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Short Aggressor Poems

Short Aggressor Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Aggressor by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Aggressor by length and keyword.

The oppressed inherits the mind of the oppressor.

The victim inherits the pain of the aggressor.

The student inherits the knowledge of it’s professor.

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Categories: aggressor, abuse, analogy, anger, angst, art, black african
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Getting Dressed Mad
Getting dressed he's much the aggressor
His restraint couldn't be any lesser 
He yanks on his pants
With grumbles and rants
That's why they call him a cross dresser!...

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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, humorous, stress,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member this addiction seems
Its seems this addiction
Has followed for so many days
Has it transformed me
Into some baseless man
Who acts on all his instincts
Or have I grown smarter
Throughout this mess
Overcome the aggressor of mind
And found love of a kind

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© cs parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, abuse, addiction, america, angst, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IT'S NOT TOO LATE

Before he destroys himself
He’ll gather
What little courage
He has left
To break free
And start anew
Not believing
How little
There is left of him
A skeleton a ghost
Setting the traps
He falls victim to
He himself 
His own worst aggressor

AP: 2nd place 2020

Posted on March 2, 2018...

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Categories: aggressor, anxiety, confusion, dark, depression, hurt, introspection, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Interesting Girl

The car was painted mat black
With red rimmed wheels
The windows were tinted
There were no plates
It looked menacing
Even if it was driven
By a girl...

...Who flew the plane
An F-35 Aggressor version
It was like her car
Mat black all over
With red wheel rims
A tinted cockpit
And no markings...

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Categories: aggressor, car, conflict, flying, military,
Form: Verse

Premium Member GO AWAY

you’re rude
extremely selfish

you have nothing
but your interests at heart
you’re an aggressor
you’d deny it
with your last breath

‘I didn’t realize’
would be the closest to a confession
we’d ever get

you’re a leech
can’t shake you off
go away

what, are you deaf too?

posted on March 21, 2018...

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Categories: aggressor, anger, conflict, freedom, goodbye, grief, my child,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Passion Pays, Not Patience
Of all that is free in life
there's one that stands out
passion without any strife
that's what it's all about

Take patience and passion
and mix the two together
until they part in fission
neither now the aggressor

In total harmony they meet
patience adding temperance
for'bearingly giving us mete
now loving without hinderance

written 09/03/2013

contest Passion Pays, Not Patience...

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Categories: aggressor, passion,
Form: Rhyme
hands bound,
Left on the ground,
Sshh,Don't make a sound,
Or the monster will hear,
Rigid with fear,
"Get me outta here"
A whip to the back,
My mind has lost track,
Of the hours and days,
Don't be amazed,
When I turn and gaze,
Smile at my aggressor,
My sexual Professor,
No longer my oppressor,
My attentive lover,
How I want no other,
Just my new found Lover....

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© Jade S  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, fantasy
Form: I do not know?

The alluring eyes of the aggressor,
Blazing with anticipation,
As the victim awaits unknowing,
Slowly she steps closer,
The very senses of her thoughts,
Tingle within the bounds of her mind,
For the smell emulates,
Her pulse quickens,
The strike at any time now,

The victim he sits,
No sense of what is coming,
Unit his breath is gone,
Devoured by her beauty,
And her cunningness,

Sh 06/23/10

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Categories: aggressor,
Form: I do not know?
A siege had an agenda 
for a suicide match.
Treat him with dignity.

A proxy face of a serial 
adultery. The collateral damage
will not be undone.

The aggressor denies the scrutiny.
You will find some upheaved
boats in his hideout.

There cannot be any deniability 
for a long legged journey
towards the hot coals.

The battle for the lost glory
has begun between two moons.
one in sky, other in uprising.

Satish Verma

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Categories: aggressor, art,
Form: ABC
The Unfamiliar
Closer, draw me near
Place your heart on mine
Clutch my heaving chest and
Run your fingers up my spine
Is what I feel correct my dear
This numb to self-control?
Sink your feelings deeply while
You’re searching for my soul
Rock me back and forth to life
Aggressor of my skin, But
In the process proving
That our magic lay within
The limit of imagination
Leaves no room for more
Were you ever truly real?
I knew no love as this before...

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Categories: aggressor, feelings, together,
Form: I do not know?
The Castle
A bastion behind the thick undergrowth,
Taunts the would be conqueror by its stile,
Formidable gates between wet moat slips;
Shudders with flagrant anticipation; 

Predator moves the coveted attack, 
Stubborn aggressor with exposed armor,
Ferments turmoil within raging battle calls;
Rigid struggle prevails in the soft torture.

Storming assaults in aristocracy,  
Fades resistance to the raw terror,
Unleashed within narrow quivering walls;
Defenses fall to the invaded climax.   

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© jai Garg  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, life
Form: Free verse