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Short Economics Poems

Short Economics Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Economics by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Economics by length and keyword.

Once middle class
Shredding away the 401K
Destitution looms 

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© Cyndi Guy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: economics, change, loss, money, poverty, society,
Form: Haiku

Calling all academics 
Calling all economics 
Working hard pandemic 

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Categories: economics, environment, health,
Form: Free verse
Money is cancerous
money depleting
wall street crashes 
I'm scared for tomorrow

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Categories: economics, introspection, life
Form: Cinquain
A first and Z last,
In alphabetics,
America first and Zambia last,
In economics!...

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Categories: economics, change,
Form: Free verse
Home Economics
My car
Is an expense
(Gas, repairs, insurance)
I use it less and less and stay
At home...

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© Jim Wilson  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: economics, life
Form: Cinquain

To go to something to forgo something is economics 
Wealth to larger life to shorter isn’t in arithmetic!...

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Categories: economics, character, conflict, inspiration, islamic,
Form: Blank verse
sans economics

 . . . as pleasant pastime,

              art observes its own ethics

                        sans economics . . ....

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Categories: economics, art, passion, philosophy,
Form: Haiku
Who Knew Economics
What with COVID-19 and such
The Democrats are out of touch
Republicans yelp
They wanted to help
But you're simply not worth that much!...

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Categories: economics, political,
Form: Limerick
Easter 2020
Our preacher could not find his Bible
And thought most hoarders were liable
With sin for wages
We all took pages
As toilet paper most viable...

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Categories: economics, humanity,
Form: Limerick
BoJo Economics
A senior took one pill too many
And woke up incredibly skinny
His wife looked aghast,
"I thought you had passed
And sold your parts for ten guinea!"...

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Categories: economics, humor,
Form: Limerick
In hopes it's free
You call
You call
Ask all the 
Right things
Then go in for
The kill
But I guess
You never
Taken an
Economics class
'Cause there's
No such thing
As a free lunch...

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Categories: economics, life
Form: I do not know?
extremist mostly avoidable
for sociology, politics, economics
theology or any other ethics
in human character
at every step of life
patrons terrorism!

mostly avoidable!

-July 26, 2019 Chattogram...

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Categories: economics, character, life,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member UnHandy Differences
What is the difference,
historical or cultural,
naturally experienced or spiritually souled,
between economic capitalism
and political patriarchalism?

What is the difference
between two hands clapping?...

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Categories: economics, health, history, humor, metaphor, philosophy, power, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
My physics is flawed

                                            My physics is flawed
                                      I have learnt Einstein's theory
                                    In terms of Solomon's economics...

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Categories: economics, allegory,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Under The Influence
why do alcohol-baptized Christians
develop addictions to oil-and-gas extractive economics?

I don't know, dear.
Perhaps the same reason that THC agnostics
sprout SierraClub cooperative political memberships?...

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Categories: economics, culture, health, humor,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Investing in CEOs
Ask not
only what a Biden Presidency
will do to Wall Street,

Ask also
what will Wall Street
receive/not receive
from a continuing Trump
and nationalist Republican
legacy of public
and global,
and spiritual 
health divestment....

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Categories: economics, health, integrity, peace, trust, usa,
Form: Political Verse
Long has it been maintained,
writing sprang from economic drive and need,
seeing as the cuneiform tablets
were soon interpreted with worldly eyes.

But economics is a stylus scratching lies on clay,
a social science to varnish human selfishness away....

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Categories: economics, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Go to basics for sound economics-w
Many a people do forget the real reason
Jesus Christ  is the reason for the season.
July or december keep faith without much a do
Getting and giving gifts on any day will do.

Sixth Placement
Contest: Christmas in July...

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Categories: economics, religion,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Trickle-Down Economics
Nope, benefits for the wealthy does not 
trickle down to middle-class
and the poor, that's nonsense.

Enriching captains of industry? Please.
What about the little guys?
They deserve a leg up!

Date written: 01/24/2021...

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Categories: economics, encouraging, perspective, satire,
Form: Kimo
Economics 101
One to the next is its mother
Each fiscal cliff breeds another
There's no golden goose
Oh brother, this chain noose
Causes all commerce to smother

Kick debt ceiling blues in the groin
With Ponzi whose scheme we should join
He's someone now dead
For the platinum head
Of a trillion buck magic act coin...

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Categories: economics, funny, tribute,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The rain
The rain 
If comes too often
Makes people sad
Besides flood and flu
Inconveniences and economics hazards
I pity the rain because it's like
The sky is  crying
A lot of sorrow is ahead
The rain is busy washing away Deforested soils, human sins and Airborne virus 
Don't cry baby
You make me feel so sorry and helpless...

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Categories: economics, rain, sad, sin,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Economics of Tao
In macroeconomics
we express mutual namaste
for robust ecotherapeutic global climate wealth trends
microeconomic bio-ego-logical WinWin cooperative
health-care optimization theories.

Restoring macro-global cooperative wealth
without retributive individual micro-ecological loss
of resilient wealthy Yang/Yin health....

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Categories: economics, caregiving, culture, health, loss, philosophy, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Death Comes
will come
to all who
pay their taxes.
The love of money
only creates
a deadly

Fiscal drag in economics is the process by which, during inflation, rising incomes draw people into higher tax brackets, so that their real incomes may fall; this acts as restraint  (death) to the expansion of the economy.


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Categories: economics, philosophy, political,
Form: Free verse
triple trectatysss
what is triple trectatyssss
i am crying at the  tomb of
the decapitated bleeding
hearted ruleless anarchic
i am not science she confesed
neither economics or calculus
i dont want to be framed like
a saint i want to be free
breathe be myself please
be honest raw soiled
i dont want be polished and adored
in glass cases like a false virgin
this is 2016

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Categories: economics, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
Economics is complicated,
Though a few specialize in it,
a million depend on it.

Country by country
being control on its own.
interrelated and interconnected;
united in that sense.

Over the years 
without knowing,
all of us, contribute in it
aiming for its growth
that will benefit the many;
and develop and improve
for our better living....

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Categories: economics, city, community, education, inspirational, political, world,
Form: Acrostic