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Suitable Poems

Suitable Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suitable poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suitable.

New Poems

The Poet's Heart
The poet never asks
for rhyme with reason,
this would be treason
to a romantic heart...

All good lyrics
play their lyrical parts--
true writers and players 
true to lyrical hearts--

and lovers having taken 
that forever vow, will not
their hearts beat alone, for
never has been written...Read More
Categories: suitable, emotions, heart, love, poetry, relationship, romantic love,
Form: Free verse

Coronavirus, COVID-19
Corona-virus, appeared a biggest ever demon,
swallowing humans everyday, few dozens.
Opened mouth as broad as the continents six.
Fails narrowing it, all the human tricks.

Frightened all, can't dare to be face to face. 
To hide self, everyone finds suitable place.
In the whole...Read More
Categories: suitable, 11th grade, 12th grade, death, fear, hope,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member In the Islands Far, Far Away
Mission Control, this is Flight Z924693744, do you read?
We're having some technical trouble. How should we proceed?

We have spotted a planet, that appears to be suitable to abort;
But, to return to earth, we will need an alternate transport.

The Capsule Communicator...Read More
Categories: suitable, adventure, fantasy, friendship love, planet, space, stars,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Meaning Of Life
I tried composing a
sonnet about the
meaning of 
but found
no suitable rhyme
for chocolate chip cookies
...Read More
Categories: suitable, life,
Form: Shape
Premium Member Silly Asses
Two young girls were colouring,
In their colouring books
One was choosing pencils
The other having a look
To pick a suitable hue

After much consideration
She chose the colour blue
It looked like a blue donkey
Her friend looked up and saw
Hee Haw laughed her friend

And said...Read More
Categories: suitable, 1st grade,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Footle Fest 1
Below are 14 footles, separate and distinct, with their own titles in bold font.  A footle fest!

Been her

Paving the Way
Get tar

Muliebral Outlook

Sin's source
Seine's source

Borgana Interior
Dry fur

RN A Cappella
Nurse sing

Comic Vowel
Fun "E"

Blarney Stone
I wish

Out of Time
Stopped watch

Head to Toe
Dress you
Dress...Read More
Categories: suitable, fun, poetry, word play,
Form: Footle
Goth Fly
There's a fly in the house of goth. On the wall listening in. What's being said? The fly is keeping quiet. If you wanna know, go there yourself. The house of goth is a dark old place. Full of people...Read More
Categories: suitable, culture, gothic, journey, self,
Form: Blank verse
Convenience afforded microwave
Especially one courteously wrapped ably
anonymously gifted to
an aspiring gourmet Chef Boyardee
i.e. not surprisingly... revealing mystery
person none other than...
yepper namely me.

Moost anyone can show
off culinary karate chop
suey, whether schooled among
fishy creatures either
from black lagoon,
or privately tutored,

(this haint no canibal)
courtesy mythological Cyclop,
somewhat...Read More
Categories: suitable, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Banjo Boy
Banjo was a little boy
Not an instrument
Banjo spread lot's of joy
Everywhere he went

He was full of mischief
With a cheeky smile
Even though he was small
He knew how to beguile

He loved music and also liked to sing
As Banjo was his name
You would...Read More
Categories: suitable, 1st grade,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dragon Castle
In my castle, live dragons...yes, dragons; 
after all, they are humble beings
quite suitable for keeping the place 
warm in the winter months.
Oh don’t worry, my castle is completely stone;
fourteen-foot thick walls,  house my scaly brood.
It’s the only dragon-heated castle...Read More
Categories: suitable, metaphor, mythology, pets, poems, poetry,
Form: Prose

Yuletide pageant merry go round first time
Written ~ December 
two thousand seventeen
in case ye dear reader possess 
an eye extremely keen
nonetheless just by happenstance 
courtesy this human bean  
counter, who also happens 
tubby garden variety alien. 

