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Short Quietus Poems

Short Quietus Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Quietus by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Quietus by length and keyword.

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Short Poem Results

Short Quietus poem by Nigel Fox| Details |



Copyright © Nigel Fox | Year Posted 2010

Short Quietus poem by Debbie Walker| Details |


end Existence
takes without prejudice
with no care of after effects

I tried my hand at Cinquain.

Copyright © Debbie Walker | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Jo Bien| Details |


U - unreciprocated
N - never
R - rebuffed
E - empty
Q - quietus
U - useless
I - ignored
T - torn
E - eradicated
D - destroyed

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2009

Short Quietus poem by Gail Foster| Details |

quietus, a tanka

after the guns stop
flowers from love letters fall
soft on no man’s ground

no glory be found in this 
quietus of butterflies

© Gail Foster 11th November 2016

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2016

Short Quietus poem by Jo Saunders| Details |


Zapping your xylophone
While viewing unhappiness
The still reverberating quietus
Pounds on my limbo.
Kings jump in high garters
Feathered elands dive
Catching beautiful aardvarks.

Copyright © Jo Saunders | Year Posted 2015

Short Quietus poem by Tony Guccia| Details |

My Soul's Quietus

I am usually quite happy.
My life an all American Rhapsody. 
Your cruelty fathomless.
Bringing a quietus to my soul.
Spend an eternity with you?
Consider this...
The End of our little story...

Copyright © Tony Guccia | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Gary Gene Linney| Details |

Wooden Boxes

There is a box,
out there,
for me,
from unknown land,
and unknown tree.

'Til quietus reached,

But I know,
one day,
with all the intimacy of a long lost friend.

Copyright © Gary Gene Linney | Year Posted 2015

Short Quietus poem by Jo Hayton| Details |


I still awake with the words 'Why'
The only colour a burnt black
The only sound
The clocks distorted whine

A cup of tea tastes bitter
When accepted by stained lips
Last nights tears bid for revival
As life again begins without you

Copyright © Jo Hayton | Year Posted 2010

Short Quietus poem by John lawless| Details |

Within Life's Rhapsody

Within life’s rhapsody
a fathomless quietus
- eternity – 
telling its story.


submitted to – Five Words, Please – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Broken Wings

//five words – rhapsody, fathomless, quietus, eternity, story//

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Is hades your sheol,
Quietus' staging post,
A chasm to separate
Paradise from hell-

Will you await alongside the lake,
Resurrection's second death-
Or be named in the book of life,
A Christian shibboleth.

Full story@ Luke 16:19-31 & Rev 20

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

Short Quietus poem by James Edward Lee Sr.| Details |



fathomless I can't resist
the quietus confronts that ties
eternity rhapsody confronts and contest
the story as it's lies...
       A fathomless rhapsody eternity story 

Sponsored BY: Broken Wings

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Mockingbird Stevenson| Details |

A cancer quietus - contest

I lie here still and cold.
My eyes grey and fathomless,
My cancer- stricken body.
Awaiting the quietus of my final nap.

A sleep that will last an eternity,
Filled with a tiresome, repetitious rhapsody.
My story forever untold, 
The delinquency of my fable

Written 21-03-2018

Copyright © Mockingbird Stevenson | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Diana Bosa| Details |


Sadly we did not realize
that the silence between us
became a veil
(so I could not see you),
from that veil 
it became a curtain
(so I could not hear you),
from that curtain 
it became a wall
(so I could not touch you),
and from that wall 
it became the world itself,
so, now on I am 
unable to feel you.

Copyright © Diana Bosa | Year Posted 2016

Short Quietus poem by Jonathan Bellmann| Details |

Eternity of Silence

Beneath the hideous waves of a fathomless sea 
Breathes a terrifying story, dreadfully mindful of eternity;
A foreboding creature lurks within the unsuspecting depths   
Eagerly awaiting the swift quietus of life’s brief rhapsody.

