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Short Animates Poems

Short Animates Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Animates by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Animates by length and keyword.

Premium Member STOP 'N GO
Moving pictures
             stills life,
with our warts 'n all...

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Categories: animates, film,
Form: Imagism

Premium Member Courage
Courage animates us
Brings us to life
     Makes everything possible
Yet, Courage is the rarest quality in human person...

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Categories: animates, black african american, christian, courage, desire, people,
Form: Quatrain
Transparent fact
Love  :  spares the sins of all and animates life.

Name of contest -What makes you flinch
Name of sponsor- julie leigh rodeheaver...

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Categories: animates, life,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member HEAVEN'S GIFT

Heaven's gift of life

Wondrously animates earth

Cosmos 's priceless crown !

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      04 March 2019


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Categories: animates, earth, heaven, life,
Form: Haiku
Absolute Truth
Infinity in diversity, infinity in space
Hexagonal snowflakes, no two are the same
Cells are tiny organized cities 
Fibonacci sequence in nature’s spirals
DNA are architectural plans of beings
Thoughts cannot be seen
Feelings intertwine
God’s Spirit animates us all

June 5, 2018...

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Categories: animates, inspirational,
Form: Free verse

My heartrob
You are my heartrob
You are my angel
You give me joy
Your presence animates my soul
And it enlivens my spirits
Your love flows in my heart
Like a waterfall
I will hold you tight till eternity
Open your heart for me
So that I may dwell in it forever
Hold me tight to your bosom
And never let me go

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Categories: animates, 11th grade, 12th grade, age, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
final full stop
bleed me
let it squeeze out
this bile has filled me
and animates what otherwise has been hollowed 

love me
fill me with something pure
some light long died out
rejuvenate this broken form

take the broken, and call it worth loving
take the tired and ugly, and call it beautiful
don't let this sad sentence carry that final ....

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© Chris Alex  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animates, anxiety, beauty, depression, fantasy, heartbreak, heartbroken, love,
Form: Ode
Premium Member AUSPICIOUS

See the Chinatown roads:
Prosperous golden goats,
Rich festive decor loads,
In sky arches like boats,
Note how spring animates,
Gather this ample sea.
Feast on the ultimate,
Explore spring charms with me;
Sea of human faces,
Thrill of ceremony;
Ideas of spring graces,
Voice and fireworks set free;
Auspicious customs prompt,
Lunar New Year informs.

Leon Enriquez
31 January 2015

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Categories: animates, community,
Form: Sonnet
The Bells
The sounds that resonate with vibes,
The vibes heard from in-animates,
The in-animates with voices of humans 
The humans compelled with the tunes      
      of bells..............,
      The bells that speak volume ,
      The volume,the bells,
      The bells,the humans,
      The humans,the sounds,
      The sounds,the strengths,
      The strengths,the victories,
      Yes,the victories,
      The victories! 


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Categories: animates, strength,
Form: Free verse
My Skull Is In Animation
My skull animates
I see it talking, chewing, chuckling,
Moving right and left
Sometimes with horrible gape
It wants eating everything;

I see and I am wonder of it
People around me also see it
But they take it normally,
They are not bothered 
A little bit even indirectly,
They are in eternal oblivion;

How will I be normal?
When I see it bites my own hands,
Cuts into pieces,
Makes me bleeding,
Sometimes I am swooned;

Yet I am alive!
My skull is in animation....

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Categories: animates, spiritual,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Courage
Courage animates us
Brings us to life
Makes everything possible
Yet, courage is the rarest quality in the human person

Courage is the absence of fear
Fear paralyses the human spirit
Courage is the capacity never to be afraid
Courage is the fear that has said its prayers

Courage is required by practicing courage

Anything is possible
Whatever your dream is
Make it happen

Have courage
Start today
Amazed what life gives you
In return for a bit of courage


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Categories: animates, children, friend, people, teen,
Form: Free verse
The Night

The Night, what a secretive creature
Each a tantalizing feature

It crawls in, from behind
Like shadow,
Like ghost,
Like intruder,
Throws cover and makes blind

Though creepy, it fascinates
With spiders,
With scorpions,
With serpents,
Resurrects and animates

The firmament, covered with chandeliers
Startlingly each appears

The desert dwellers, I envy
For the starry Night, they see 

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Categories: animates, appreciation, beauty, creation, freedom, night, power, relationship,
Form: I do not know?