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Short Always Remembered Poems

Short Always Remembered Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Always Remembered by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Always Remembered by length and keyword.

ANZAC Acrostic
Amazingly courageous 
Never give up
Zero percent selfish
Always remembered
Caring souls...

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Categories: always remembered, remembrance day, veterans day, world war i,
Form: Acrostic

A beautiful Memory
Thoughts of you lingered
even after you have gone
to the other side
always remembered and missed
a beautiful memory

Tanka Tears Contest
Sponsor: Rick Parise
February 13, 2015...

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Categories: always remembered, absence, death, memory,
Form: Tanka
Whirlwind terror
Away to face the eternal.
Loved by family and friends but
Lost to us now.
Always remembered, taken too quick.
Clever fox left unfinished business
Ending life's journey too soon....

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Categories: always remembered, brother, death
Form: Acrostic
Remorse Completed Course
Remorse Completed Course

What we always remembered about remorse,
Is when it ran and had completed its course;
Over and done,
Under the sun;
Forgot from where and what was the source.

Jim Horn

Shooting for 5,000 poems.


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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: always remembered, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Always Remembered
Your soft hair,
The smile upon your face,
The gleam on your eyes,
As we see eachothers face,

The way you talk,
The way you look,
The way you act,
When i'm not around,

I'll remember you always,
Always i my heart,
Forever more,
We won't ever apart.......

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: always remembered, remember,
Form: ABC

Nothing Lasts Forever
Friends warm the heart like the sun
And ease the soul like a breeze through the trees
They come and go in cycles, but are always remembered
Like the memory of sunshine when there are clouds
And the wish for wind when all is still
They leave marks that are never forgotten
And the effects are forever even when they've gone
The important part is that they came at all...

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Categories: always remembered, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Water Under The Bridge
Real friends, like brothers,
Like glue stick together
Forever, oath of crack,
To the limits and back.

When the clouds come in
And hope is thin,
They dont run for cover
Like feckless, reckless lovers.

Those bricks of hard trust
Laid so tight must
Be always remembered
And forever defended.

In loss the last straws are given,
To forget the past and be forgiven.

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Categories: always remembered, forgiveness, friendship,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Wisconsin
Four season state
Humid with frozen
Organic and dairy
To moving forward
Cows and fraccing
Cheeses and metal
Cranberry bogging
Furniture vendors
Lumber years past
Nature its center
Those unmentioned
Always remembered
Any native spirit
Without exception
Packers call home
Barging on rivers
Schooling Badgers
Big river brother
Paper and welding
Milling and ships
One Midwest state
Wisconsin working...

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© ... Gigno  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: always remembered, places,
Form: Rhyme
I Am With You Now
The snow glides down and gently lay on the earth...
Like lace caressing my face a I wed thee, oh Great One.
Your breath is the wind and your eyes my Spirit.
I see with essence of You.
I recieve with my open heart what resonates true.
I hear you in the drum of my heart and the presence of my soul.
You guide me in Love in all spaces I go.
I am with you now as you have always been with me.
I remember you now, as you have always remembered me....

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Categories: always remembered, devotion, heart, heart,
Form: Rhyme
I created words 
I connected lines
All by myself
I re-build people
Fixed holes
All by myself
I ran towards my dreams 
With no one
But myself
I span worlds 
Always remembered my mistakes
Just to prove 
I never forget
But I wish someone close
Would be standing next to me 
Till the end
Someone loving 
Someone that would love me
Till no end
I created worlds in my mind
And an underestimate you have miscalculated
I created so much 
By myself 

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Categories: always remembered, introspection
Form: Free verse
You Have My Heart
You have my heart
You have my soul
You'll have me
Wherever you go

In the time I've known you
And in the time we've shared
In the times apart
I have always cared

In the words I've said
And in the words I've not
I have always remembered you
I have never forgot

Your eyes, your laugh
Your heart and smile
The many memories
In just a short while

I've held you in my arms
I've held you in my heart
No matter what we go through
We'll never be torn apart...

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Categories: always remembered, faith, love, passion, words, time,
Form: Rhyme
Truths Within
Metatron’s cube holds the key to life. From DNa come universes; the flower of life, gives birth to all that exists. It lives in the kaleidoscope of the over-mind; miraculous, magical seed in each soul and molecule, that is hidden within, for millennia. The mind of humankind always remembered, but understood not; when DNA spoke. realization arrived. Esoteric souls need no mathematics. to see the image, it is everywhere, within all.

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Categories: always remembered, poems, poetry, spiritual, symbolism, universe,
Form: Prose
Every action has a reaction,
Of every whole their is fraction.
Mistakes always have consequences,
A paragraph is made of sentences.

The good times are always remembered,
While the bad are sometimes dismembered.
The sky isn't always sunny and bright,
Even the sun will one day lose it's light.

Love is given in order to be received,
But it will never grow without it's first seed.
Such an emotion has consequences and an end,
It cannot live forever, although we like to pretend....

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Categories: always remembered, love
Form: Rhyme