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Summed Poems

Summed Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of summed poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for summed.

New Poems

Portrait of Rainer Maria Rilke
(German poet, 1875-1926)

What at once takes hold of the viewer
is the mouth: large, sensitive, the lower
lip swollen, brooding, unsettling as from
some kept-in disgust, and it had never 
known how to smile. Then the eyes: 
bulging from their dark sockets, the...Read More
Categories: summed, poetry,
Form: Didactic

summed up
i've been
the mail

it up as

if it were
junk mail
but summoned

to report for
jurie duty
and i had

to laugh be
cause my
wife was

also asked
to be before
the court but

she isn't
a citizen
but she

her to decide

yes my
is a drunk


dui...Read More
Categories: summed, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Remembering The Bag Lady

I spotted her one Saturday morning
as I was crossing Main Street. She was
sitting alone outside my favorite

coffee shop, her elbows propped up 
on a small blue opaque glass table top, 
starring suspiciously at passersby.

A piece of pastry lay
on a white...Read More
Categories: summed, memory,
Form: Light Verse
Lear's Limerick
There once was a poet from London,
Whose verses often veered t’word a pun,
He suffered the asthma,
Had anemic plasma,
So paper and ink summed up his fun 
...Read More
Categories: summed, humorous, irony, literature, muse, poetry, tribute, writing,
Form: Limerick
Portrait of Rainer Maria Rilke
(German poet, 1875-1926)

What at once takes hold of the viewer
is the unsettling way of the mouth: 
large, sensitive, the lower lip swollen, 
brooding, as from some kept-in disgust,
and had never known how to smile. 
Then the eyes: bulging from their...Read More
Categories: summed, imagery,
Form: Light Verse

Summed up by a cat
Cats know if you are safe to be around, 
And if your mind is sound.
Cats know where trust can be found,
They don't often get drowned.

Cats know if for the hills they should be bound,
Or by the fire they should...Read More
Categories: summed, animal, appreciation, care, cat, confidence, devotion, love,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Blame Shame
The heck with right and wrong when summed for blame
to tightly shackle fault as someone’s chain
that rattles useless, guilt linked clinks of shame.
As humans, imperfections steer each brain.
All people ride the mortal erring train.

Mistakes are not hot sparks for dramas...Read More
Categories: summed, change, character, deep, humanity, introspection, life, meaningful,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member 9-11 Dissed
Ms. Ilhan Omer
Summed up September Eleven
   'Someone did something'
   ~ Terrorist thugs flew to Heaven...Read More
Categories: summed, judgement, perspective, satire,
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member Cooperative Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
is also compassionate WinWin behaviors with positive belief,
active good faith
both natural and spiritual,
abiding health only in co-relational solidarity,
Left with Right
YangNature passioning YinSpirit 
ego- with eco-therapy.

Ego's behaviors expressing EcoHabitat's cooperatively owned beliefs,
Integral bilateral faith
in environmentally impassioning communal output

Healthy outcomes...Read More
Categories: summed, caregiving, community, destiny, green, health, humanity, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part I
When Laurie was just eighteen years of age
she fell in love with a brazen young man,
rode his own bike, knew just what to say,
ever quick with a joke was her Stan,
oh, the adventures that those two had planned.
Though both their...Read More
Categories: summed, growth, introspection, loss, love, perspective, relationship, war,
Form: Narrative

Far from the surging crowd,the aesthetic mass ever loved
For,some fascinated to drilling mud,more satiated with coconut ground
Most elated admiring flowering buds,all hailed for herbs, spices,Salmon or squid
But there came the most tyrannous deluge with a thud!
Oh!They called it a massive...Read More
Categories: summed, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Carpe Diem
Pillar of Cloud and Fire
Only few could hear me this round
As if I had no ideas of my own
To leave me secure upon safe ground.
As if I could be summed up in a few words,
Like to those who thought they knew me,
As if I...Read More
Categories: summed, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Peace I Seek
When the world won’t let me be,
And religion just screams.
And everyone keeps telling me,
What they think I ought to think.
And by the looks of things,
I don’t think I want their version of peace.
Peace doesn’t blame,
Peace doesn’t shame,
Peace doesn’t scream,
Peace doesn’t...Read More
Categories: summed, america, community, corruption, how i feel, peace,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Beyond the Mighty Humboldt
Beyond the mighty Humboldt
Where the Artemisia blooms,
The broken ribs of mountains
Lie tilted toward the sky.

