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Sulky Poems

Sulky Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sulky poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sulky.

New Poems

Nature - A promising divine gift
Nature - A promising divine gift !

From the foggy clouds, amidst which sun rays find a way..
To the dew drops that are seated on the leaf beds, 
To the trees that stand still and Frozen,,
Here I dive deep into my...Read More
Categories: sulky, beautiful, beauty, fantasy, imagination, inspiration, nature, passion,
Form: Lyric

Come in from the byre, Mag Hand
Come in from the byre, Mag Hand
Sit you down there firnenst the coatstand, 
But first light the fire and
Throw on the dinner Mag Hand
Lave the Childer outside, 
ah shur look they'll be grand

D'ye mind the Carnival, Mag?
Don't be lettin' on...Read More
Categories: sulky, age, aubade, beauty,
Form: Classicism
Life To Let
Friends and I in a familiar chat.
"Who would give me life," I asked.
       "Your life's yours already," they said.
"So, it seems, soon taken from me."

       "No! Enjoy life,...Read More
Categories: sulky, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Take Me As I Am
You’re too late to apologize to me

For your foolish, senseless decision-making 

Accidents happen, but you purposely

Lied to me in my face – teary-eyed, terribly shaking 

Can’t deny your lack of honesty hurt me badly

You wrecked me up real good, so...Read More
Categories: sulky, deep, depression, desire, endurance,
Form: Free verse
In The Vortex Of Turmoil


The seamless sky called life glazed in cloudless serenity,
in the rhapsody of the zephyr floated a butterfly free.
On its wings I painted in colors the motif of my identity
for flowers of the valley bloomed in all...Read More
Categories: sulky, analogy, butterfly, dream, heartbreak, life,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member The Truth Of Rainbows

Heaven, shedding dark tears

Makes this dull, grumpy day

Sulky storms puff their chests

Dressed in suits, flannel gray

They brood and they grumble

And complain of their mood

They're damp and foreboding

Yes, they're really quite rude

But the weather is improving

Rainbows parting the shrouds

God's squeezing out...Read More
Categories: sulky, analogy, emotions, metaphor, rainbow, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Aphradere: God's Our Emerald Compass
Our hearts of love is but a fire and ice I can’t suffice
It’s a kind of love, a type thereof, with a high price
A price, I, unfortunately, cannot completely afford
Not to mention all these sick emotions that I hoard

It’s a...Read More
Categories: sulky, conflict, encouraging, endurance, hope, love, uplifting, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Drained by my Thot Train
Drain away the pain that I feel
Drain away the rain that’s real 
Frozen in fire of your desire
Stay a while longer and admire
The healing rain that drains away the pain,
Nourishing the grains of His fruitful gain
Refrain from driving me downright...Read More
Categories: sulky, angst, anxiety, emotions, endurance, forgiveness, grief, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Brought Low till I Had Enough
I found out, walking the difficult route,
That falling in love ain’t a friend at all
No one can hear my midnight shout, I’m out
Try to knock me out, but I’ll stand tall
Help is on the way if anything bad happens to...Read More
Categories: sulky, emotions, endurance, fear, hope, hurt, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Love is won, then it conquers all through patience
But that's impossible without being kind
The two above build one to be honest
Suppressing all the feelings of jealousy
Silencing all tongues not to be boastful
Bruising egos that result from one's pride

Only the wise...Read More
Categories: sulky, love,
Form: Sestina

He scraped the paint from his pallet and smeared it on his canvas
On his mind was a folksy sun rise
A glowing medallion, triumphant
Blazing in orange, yellow and red
Seagulls flying over the horizon bed.

Proud and satisfied with this aesthetic work of...Read More
Categories: sulky, art, sky,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Monkey Fingers
Ooh! Ooh! Monkey-Fingers!
Stabby, jabby, chunky fingers,
Pawing at my touchscreen like a primate in a zoo,
Hit, miss, proddy, pokey,
Stupid smartphones just provoke me,
How can I hit ONE key with a finger made for two?

