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Summoning Poems

Summoning Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of summoning poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for summoning.

New Poems

Dithering with hesitation on brink of abysmal precipice
Infinite pitch black void zooms,
I vacillate to pitch headlong (head over heels)
where freedom looms
large (think) cosmic size grand canyon grooms
espouses, and cloisters unbridled wedded bliss
structured sound of silence booms.

Dawdling against inevitable fate
temporarily holds in check (mate)
eternal salvation woebegone
grievance to ameliorate
repurposed...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst,
Form: Dramatic Verse


Light and dark danced hand in hand, over the sea and across the land, 
as one stopped sharp to stop and stare , they pointed to nothing over there. 
Nothing soon joined in all the fun, 
dancing and singing at...Read More
Categories: summoning, allegory, color, day,
Form: Rhyme
Silent Screams after Abu Sheriff
These words are ghostly voices 
Heard from the ruined of hunted houses 
Unheard by those innocent ears,
tormented by accomplices who sit in fear 

These words are writers’ thoughts 
Fertilized when their ink meet their papers
Bringing forth testimonies of those unheard...Read More
Categories: summoning, abuse, anti bullying, corruption, evil, poets, society,
Form: Free verse
i asked
how much
she said
i asked
no no 
twenty one
but i asked
twenty five
no no twenty

i said
si si si
three words
for one poem
so i must
pick only
the best
to describe
what i must
describe as
the best:

shower singing
ocean waves
waving siren
come in

Venus in
one piece
hair braided...Read More
Categories: summoning, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Bully me you, I exemplified archetypal scapegoat
Bully me you, I exemplified archetypal scapegoat

Even as old curmudgeon, aye pucker
and raspily suction toothless mouth
drawing reminiscent guffaws affecting
attempt impersonating plumber
(think unclogging toilet)
please support your local bummer

back in the day one
long haired pencil neck geeks palled
around with another 
hirsute nerd...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Bio

Beltanes night:the fairy dance
Beltane’s Night
On the eve of Beltane
The Earth’s call rang across hill and heather, towards ford and cliff
From tree to river the door calls, spirits of earth so fair,
Heard by elf and pixie, awakening the dryads in their trees of old....Read More
Categories: summoning, fairy,
Form: Ballad
As the night falls from interstices of burning clouds, lumbering through the broad sky like grazing herds of sheep
There comes a great forlornness through the deep forests of Transylvania.
Land marked by Withered Tallowwood branches, that once covered the fiery red...Read More
Categories: summoning, 1st grade, animal, extended metaphor, horror, nature,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Blindsided to craft eye catching title
(alternately christened great insight
to those who Braille)

Ah.... so glad thee did ask
summoning poetic title
tis most daunting task
if lucky forthcoming praise
will yours truly to bask

and bathe with short lived,
while I quaff vintage
amber liquids out the
golden silver made flask.

Utter exhaustion taxes me
fifty...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Water that’s red is water that’s dead
Wet with toxic incompossibility 
A sliding scale of hellish deliverance 
Attached to chemical destruction 
Gone forever to feverish ends
A definitive cocktail summoning the dark
Something that’s been taken through fate
Spat out by demons...Read More
Categories: summoning, culture, dark, destiny, horror, imagery, obituary,
Form: Free verse
First glimpse of beauty
Warm water cleans my soiled body.
Viewing a naked woman, I stand.
Washing me and overlooking my sin,
“Look, our bodies are beautiful.”

Angels were given beauty as this.
Muses aspired for beauty as pure as this.
Love never arouse above this mark.
Etched in my mind...Read More
Categories: summoning, appreciation, beauty,
Form: Free verse

Schooled in hard knock sufferance
Schooled in hard knock sufferance... -
soulful scribe matt er fact - seeks solemn sanctuary

Despite always pledging
allegiance to the flag
academic performance traced, narrated,
graphed... unfavorable zigzag

vertical lined spikes across
x-axis and y-axis displayed
dramatically sharper increased crag
when promoted one grade to the next

how comprehension...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Personification
Premium Member As solitude rains


As the sunset of life beckons me
in marmalade farewells, orange sherbet adieus,
I stroll in uneven footsteps,
not sure of the bridges I crossed
or those burned in the process

Alone I follow the polished pebbles
scattered along this lethargic path,
nary a word or whisper,...Read More
Categories: summoning, loneliness, silence,
Form: Free verse
Tired of feeling sleepy today August 17th 2019
Tired of feeling sleepy today - August 17th, 2019

Lashed with fatigue,
eye cannot fend off lethargy
hazy, hot, humid weather zaps
mental physical, and spiritual energy
even men of cloth
various and sundry clergy.

