alphabet Soup
Alphabet soup, homemade, here's how
Begin the dish with alphabet pasta and homemade chicken broth
Coriander is next, chopped finely and bruised in cloth
Dice some carrots and parsnips, add chopped swedes as well
Endives and onions tickle the taste buds, create aroma for...Read More
Categories: swedes, health,
Form: Rhyme


I can't forget in a hurry,
Here once stood our ancestral home,
As was told my great- great- great- grand father
Who told my great-great-grand father,
Who told my great grand father and who 
In turn told my grand father...Read More
Categories: swedes, art,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member The Burning of the Jews
It was a woodcut in our high school history text, Unit 4 Beginnings of the
      Modern World, that so disturbed,
from the Nuremburg Chronicles depicting "the burning of the Jews," flat
     ...Read More
Categories: swedes, beauty, christian, dark, garden, jewish, military, soldier,
Form: Verse
freedom of the press
Freedom of the Press 

The hallowed freedom of the press
In the west
Doesn’t sit well in the east
when Islam is made fun of.
So leave them alone to worship 
Allah their way,
Millions of backsides exposed 
to an ignorant world.
We can make fun...Read More
Categories: swedes, absence, angst, anxiety, assonance,
Form: Blank verse
New Jersey
What does it mean to me
New Jersey
It means smell and warmth
iI…….  oops wrong sort of Jersey
Here we go start again …….

Was the home of the Lenape Indians
Till the Dutch and Swedes came their way
Followed by the British who named
It...Read More
Categories: swedes, places, home, home,
Form: Rhyme
the things they will do to julian
the things they’ll do to julian

imagine imagine
the things they’ll do to julian---
as mr. assange 
genius founder of WikiLeaks
did open the door to 
let the light in
on so many lies spread by the governments across the world
who were found naked in...Read More
Categories: swedes, life,
Form: Free verse
King Charles is a foolish megalomaniac.
He constantly sends his armies to the attack.
In the first few years of the eighteenth century,
Swedes have attacked Russia, Denmark, and Saxony.
Sweden exerts its regional hegemony
over the smaller states around the Baltic Sea.
Denmark was overwhelmed...Read More
Categories: swedes, history, war,
Form: Rhyme

Listen up everyone, and I mean you peas at the back:
Think you can hide in the mayonnaise?
Some of you peppers feel you are pretty hot stuff, I know;
And our cucumber friends are just way too cool...Read More
Categories: swedes, parody, green,
Form: Free verse
The Battle of Northfield's Begun
Somebody special just rode into Northfield,
Somebody famous and bold,
Long linen dusters concealing their pistols,
They’ve come to steal all our gold.

James boys and Youngers, they’re up from Missouri,
Riding so slow into town,
Mighty warm welcome in South Minnesota,
We’re going to cut that...Read More
Categories: swedes, history
Form: Ballad