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Swamped Poems

Swamped Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swamped poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swamped.

New Poems

Premium Member The Supreme Court
Can the world be made better by stacking our Courts
With immoderate friends that we trust share our views?
Is Court’s dignity served, are its verdicts revered,
Does it mean I’m ‘supreme’ when a fluke helps my side?
Is a ‘litmus test bias’ the...Read More
Categories: swamped, journey, life,
Form: Rhyme

Miracle Implant

you got a brain in there you're reading this
when's the last time you found yourself using it
to continue assembling the puzzle pieces
in the proximity of an existential grievance
minus the usual cheap suit wonderment
in agitated defense of your cosmic rights
with a...Read More
Categories: swamped, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
My Wife The Paper Shredder
Buried in an avalanche you
might see on "Hoarders buried alive"
back and foreground
white sheet with limited pay per view,
nonetheless sky scraping heap

(Uriah not kid) nsync with a 'U'-
shaped tube anchored securely thru
solid wood - sporting
towering, leaning, bulging, et cetera slew,
sans huge...Read More
Categories: swamped, appreciation, april, father, humorous, parody, pride, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Beast of Turtle Lake
A legend tells of a place I know 
    where people feared to tread.
And if they did, they often disappeared 
    and the Natives feared them dead.
The Cree tell stories in whispered tones 
...Read More
Categories: swamped, humor,
Form: Rhyme

The load that I carry on my shoulders
With each step, grows heavier,
I am climbing a hill and I need to push it uphill,
I must set it down.
I have to reach the top of the rocky tor
I do not want the...Read More
Categories: swamped, devotion,
Form: Free verse

     to outlive
the commonplace
     to exhaust
     in the pre-shock
of existence:
yes,a forfeit
      to float
     ...Read More
Categories: swamped, life,
Form: Verse
floppers propped by whopper croppers
Once the Sinis floppers' nerves acted up in bunches, 
Scandinavians had no way to head off sucker punches.
Sacks of scamming slapstick, slap bass,
and farcefest, thick and fast, came to pass.
Not a clod of sunstruck dung by a donkey's ass 
shines...Read More
Categories: swamped, international,
Form: Rhyme

When Katrina came calling,
Lady Blues brought some 
Miami Hurricane bad news
Green Dolphin Street pain parade
went Mardi Gras wind marching
down to the delta swamp of Nawl ‘Leans
And the lewd crowd’s demonic gust marlin friend, 
was cyclone seen: mid-air, pirouette dancing again

Creole...Read More
Categories: swamped, dark, natural disasters, pain, truth,
Form: Narrative
Last night
In the cradle of our candle light last night...
We settled and sizzled in the moonlight.
We danced through the dense of the darkest night.
Like a cutest couple we cuddled in the bubble of bonded bouquets.
Dined with wine to shine out our...Read More
Categories: swamped, cute love, humorous, husband, i love you,
Form: Alliteration
Hands Slipping From Priceless Prize
Portfolio theory and investment management stole my sleep
Up and down I paced grounds of Copperbelt University
As anxiety told my soul I was once again about to weep
When fright stalked my bosom in its stark diversity 

But the examination paper beamed...Read More
Categories: swamped, poems,
Form: Free verse

Polling Day Blues

True or fake news, make no mistake....
Voters are unhappy with their piece of the economic cake...
After GST and all those exorbitant price increases...
Resentment and anger are setting in and seeking a release...
Viral social media messages...Read More
Categories: swamped, anxiety, community, confusion, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Happiness Hurtles Along
Happiness harvested from whims and wishes
Happiness flashed and hushed in fetishes
Serves and preserves no benefits
As ventures and adventures yield no profits.