Undoubtedly summoning Parson Brown
currently out of season,
though stratospheric demand
for his person now
unprecedented...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, drink,
Form: Free verse
Edward his name ~ his mates called him Ted  	
Aiming his gift on the top of my head
Landing with a squelchy plop
Would his kindness never stop
His unwanted gift was starting to spread

Sat in the sun in my new crocheted...Read More
Categories: summoning, bird, giving, sea, sun,
Form: Limerick
Sacred places are sacred to none 
Everybody’s evil
Wants what is forbidden 
Wants what was made and locked away 
Wants what is hidden 
Desires something more 
The things that should be undesirable 
The things with warnings on
Something dangerously dangerous 
Something that...Read More
Categories: summoning, betrayal, child abuse, crazy, growth, life, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Blemished Sky

splotchy clouds

squeeze billions of


from a blemished

sky bruised with purplish

charcoal grey


as lightning


and thunder

accost the

the face of heaven

summoning the mournful

of weeping angels


07,16,2019...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, imagery, imagination, nature, rain, storm,
Form: Verse
Spectacular resounding meteorological phenomena
Brilliant light and sound show
not disappointing forecasters promised
outstandingly uproarious performance
powerful winds rage
against the machine
embark to score prestigious

chart chopping hit
pliancy of heavy
boughs sorely tested
ear splitting cacophony
presaged coming fury
within safe shelter of B44,

I hunkered down
analogous to brave soldier
avoiding deadly crosshairs
imagining villainous turncoat
targeting...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Summoning Happiness

A wish,

softly whispered

under a shooting star.

My empty heart yearns for a love

that’s real; not merely a fanciful dream.

I close my eyes and concentrate,

summoning happiness

to come fulfill
a wish.


06,14,2019...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, 9th grade, emotions, feelings, hope,
Form: Rictameter
Poetry Speaks
Soothingly smooth and eternal
The thrill of the lyre so majestic
An impulse so divine
Sheltered securely in scriptures
Of musings enchanted

A melodramatic rhythm
Beating like African drums
Used for summoning ancestral spirits
Clashing like the Titans
 of ancient Greece
The mixture of guitar strings
And harp melodies so...Read More
Categories: summoning, allusion, language,
Form: Free verse
This game was on
right before we met.
This game was on
right before we were even born.

No one has ever said that
playing by the devil's bible is easy
and, to tell the truth, 
I have never fancied gambling.

But this time I was called...Read More
Categories: summoning, games, heart, life, love, love hurts, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Choking Back The Tears
Choking Back The Tears!

This papa did accurately
surmise undeclared war
strong armed lance pierced my armour, fondly he recalls
early fatherhood days of yore,
when daddy's first born girl

did effusively adore
yours truly, he likened self as topnotch
trooper, who mustered vigour
exhibiting untrammeled unconditional
tender loving behaviour
before...Read More
Categories: summoning, betrayal, conflict, daughter, grave, heartbroken, nostalgia, sad,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Brighter look by stepping out
I rested my morose attitude and crafted a positive outlook
which I needed  to inspire my contemplations ,
I then stepped out turning the page before the next chapter 
to help clear my feelings from the shelf full of mundane concepts
and...Read More
Categories: summoning, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
The Last Noel
Twelve accusers hoping
Eleven charges pending
Ten summoners summoning
Nine lawyers proselytizing
Eight defendants screaming
Seven protesters protesting
Six reporters reporting
Five ambulances on call.
Four morticians digging
Three activists sitting
Two clergymen preaching
One hangman salivating
And zero politicians waking
from their dreams.
...Read More
Categories: summoning, christmas, corruption, death, innocence, loss, political, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Clatter In The Wind

Winter won't submit to the rains of Spring
constantly feathering the ground with snow
burying any green grass that dares show.

There aren’t any signs Spring’s scheduled to show
this inclement weather doesn't say Spring;
the wind's howling in a blizzard of snow. 

The trees...Read More
Categories: summoning, 10th grade, april, imagery, nature, snow, spring,
Form: Tritina
Metamorphoses Into Poignant Womanhood
Immeasurable maturation profoundly
transformed thy Shana Punim
within whose corporeal femininity
gravitas resonates and doth hum
whose unbelievable transition, now
follows the beat of her own drum

approximately four years ago,
thee second and youngest born
daughter didst squawk and crow
aforementioned fledging eagerly,
instinctively, and naturally clamoring ergo
summoning unbendable...Read More
Categories: summoning, angel, appreciation, daughter, devotion, goodbye, love, princess,
Form: Elegy