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Short Ceo Poems

Short Ceo Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Ceo by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Ceo by length and keyword.

I know this golden boy
Who plays the game well
His name is Bradley
He’s always plotting n
Looking to get ahead
No matter who’s toes
He has to step on
To be CEO, president


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Categories: ceo, introspection
Form: Light Verse

There was a CEO with but one failing
He drank himself sloppy when sailing.
He had three shots at dawn
And drank the whole day long.
Cleaning his yacht took hours of bailing.

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Categories: ceo, humor,
Form: Limerick
Existence' CEO
There's North and South America 
Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa 
He's as cold as Antarctica in South
All his goodness ends in his mouth
Oh! If only his praises, his replica 

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Categories: ceo, evil, god, life, universe,
Form: Limerick
CEO Andrew Sykes took a social crash dive
he asked a clerk when her baby would arrive.
"I'm not pregnant!" she exclaimed
her face was red and inflamed.
'Tis a miracle he fled her presence alive....

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Categories: ceo, baby, humor,
Form: Limerick
Diamond,the sardar

Once there was man called Diamond, the sardar
a CEO,who takes business well above break-even at deep crisis
Not by selling immovable assets
Nor by selling intellectual property assets
Bloody a talent worth appreciation!

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Categories: ceo, humor,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Joseph Technicolor Tie
There was a manager, at a store near me curious in his heyday, he wore the colors of Joseph, and his multi colored tie. He didn’t have to scramble soul, to deliver my apple pies. He was there for the apple of my eye, moving like a blur to and fro. Couldn’t give him a pat on the back, so sent a letter by snail mail, to his CEO....

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Categories: ceo, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Cosmopolitan look of this CEO
Perfectly carved in a ratio

Suit dark suits him much
He rocks in all seasons such

Hailing from Guntur chilli region
Bay of Bengal being his swimming station

Blessed with two teenaged gals
Fortunate to have princesses and pals

May his birthday fetch him success
With peace prolific and royal riches..!...

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Categories: ceo, angel, appreciation, art,
Form: Couplet
A Trillionaire Investor
God created an aura, 
female, African-American, 
stock investor
in the month of July.
Of the ages of twenty-one through twenty-five
she buys ten Real-time Trade Orders 
of stock through The New York Stock Exchange.
She knows to execute and buy Stocks
in the ten companies 
of The Stock Market.
She has Financial Quotes and Securities
in the President and CEO positions.


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Categories: ceo, black african american, business, education, life, ,
Form: I do not know?
Untitled 4
I'm a woman
astrong pillar made with love care
They call me uncircumcised fool
For I don't believe in cut
I believe in today not past
That why I call the process archaic
circumcision don't make me less
Actually I weight better than the cuted
For I don't bare the pain and torture
And time comes I side side by men's
Yes we are not equal but am no different
For am not the manager but the CEO
#say no to FGM

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Categories: ceo, anti bullying,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Let The Gluttony Games Begin
From out of the humidity and haze,
it's the season of company summer picnic days,
free food brings the inane,
these people are quite insane,
they'll run you over by the deviled egg trays,
a warning, don't get in their way, bub,
or else you'll pull back a nub,
the company CEO is here,
but, forget about your b.s. sucking up,
he's plastered, his toupee upside down,
passed out from drinking way too much beer. 

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Categories: ceo, drink, funny, summer,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Ever-Cheerful - A Tribute
Ever-cheerful and optimistic
An island of sanity midst pandemic's panic
A voice of reason in a sea of shouts
   Dr. Janice Jackson, public schools CEO
   Giving Chicago a leader to crow about

24/7 she's striven to better Chicago's schools
dealing with intransigence, high-handedness
an angry army of Teacher's Union hacks and fools
   She's leaving next month
   Can't say I blame her
   May Dr. Jackson, God forever bless...

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Categories: ceo, chicago, education, leadership, leaving, thank you, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
I would rather have a single flower from a friend,
 than the choice of roses when my stay on Earth must end.
One simple word of kindness said to me,
 than a story spoken in remembrance of me.
A loving smile from a friend I know is true,
 than a gallon of tears as I bid this world adieu.
One blossom give me today,
be it pink, white, yellow or red,
 not a whole truck load when I'm dead.
I need a friend to be there somehow,
 not tomorrow, but right NOW.


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Categories: ceo, friendshipfriend,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The House wife
confronted by doubts middle of night, she sat upright, worry filled life, a stressed house wife. pressure to keep her man happy, change tots nappy, send child to school, let in-laws rule! a CEO job she does well, but when doubts dwell she stays awake, for their love’s sake!
1st placement Written 25/07/21 12 lines in rhyme poetry contest Joseph May sponsored 8444,8444,8444 PS counter 12 lines with aabb, ccdd, eeff rhyme rhyme checked at rhyme zone...

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Categories: ceo, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 2nd
Form: Rhyme
To your opinion 
         he seems fair and kind,
actually he has long 
         made up his mind;

he tells you that 
         he's a consensus guy,
autocratic traits 
         he just doesn't buy;

and he's all for candid 
for real bottom-up 

for the good 
        of the organization,
but then only under 
        one condition:

you subject all matters 
        to discussion,
never mess around with 
        his decision!...

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Categories: ceo, on work and working, people, social,
Form: Rhyme