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Sustainer Poems

Sustainer Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sustainer poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sustainer.

New Poems

Blest with true love’s precious wonders
My heart with bliss exclaims praises
Exalting God, love*’s Creator
Source, Author, Sustainer indeed.

Having family so caring
Nourished midst parents’ endearment
Along siblings kind, sweet, gentle…
…I’m gripped with great love’s fulfillment.

Surrounded by valuable friends
Granting support graciously best
Inside fellowship’s warm...Read More
Categories: sustainer, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Emerge


although diminutive.
Submerged with a purpose,
under pressure with a plan.
Alone, and confused.
Which way is up, which way is down? 
Suffocating with darkness all around.
Scared to live yet afraid to die.  My instincts Emerge. 

Predestined to live I fight, out of...Read More
Categories: sustainer, beautiful, black african american, creation, emotions, life,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Author and Sustainer
By Dawne Zacharias

Our national Constitution 
established a republic upon the
"absolute laws" of the Bible, not
democracy on the changing whims
of people.
George Washington's early Official act
Was the First Thanksgiving Proclamation
Which reads,
Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge
The providence of...Read More
Categories: sustainer, america, bible, christian, god, thanksgiving day,
Form: Prose
Praises are for my God, my Protector  and Provider
Saviour, Sanctifier, Sustainer by His grace-satisfaction
Ascertainer along truth's approval
Lover with His compassionate leadership
Mover of my faith maneuvered through His miracles.

Powerfully, the Lord propels my service-propped prayer
Settling surely redemption of my soul
Affirming...Read More
Categories: sustainer, appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member I never saw Him with my bare eyes
I never saw Him with my bare eyes, I pray that I shall, on one day, indeed
Through every pain and sorrow, there will be wisdom and peace, splendid.
Bare-footed subjugation with humility, declaring the oneness of God, faithfully.
A gentle wash from...Read More
Categories: sustainer, allah,
Form: Free verse

Persons in Person
Here is your tercet
Written to praise Your whatness
Persons in Person

Inventor of art
Creator of life
Sustainer of all

United in being
Distinguished in ministry
Persons in Person

Unfathomable You are
Incomprehensible You are
Triune God...Read More
Categories: sustainer, art, bible, christian, god, jesus, prayer, words,
Form: Verse
Almighty God*, Source of my breath and Sustainer of my life,

Now and always, I seek for Your new, fresh, rejuvenating favor.
Earnestly along Your empowerment, I beg for Your assured triumph 
Wrought by Your workmanship while I worship You, exalting Your...Read More
Categories: sustainer, appreciation, christian, devotion, god, jesus, prayer, spiritual,
Form: Acrostic
Take A Look
"Take A Look"

Oh!! Look where JESUS brought me from...just stop, take a second look.
I am so thankful and grateful how His amazing love joined forces, and brought me through, not to mention his grace and mercy.

We all expect and look...Read More
Categories: sustainer, blessing, celebration, hope, inspirational, love, thanksgiving,
Form: Prose
The Meaning of Faith -Mark 11: 22, 2 Corinthians 5: 7
The scriptures continually exhorts us
to take the step of faith in the Lord
but this can seem so hard to do
till God opens the heart by His sword

This sword of God's spirit knows exactly
where to open the proud human heart
planting the...Read More
Categories: sustainer, faith, god, meaningful, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Won't You Join Me

Mr. Sol, our friend, our hero
our sustainer of life
We wake up to it's
cheery good morning greeting
Can't help smiling back
even when life isn't all tickety-boo
Heard the phrase
wait five minutes... it's true
The ups and downs at times
can be quite overwhelming
but it's all...Read More
Categories: sustainer, happy,
Form: Narrative

I Believe
Author Dana Redricks
March 11, 2018

I believe in the power of Christ
And everything it stands for
Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
All in on Creator, Redeemer, and
Sustainer divine
The power of God is what holds
Everything together
The scientist cannot 
explain him away
And everyone will...Read More
Categories: sustainer, appreciation, blessing, caregiving, deep, devotion, god, jesus,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Won't You Join Me