Happiness at the behest of behemoths
Happiness shone by fireflies to moths
Deludes and alludes to fantasies
Twisted and wasted in idiosyncrasies.
Happiness...Read More
Categories: swamped, poems,
Form: Free verse
The Old Summer Camp
In the green Adirondack foothills lies
the haven of our old summer camp,
once a place of adventure and outdoor joy,
and the loud cries of precocious scamps,
their energy you never could tamp,
scurrying ’round on small, rapid feet,
leaping into the pond without a...Read More
Categories: swamped, childhood, lost, remember, sad, summer, time, youth,
Form: Rhyme royal
The discerning river
The discerning river moves
through the crowded valley woods
like an ancient crooked spine
beneath the vertebrae bridges of fallen trees
it's restless currents strum against strings
of rich green algae that cling
like eels onto polished stones
thrusting waves that curl at their crest
and dive into...Read More
Categories: swamped, imagery, nature,
Form: Free verse
Adventures in the Rabbit Hole
Down, down, down, further and further I tumble, once again into the rabbit hole looking for my Alice. I am swallowed by an avalanche of darkness, bumping into slippery walls that propel me further into the void, back among the...Read More
Categories: swamped, friendship love, love, love hurts, poems, relationship,
Form: Verse
The Sea-Cook's Lover, Part I
A young woman named Meredith
took a cook’s job on a great ship,
raven-haired and dark of eyes,
she stood slender as a whip.

For five years she traveled wide
across the ocean’s of the world,
seeing so many exotic places,
an exciting life for any girl.

Now...Read More
Categories: swamped, loneliness, loss, lost love, love, nostalgia, ocean,
Form: Narrative
Surrounded by indifference,
Swamped by ignorance,
Suffocated by illusion,
Starved by idiocy,
We stumble on....Read More
Categories: swamped, angst, anxiety, culture,
Form: Alliteration
Skin discolored
With fading bruises
Laden with stench
Of sickening feelings
Swamped with epiphany
Now lost of hope
I laughed.
The hysterics carried me away
Like time does
To old, withered memories
Tears rolled down my bony cheeks
Tears of happiness-they say
Funny how I could pull this off
They say they all...Read More
Categories: swamped, absence, abuse, anti bullying, betrayal, care, heart,
Form: Blank verse
the aliens have landed
 The Aliens have landed

This is the third day of the new, year and days are equally dark
and miserable as days before the fireworks and drunk people
filling streets with hoarse screams, scaring dogs and cats who 
do not understand the...Read More
Categories: swamped, age, anxiety, betrayal,
Form: Blank verse
bring brring telephone calling
'BRRRING BRRRING' said the telephone

“Oh hello” said the wide viewfinder to the telephone. “How are you today?” The telephone fell silent. Very silent. It had no battery with which to call, speak, shout or do anything that much really. Batteries...Read More
Categories: swamped, bangla, baptism, baseball, beach,
Form: I do not know?
Flood In Bangladesh
Flood is a very common occurrence in Bangladesh

Due to its position and altitude.

In-spite of its all experience and forecast,

The country always falls in awkward situation,

When flood comes with all its loud and lechery.

1966, 1970, 1987, 1988, 1998 ?and 2007 in...Read More
Categories: swamped, anxiety, bereavement, boat, food, heartbroken, lost, water,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Draining the Swamp
Dear Donalds and Fans Thereof

I suppose by now you have noticed
there is an unfortunate difference
between draining the swamp
and becoming the swamp.

Swamp life promises fast thrills
but delivers slow and sure decomposition,
loneliness at the sadly shared bottom
of the top.

But, the swamp is...Read More
Categories: swamped, earth, health, humanity, humor, integrity, power, usa,
Form: Political Verse
Carpets versus ledges versus houses
Carpet spoke. "It is only Tuesday and already I am covered in pieces and all that straw and occasional crisp. I have no mouth. I cannot possibly devour it. Where are my friends the hoovering Harriet and the Belinda broomstick?...Read More
Categories: swamped, august, autumn,
Form: I do not know?
Eleven flavours on a table
A seam in a sock is a whistling clock. Wheelbarrow hours like a treading of grapes for wine. But swamped with the rest of the waters, teas, coffees and creams can bring a mingle of music to a break. But...Read More
Categories: swamped, baptism, beautiful, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member PostMillennial Virus
What remains 
when gratitude for learning
totally evaporates?

I don't know...
Totalitarian senility, maybe?
I guess I don't understand
the source of your question, dear.
Do you feel less grateful for learning
than in more formative years?

No, I don't
but I sense younger generations might.
A PostMillennial Virus.

I sense...Read More
Categories: swamped, art, earth, education, environment, health, money, science,
Form: Political Verse