Smug little kiddywinkies,
Typing with their dinky pinkies,
Flying round...Read More
Categories: sulky, fun, funny, humor, humorous, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Halloween horror

Sally hides sweet candy under table
(Since sweet candy makes teeth decay)

Mummy angry...
Finds trick treat candy boxes empty
Jelly beans, fruit salad, black jacks  - whole stash eaten!

Sally looks awful..
Tummy aches
Sally spews vomit
Nasty vomit shows candy

Daddy cross 
Mummy livid...
Early night...Read More
Categories: sulky, candy, child, halloween, humorous, sick,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member stormbears

great swathes of rain
pushed, herded by gale gusts
from the north edging on arctic

moves down on polar bear paws
rumble, tumble dark across my sky
whispering vestiges of autumn

scatters sulky heat before them
brushes aside trees and grasses 
balls of hail rat ta tat...Read More
Categories: sulky, autumn,
Form: Free verse
you cant stop me
you cant stop me
i was born to be a
beauty of a monster
feed me your hearts 
just for fun
not sustaining life
feelings besides my own
get me high
i am the terror
something youd not expect
a helpless delusion
i prey upon the power drunk
dabble in my...Read More
Categories: sulky, dark, desire, introspection, psychological, self,
Form: Free verse
How It Strikes a Contemporary
(On 28 June 1914, in the Balkan town of Sarajevo,
an attempt to assassinate a royal Austrian duke
failed miserably ... or did it?  Gabriel Princips, one
of the plotters, stopped for a coffee and by chance
saw the duke, sitting in a...Read More
Categories: sulky, history,
Form: Blank verse
Sad Whale
There was a sad whale 
A silly, sulky sad whale
A silky sulky scary sad whale 

There was a sad whale 
A silly sulky sad whale who lived in the ocean 
Oh what a whale he 
Oh how sad he was...Read More
Categories: sulky, nature,
Form: Free verse
Vrai Foi I
Forth, backward he espies
Soaked in the state of melancholy
Dwindle out of joy
Looking sluggish somber, sulky

Seems fidelity is gone
affiliated with termination cum uncertainty
baffled of what tomorrow will behoove
pondering on apparel and edibility

Thither, I apparition
seeing him gloomy dejected
now I began to pronounce
an...Read More
Categories: sulky, appreciation, blessing, confidence, courage, faith, thanksgiving day,
Form: Free verse
Wordplay Extravaganza
I saw a little boy and two pretty girls play on the beach
He took a few back steps and caught the ball 
But hit his butt on a pointed shell 
And let loose his good catch
He lost out to the...Read More
Categories: sulky, beach, girl, humor,
Form: Limerick
Sulky Moon
Sulky, crater-faced moon
Pocked by infinite awestruck gaze
Burrows behind dark clouds
Preserving its existence....Read More
Categories: sulky, humorous, moon, nature,
Form: Prose
sea salty tears drop
sorrow spills silent wounds cry
sulky summer violent
sea weeds settle pregnant rivers
sun drowns sick rise again peace
...Read More
Categories: sulky, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
There must be a storm coming around three,
the low waves are sulky as they roll in by making dull sounds; 
the smile on two boys searching for seashells
is somewhat somber, not radiant and vibrant as it should be!

They didn't expect...Read More
Categories: sulky, children, november, sea, boy,
Form: Rhyme
My Sister's Baby
Fastened in my arms, I rock our
embrace back and forth til
her ivory lids slump
downward in forfeit.
Her wee nails fold into 
a prayer, as her rosy bottom lip
juts out, all lustrous and glossy.
I open my mouth and sing
the songs my own...Read More
Categories: sulky, birth, growing up, mother,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nay Greet for me Lass
Nay greet for me, I yet live   
ne'er was I a bairn to ye
mind me ere  I once were    
when drouthy neibors met           ...Read More
Categories: sulky, death, friendship, tribute,
Form: Verse
Till final bell tolls
                                       ...Read More
Categories: sulky, poetry,
Form: Prose Poetry