Mr. Sol, our friend, our hero

our sustainer of life

We wake up to it's

cheery good morning greeting

Can't help smiling back

even when life isn't all tickety boo

Heard the phrase

wait five minutes... it's true

The ups and downs at times

can be quite overwhelming

but it's...Read More
Categories: sustainer, sun,
Form: Free verse
Have No Anxious Thought -Philippians 4: 6
In this world full of anxieties
there seems no way of escape
our minds so full of anxious worry
this world has lost all its shape

In the midst of these times
God calls us to take a listen
to be hearing Him and His word
speaks...Read More
Categories: sustainer, anxiety, god, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Written in my heart
Written in my heart 
Is my love for you. 
The story began once
We shared moments of intimacy. 
The feeling of magic
Began in my heart.
The love that you placed in my life! Written in my Heart is 
Essential thoughts
That feed my...Read More
Categories: sustainer, africa,
Form: Alliteration
Knowing Resurrection Power -Philippians 3: 10
What does it really mean to know God?
yes God in all his perfect state
the creator and sustainer of all things
he who always has been so great

This Jesus who rose from the dead
has the power to resurrect a new order
one that...Read More
Categories: sustainer, christian, power, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
When in the mainland Tanzania I stood,
My eyes lifted up to the mountains,
And cast on the vast beautiful valleys;
When I enjoyed the sweet smell of vanilla,
While walking in the famous bamboo forest;
When I saw the impala leaping majestically,
And the zebra...Read More
Categories: sustainer, nature,
Form: Free verse
By Faith
God is eternal having no beginning
always have been for ever and more
this has been revealed by His word
knowing this His truth is the living door

Through the knowledge man has received
to believe in God as his maker
this is faith to know...Read More
Categories: sustainer, bible, christian, faith,
Form: Rhyme
One breath,
One beat of the heart, 
In the silence the second hand ticks.

Pausing in this moment of time;
Is it time wasted, or time to collect my thoughts?
Better yet – this is time to commune with you Lord!
For when I am...Read More
Categories: sustainer, care, encouraging, god, life, loneliness,
Form: Free verse
Everything in Perspective
some things are far more important
than other things which are not
things that will last effect us so
this perspective can't be bought

We all value our time most precious
so very important to use for our best
for our life has only a certain...Read More
Categories: sustainer, god, perspective, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Spiritual Victory
To walk is to move one step forward
after another following after your last
that direction is decided in your mind
using your know how so die's been cast

But God's spirit is the true director
leading and guiding the right way
showing one his perfect...Read More
Categories: sustainer, christian, spiritual, success,
Form: Rhyme
24 7 Care and Attention
The Lord God creator sustainer friend
who lives eternally for ever and ever
whose love does know no end
has perfect knowledge so very clever

This God knows me inside out
24/7 He's always on my case
urging and desiring to make me fit
telling myself to...Read More
Categories: sustainer, care, day, god,
Form: Rhyme
The Island
An island
Afloat in a sea of galaxies and stars
Orbiting its sun
Light and energy to warm and stir its life
Conceived by God....
With one explosive...singular...divine idea
14 billion years ago
Launching time and place and an expanding universe
Ruled by the laws of physics and...Read More
Categories: sustainer, earth, environment, nature, ocean, planet, political, science,
Form: Free verse
Where do I run to when the earth is covered in gloom
Where do I flee to when it's all covered in darkness
Where to do you flee my soul in them times of trouble
Your refuge is with the Rock of the...Read More
Categories: sustainer, confusion, religious,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Fertility Marred With Miscarriages
The fattest land mass within the borders of Europe
is also a mother with an extremely fertile womb
to once go third in the global grain export.
Sitting on a ground blessed with hidden treasures,
it has unfortunately been blown by the nuclear disaster...Read More
Categories: sustainer, abuse, bullying, earth, education, environment, holocaust, nature,
Form: Ode

Sunshine, life's primordial sustainer
Channeling to all, the sun's energy
Plant, animal, insect, fish or other
Without sunshine, not one of them would be 

Sunshine can uplift your mood and spirit
When you are feeling gloomy and depressed
It can cheer you up to rise...Read More
Categories: sustainer, flower, joy, life, magic, nature, sunshine, water,
Form: Quatrain