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Swallowing Poems

Swallowing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swallowing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swallowing.

New Poems

Dancing with Caution

Aromatically whisking towards leopards bane
Waltzing, being careful to avoid the touch
Hither here step, toe, heel, a scrumptious pain
To tango with the devil's helmet, vomit, double Dutch

A vermilion distillment, a sleepy smile
A foxtrot coalescing with foul swoons
I cannot touch these, a...Read More
Categories: swallowing, judgement, loneliness,
Form: Rhyme

Wee Small Hours
Hobgoblin in the gutter under canopy of midnight, 
magic brew of muti without rein.
Shadow figure torchon, darting half-light dare.
Spine chilling  droplets wobble slowly down drains,
rusty copper mouthwash at the edge of jagged chutes. 
Eerie urban soundscapes frame a
sneeze ...Read More
Categories: swallowing, courage, creation, dark, dedication, deep, imagery, imagination,
Form: Prose Poetry
Coronavirus, COVID-19
Corona-virus, appeared a biggest ever demon,
swallowing humans everyday, few dozens.
Opened mouth as broad as the continents six.
Fails narrowing it, all the human tricks.

Frightened all, can't dare to be face to face. 
To hide self, everyone finds suitable place.
In the whole...Read More
Categories: swallowing, 11th grade, 12th grade, death, fear, hope,
Form: Couplet
In the illusion
Is  everything an illusion? 
Am I an illusion? 
Are you an illusion? 
Wish the world around me an illusion 
Everything is blurry 
Fireflies everywhere  
 I see when I look...Read More
Categories: swallowing, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Hello everyone and let me welcome you to the place you'll hate and love
Eager to come back each time to make yourself more miserable
Because your brain turns into a dark hole seeking  for a sign from above
Sacrificing the pleasure...Read More
Categories: swallowing, dark,
Form: Elegy

Premium Member UNKIND REWIND-
I walked past old painted wooden door;
And while in my cognizant mind;
 I realize he doesn't live here anymore;
Rewind unkind

Virtual validity can past my stupidity;
I was challenged to say, there's no other way;
I realize I don't live here anymore;
For my...Read More
Categories: swallowing, adventure, allegory, bereavement, journey,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dance Dunce
School dances! What hateful memories they are,
Dreaded obligatory occasions,
Yours Truly emphatically did not star,
Not being of a social persuasion.

Dreaded obligatory occasions -
Maybe most students thought they were fun,
Not being of a social persuasion,
I would have preferred to miss every one.

Maybe...Read More
Categories: swallowing, allusion, dance, endurance, girl, school, star,
Form: Pantoum
Promised land
I once had a post card with a picture of paradise
It had lovely scenery that wetted the eyes
With The glassy skyscrapers that mesmerise
It was a land where bliss and beauty lies

After a journey in the dark with a smuggler as...Read More
Categories: swallowing, adventure, africa, humanity, identity, immigration, inspirational love,
Form: Rhyme
Your words they fill my heart,
Fulfilling words that you have spoken,
Embodies the shadow,
Swallowing it whole,
Transforming it white,
While your awkward smile,
Tingles my spirit core,
Changing my ways,
My world and my only trace.
...Read More
Categories: swallowing, love, meaningful,
Form: I do not know?
My Blind Date
My blind date Frank showed up at the door,
his curly hair was slick with grease,
a mad plaid jacket topped his Bermuda shorts,
as a pink ivy-league shirt showed his neck warts.

I took one look and and wanted to run away,
doing a...Read More
Categories: swallowing, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

Crystal stairs
Come here my dear, and have no fear,
My sad tears, fall silent on crystal stairs,
I take a deep breath, falling down the
Slippery steps, I get back on my feet, 
But my heart no longer beats, for my long lost
Sweet, so...Read More
Categories: swallowing, for her,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Homebrewed Sourtoe Cocktail
Written on January 26, 2020
By Gail DeBole

Drink up daredevils!
It’s not a joke.
The human toe in your drink 
Is not just taking a soak. 