‘Twas called a wretched wasteland
That Satan, himself, passed by;
Where no self-respecting bird 
Would stay if it could fly.

Its rivers are pretenses,
Called navigable by law.
Thirsty dragonflies may...Read More
Categories: summed, earth, environment, mountains, nature, places, river, silver,
Form: Free verse
John The Baptist
This man born of Zachariah and Elizabeth
who named him John as was told
by Gabriel who stood in presence of God
sent from heaven with a message of gold

Then 30 years later John preached
in the wilderness about the kingdom of God
emphasising the...Read More
Categories: summed, baptism, bible, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member If We Were Gods
If we were Earth gods and goddesses,
with powers to create anything we prefer
for our healthiest wealth attainment,
would we settle for living in a swamp
created by our own collective lack of mindfulness
about how to play longer-term WinWin?

If we were Earth gods...Read More
Categories: summed, creation, education, health, humor, love, political, science,
Form: Prose Poetry
Intent was Rap
Divinity all empowers me for some dignity 
Through this course of life so to have an entity 
Power flow through my veins ,black faced
Melanin  at its best, perceived as a beast ,
hair puffs and cushioned 
But possesses white finger...Read More
Categories: summed, abuse, africa, allah, america, black african american,
Form: Ballade
Either you be good at two things
Or be best at one
A choice to have to only have been
A life in summed

We have to be good at what we do
Can we still afford mistakes at this day and age?
We are growing...Read More
Categories: summed, world,
Form: Rhyme
itsy bitsy wafer
of GOD
for us
on the
c r u e l
Cross of
Compassion during His Passion, He offered Communion to us 
As often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me. BEHOLD
the feet
of His
at the...Read More
Categories: summed, body, drink, easter, faith, gospel, jesus, wine,
Form: Concrete
Passover Tanka 20170411
Wine, bread, bitter herbs
Blood, body, sin, suffering
This is Passover
in old and new Testaments
Love means Sacrifice
(c)Anil Deo, 11 April 2017

Shalom shalom, Happy Passover to all Jews and Christians. During Passover Jesus instituted the Holy Communion summed up in "unleavened bread &...Read More
Categories: summed, allegory, celebration, christian, easter, jesus, jewish, passion,
Form: Tanka
He promised me i would not die
As I’d been forced to live
He promised me I would not cry
And his heart he would give

And now its summed up in a sigh
The sorrow and the pain
No more will I be placed on...Read More
Categories: summed, abuse, betrayal, corruption, judgement, lost love,
Form: I do not know?
Say it ain't so
I sought knowledge
I acquired wealth
I raised a family
I met my spiritual obligations
and paid my social dues,
Is this all there’s to life?
Say O Lord, it ain’t so!

I broke no hearts
I brokered no dubious deals
I was faithful to my vows
and lived within...Read More
Categories: summed, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Christmas Atmospheres
Front door brings in nippy chill, 
You step onto the frosty path, 
No pleasant air for you to initial, 
Only a gut fight with the waft.

But friends are warm and bright, 
Neighbours smile by their cars, 
Old friends get in...Read More
Categories: summed, celebration, christmas, giving, people, together, weather, winter,
Form: Quatrain
Pallets, Jacks, and the Soft Sounds of the 70's OR My Summer Summed Up Summarily for a Small Sum
Pallets, Jacks, and the Soft Sounds of the 70's
My Summer Summed Up Summarily for a Small Sum
A constant beeping chirp echoes through the warehouse, strangely comforting the workers who walk these aisles and habitually straighten shelves and relocate displays like...Read More
Categories: summed, anxiety, depression, philosophy, work, , cute,
Form: Free verse
Can I Write A Poem
After I’ve looked back
And summed-up where my life is going
To inspire myself to continue to move forward
Can I write a poem?

When the lord by his grace
And inspiring revelation
Shows me something
Can I write a poem?

When I’m in the valley
And my spirit...Read More
Categories: summed, bible, christian, encouraging, inspirational, jesus, miracle,
Form: Bio