Panoply of mystical elements of holly day style 
breathe...Read More
Categories: suitable, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Dramatic Verse
THe blind Princess
In a country known by its riches and beautiful nature,
its people and a King who maintained a traditional culture.
The royal leader was very devoted to his people and family,
helping everybody wherever he could was his mentality.
He had only one daughter...Read More
Categories: suitable, 9th grade, life, literature, mystery, romantic love,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Comedy of Impeaching Errors
The Republican congressmen,
and I do mean white privileged straight men,
came to their Democratic opposition
concerned about how depressing
December can be,
and all of winter,
come to think and feel
of dark discerning Advent,

So maybe we could stage
a comedic debate
about Trumpism,

To say the most extravagant...Read More
Categories: suitable, caregiving, earth, health, humor, integrity, political, trust,
Form: Political Verse
hemmed in
I’m still in Cascais
Waiting to go home to my house in Algarve
30 years since the Berlin wall came down with the help
Of Russia let us not forget this.
In the meantime, many more walls have been built
Mainly in Israel, a program...Read More
Categories: suitable, conflict, confusion, corruption, courage, creation,
Form: Blank verse
Hollywood Court in Town Part 2
The people began to say that I am the richest woman in Linstead town, and that cause many people to flock around, me and started to beg me money. Not a dollar in my pocket or a dime in my...Read More
Categories: suitable, abuse, anti bullying, community, conflict, corruption, courage,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Predictable
Crocheting needles waved her fingers from a self-disclosed mind

Texture and pattern set lines like predictive text and autocorrect

Wool over her eyes would know how to stitch up her soul-scape

No matter whether blanket or poncho woollen hat or jacket

The mood flowed...Read More
Categories: suitable, friendship,
Form: Free verse
thoughe in the night
Thought in the night
The wind was terrible, raced around the outside like
Drunken dervishes hollering in the night
When the wind tired of this needless validating
Of its masculinity it became quiet.
Now my thoughts and worries took over
Often idle should I have...Read More
Categories: suitable, analogy, angst, corruption, creation,
Form: Blank verse
Wednesday and Friday
In kindergarten, years ago,
Each day, upon my blouse,
My mother pinned a handkerchief
Before I left the house.

They weren’t meant to blow my nose,
Just there for decoration,
With printed names of weekdays
Worn in suitable rotation.

Amazingly, the Wednesday and
The Friday still exist,
Two items that,...Read More
Categories: suitable, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme
Flackmoth on Nudes
Flackmoth is not one to provoke feuds
with anyone who has a thing for nudes,
and though he’s far from prudish
he’d like to see a few less nudish.
(He’s of the view that the imagination
titillates far better by suggestion.)

First on his list is...Read More
Categories: suitable, art, humor,
Form: Light Verse
the day of a diabetic
The pace
  I walked for 50 minutes
 Inhaling fumes of cars, it is like
 Living in a roundabout
The see air on the seventh floor
At my flat, the air is healthier
But I walk every day because
It is suitable for my...Read More
Categories: suitable, best friend, birth, blessing, blue, boxing day ,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member SONGS pt2 pound tribute
hidden intentions
forseen      from afar
set in the dark
tracks in the stone
to posterity through cloisters
with empty streams
a desert
     of aged rivers
folds of nothingness
now run cold

treasures like rain
in abundance
customs...Read More
Categories: suitable, people, poetry,
Form: Ekphrasis
I Hate Cottage Pie
I Hate Cottage Pie!

I hate cottage pie.
It sits under lights gelatinous and unappealing,
Its smell pervades my brain and hits my throat already thickened by grief.
The duplicitous potato, pretending to offer the ill and injured a culinary delight,
only to disappoint.

I take...Read More
Categories: suitable, death, faith, goodbye, grief, love,
Form: Free verse
Tacky Tastes

My neighbor’s tastes are tacky,
I really think the lady’s whacky.
It’s the toilet tissue she buys,
it would scandalize a pastor’s eyes.
(Thank God she’s no church-goer,
they’d burn her as a blasphemer!)
Italicized on two-ply sheets
read verses from Ecclesiastes,
replete with number and chapter,
to edify...Read More
Categories: suitable, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Hiccup of the current time
She was laughing to see me.
 “You changed a lot!”
 Yes, I did. I had to admit.
 We were talking and giggling 
 like the good old days.
 We were talking and giggling 
 For the good old memories.
...Read More
Categories: suitable, friend,
Form: Free verse
WHO SHE...Read More
Categories: suitable, betrayal, corruption, dance, love, music, myth, song,
Form: Ballad