It’s challenged many drinkers 
And many have exclaimed, 
“Ewwww, What’s going on? 
And who has been maimed?”...Read More
Categories: swallowing, adventure, drink, humor, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
 I have gorged myself since I was young,
occupying the uppermost rung
of the swallowing clique,
and to stay thin and sleek
I exert my key muscle — the tongue....Read More
Categories: swallowing, food, humor, humorous,
Form: Limerick
she's a woken dream
i can feel
my pills

me even as
i try to stay 

to be with
you though

you are
as i am

words each
on each



age where
your photos
are so much

then my
older me

but hopes
like jumping
ropes and playing

jaxs or laughing
at translations
not quiet exact

make life
all the 

...Read More
Categories: swallowing, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Swallowing darkness is ahead
One is never prepared
A conclusion lies wake 

Warmth is at your back
They know you cared 
Warmth is fading 
You clench your fists
Grind your teeth
Shut your eyes

“No, this isn’t fine”

“It’s alright, how about….
One last time”
...Read More
Categories: swallowing, death, dream, feelings, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
medication meditation
am i swallowing
them or are they
swallowing me

the hourglass has
been turned over
for another minute

and with each second
it seems the quicksand
is quickly taking me

deeper down a rabbit's
hole darker than dark
nothing to see i can't

even see the darkness
and though a synapse
sparks i think...Read More
Categories: swallowing, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Roman a clef tragicomedy
Roman à clef tragicomedy...
overlaid with façade of fiction = Mein Kampf

No need for yours truly to dig deep,
(albeit bonafide figuratively)
by Dickens thru mine Uriah Heep,
a gnarled mass creep
ping, comprising, encompassing, glomming
abysmal existence strewn with hard times,

such that I wanna leap
out...Read More
Categories: swallowing, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member DIMMER TWITCH
Widening poles entering holes
Rows of severed heads
Everyone clueless 
Partly imploding 
Unfolding their assumptions 
Choosing the knife 
Turning it off and turning it on 
Lining them up 
Reaching for a definition 
Whispering in tongues 
Scratching the glass 
Listening to skins
Turning it...Read More
Categories: swallowing, conflict, crazy, deep, growth, imagery, life,
Form: Free verse
Best friend
2 November 2019  7:32 AM

Swallowing snot and hawking luggies
Weekend sleepovers and late night movies

Riding bikes and popping wheelies
Telling jokes and acting silly

Throwing knives and taking dares
Living life without a care

Just two boys wild and clever
Running the mountain having the...Read More
Categories: swallowing, friend, life,
Form: Rhyme
Jade Oinkment
The sow beauty queen’s 
favorite color is money green
The cloven jaw cutie’s
favorite sound is “cha-ching”

Miss Piggy Lips loves how the cash registers
throughout the land constantly rings

That jade oinkment noise
is a pigmentary salve to her greedy soul
She’s got a glut appetite...Read More
Categories: swallowing, funny, humorous, parody, satire,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Charity in the act of kindness
he stood there beyond the counter
mixing ketchup with water
as i stood in line for food
his downcast eyes avoiding stares
as the manager told him he needed to go

i saw him lay his tattered jacket down
on the frozen ground to rest his...Read More
Categories: swallowing, hope,
Form: Free verse
My Love Potion
Why did you come to see me?
Asked the witch,
In a nasal tone!
Are you yourself not made of magic?

I looked at her in silence,
Wondering if she could feel the pain
Dancing all over me
Running through my bloodstream
Pulsating in my heart beats
Laughing at...Read More
Categories: swallowing, longing, love, love hurts, romance, romantic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unopened window


I stood at the unopened window,
watching it rain from the sky
Complaining inside of a future
that seems to be passing me by
Regrets flooding every emotion,
moments no longer appear
Searching for hope in the downpour,
since you are no longer here
Wrapped up in clouded...Read More
Categories: swallowing, longing,
Form: Rhyme
Are those eyes?
Shaped like a plastic mannequin with green pupil 
Peeping from my broken ceiling
Are those broken bones?
Hanging on my shelf
Wait! I hear a voice
Like someone sobbing and sniffing
I see a man standing in green singlet aimlessly disappeared 
I feel...Read More
Categories: swallowing, humor, humorous, mystery, surreal,
Form: Free verse
Magnifying my King for all He does
Preaching the message today
Teaching man to hear Him
Crucifying myself to obey.

Sacrificing Himself for me
Swallowing no drugs
Sailing all my seas
Refreshing me with hugs.

Climbing every mountain
Scoring every goal
Sculpting my degree at college
Crossing every shoal.

Feeding me my...Read More
Categories: swallowing, blessing, christian,
Form: Sonnet