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Short Mastiff Poems

Short Mastiff Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Mastiff by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Mastiff by length and keyword.

Premium Member One Liner - English Mastiff
After the Autumn of my life I hope the mention of my memory will include a smile.


Contest Name - One Liners
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Categories: mastiff, autumn, dog, farewell, feelings, friendship, goodbye, i
Form: Prose

Premium Member Remembering Shelby
When one loves
one risks love lost.
The risk with hope
The risk of trying 
finding failure.
If one risks nothing
where is the love.
If one risks nothing
where is the hope.
If one risks nothing
where is the success.
If one risks nothing
where are the lessons.

Edward J. Ebbs - October 27, 2018

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Categories: mastiff, death, dog, farewell, i love you, i
Form: Lyric
las meninas 2
figures of the court 
filling vermillion red lake ochres
theology of art on huge surface
las meninas 
on either side the little princess
in her own pensive world
chaperone hiding mourning
unknown guardadama attentive
dwarfs on the corner /disturbing
mastiff /tapestry head about 
to fall or rise/ the fire burnt
face restored new life 
of freedom

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Categories: mastiff, allegory,
Form: I do not know?
Dedicated to my English mastiff, Zeus

Who would shoot my dog
The brindle warrior
Whose brave heart
Kept me safe
Whose eyes
Followed me in faithfulness
When tears of anguish fell
The male who had my trust
Slept beside me nightly
Alert at any strangers touch
Upon my door
The one true friend who
Never wandered from my side
What cravenly bastard shot my dog

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Categories: mastiff, animals, loss, me, me,
Form: Free verse
In Dog We Trust
Something as small as a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian, or as large as a Mastiff or Great Dane, is taxonomically classified as “Canis familiaris”. This domesticated species is man’s companion. Dogs are found anywhere between Sydney and Ft. Wayne. They have an ages-old history that is glorious. Whether they are from a pedigree, or a mixed breed, man’s best friend is a friend indeed.

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Categories: mastiff, dog,
Form: Rhyme

smiling sorrow
Grey turns the sky at noon:
Broken arrows storm the atmosphere
With their terrible mastiff and slavers
And carted away the glowing stars.
I gazed with a blurred lens
Into the sky where the sparrows fly	
But the smoke from the burning huts 
Had scared away the sparrow’s choristers: 
No song, no peace, not even a glimpse of hope 
No light, no night, not even the sweet shining stars
For smiling sorrows swings back and forth the town	
And clanged to the souls that once did smile 

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Categories: mastiff, art, confusion, war, sky,
Form: Free verse