Contest Title: Five Words, Please - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Broken Wings

Copyright © Jonathan Bellmann | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Faye Gibson| Details |

Cloud Quietus

White chariot
pounds pavement blue,
hooves beat tattoo
on drum of sky.
Ashen fleece borne,
softly I lie,
earth's pull defy-
victory ride.
Faye Gibson Copyright, August 3, 2014

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

Short Quietus poem by James Edward Lee Sr.| Details |


Rhapsody over and over played repetitively
fathomless can't hardly imagine it, this lovely
quietus  I top it off with a  sensual lovely kiss
eternity forever and always I love U, so I do
tell the story over and over again I love you
your more worthy than I am worthy are you

written by James Edward Lee Sr. © 

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by CayCay Jennings| Details |


My sad life story lacks glory. Fathomless singed pain bears my name as echoed in gray rhapsody. My sad life story lacks glory and will bruise thru eternity for no quietus seeks its aim. My sad life story lacks glory. Fathomless singed pain bears my name.
... CayCay Jennings March 27, 2018

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Ja Ja| Details |


Having long ago gone past
The equinox, of my being
Now, it’s only atrophy 
In myself I’m seeing

Yet, I grudgingly march on
To the solstice in my life
A meeting with that grim
And hooded thing, with scythe

But, this journey to my destiny
At the end of perdition’s road
Is made, not with heavy heart
But with joy, from easing of the load
BOEMS BY JA 286   

Copyright © Ja Ja | Year Posted 2017

Short Quietus poem by Janis Thompson| Details |

Rhapsody of Love

Rhapsody of Love The rhapsody of love is fathomless daydreams of shadows bold on empty dawns. Eternity's born in the lovers’ kiss fitting quietus to their love sick songs. The melody of love makes hearts persist on a story told for a whole lifelong. How precious is this joyous rhapsody that plays love’s tune into eternity. 3/22/18

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

This Quietus - Death

This quietus death – sweet release- a rhapsody enwrapping you. Fathomless it is; pain will cease. This quietus death – sweet release! Your story does not end, for peace lasts an eternity when life's through! This quietus death – sweet release- a rhapsody enwrapping you. March 24, 2018 for Broken Wing's "5 Words Please" Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Quinn Darby| Details |


Heart black as night
A soul light as day,
Eyes blue as the bay.

Death is one
Life is two,
I need you.

Heart white as snow
A soul pale as can be.
Eyes green as the leaves on a tree.

Quietus for me,
Sentience for us.
Do you love me?

Wrong instead of right
Our love ends today
And so now it will decay.

Death for me,
Life for you
You betrayed me.

Leave me be.
Go on with your life.

Copyright © Quinn Darby | Year Posted 2012

Short Quietus poem by Kyle N. Sampson| Details |

Transient Quietus

Happiness may prevail
But behind closed door's 
Swith livid conceded wail
Emotions are horde
Tears present coercively
Thoughts that carousel
Dulcet that distracts
And dissipates the conceit
Dissented vagary
Repudiated pathos
Hankering pacification
Regard this as pathopoeia
Sentiment as infringement
Either way it's your indictment
This may not be the alpha
But it is my interim omega

Copyright © Kyle N. Sampson | Year Posted 2018

Short Quietus poem by Eugene Harvey| Details |


beyond twilight’s
colorless souls
forever lost
at sea

empty decayed
long forgotten
unsettled silent

beneath barren
blind transparent
soft cloudless

vanished hearts
entreating cries
ever breathless

their unhealed
silent spiritless
yet endless woe

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2012

Short Quietus poem by MC MC| Details |

Hostel on The Prairie Meadow

O'er on the Prairie Meadow postures
my quietus Bed & Breakfast Inn
Where there is no granduer pasture
and the tones of  travelers leer weary
until they consider and decide to come in.
Welcome take refuge;we're fixed cozy & cheery
an invitation for repose & long overdue rest 
for the many eyes that oft weigh so bleary
we safekeep and are considered the very best!

McCuen Copyright October 2008

Copyright © MC MC | Year Posted 2008

Short Quietus poem by Albert Ahearn| Details |

Just before the rain

I’m happiest when the weather is gloomy and threatening rain. Its tendency, this low pressure, forces most people to remain inside comfortable houses. Outside becomes much quieter assuming a shushed quietus that wouldn’t normally occur if the day were a sunny one; so I pray that this low holds fast concealing the intrusive sun behind the looming overcast while I revel in its stillness and its lugubrious bleakness.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn | Year Posted 2012