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Short Accelerate Poems

Short Accelerate Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Accelerate by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Accelerate by length and keyword.


One's advance may accelerate on the path of light
If he envisions God looking upon him with delight!

©  Demetrios Trifiatis
        24 May 2021

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Categories: accelerate, god, light, men,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Quantum Worlds
quantum worlds collide in space- particles accelerate genetic code altered by unknowns- star seeds populated planet in the God’s Eye Nebula- new species

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Categories: accelerate, planet, poems, poetry, space, star, stars,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Gun Control and The 2nd Amendment
The issue of gun control shouldn't even be open for argument.
We must uphold and not amend our precious 2nd amendment, 
because when governments disarm you, they can accelerate your enslavement....

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Categories: accelerate, political,
Form: Rhyme
stomping on a spark
what if we were brain cells 
communicating to fast for the eye to see
only were a baby's brain
always growing, living and dying
at an accelerate rate

now read this again
because it explains everything...

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Categories: accelerate, life,
Form: I do not know?
Let's get up a little slow Captain
Let's slow down outside the harbor
Then we accelerate to close the difference
If how much we can get from time

We  count the earnings but
Not possible we will break
Both from life and lover

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Categories: accelerate, allegory,
Form: Ballade


You don't even notice
the beautiful landscape of life...
You don't see any color!
I arrive and propose
a stop for study...
you simply
and without brakes, accelerate...
move on madly
with nothing to carry,
and without me...!

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Categories: accelerate, allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, lost love,
Form: Free verse
hobo artists
share frowns

hands give chaperon
harems to accelerate
truant arousal.

postscripts bargain ordeal,
blossom hymns,
paying tribute to jagged wreaths.


bolero cotillions
applaud javelin

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Categories: accelerate, angst
Form: Free verse
Decisions - Divisions Ingenious inventions No will may stop the wickedest intentions Particle accelerate Universally formulate We are division Infinite density In the vacuum SPACE containing reality Holographic projection A myopic third dimensional vision

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Categories: accelerate, allusion, moving on, science, spiritual,
Form: Epyllion
A few
Set goals, time for moving forward.
Out of the comford zone! Release!
Zoom in, accelerate towards
Your goal. Not professional, please.

Goals are related. Use you skills
To your advantage and learn new
Things. Your dream life would give you shrills.
Partner candidates? “Yes, a few”....

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Categories: accelerate, hope, imagery, inspiration,
Form: Lyric
Sunshine permeates and invigorates
Cells and energy generate
Vitamins facilitate and transform life
Need your rays to activate usable resources within
Green is your warmth accelerate to all
Sunshine stimulates my smile
low doses only to perpetuate life
Warmth giver and elaborate summer fun

revised 6/29/21 DAC

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Categories: accelerate, addiction, america, angst, nature,
Form: Free verse
We all got some bad puns
We all have some tough times
We all have some hard runs
We all pay for our crimes. 

Is it dark?
No maybe not
Draw my card
Accelerate the block

Is it sin?
Yes maybe so
Are we in?
No let us go

My life ain't too twisted
Atleast I should think
My soul ain't that wicked
Don't even blink


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© Ed Owens  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: accelerate, depression
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Road Trip

"Road Trip"
Road Map held against The Wheel of Fortune Foot to the Floor accelerate Now into Third Escape Tomorrow First. (LadyLabyrinth/ 2020)
"The Message" / Still Corners

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Categories: accelerate, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Rejoice thee
As I have come for a reason
As the seasons change
And the dreams become a reality
Hold on, do not let go

Rejoice thee
As I enter the universe
As the wind blows
And the warmth is felt
Accelerate, release that pain

Rejoice thee
As I face the world
As the stars shine brightly
And the love is honoured
Smile, wave at the audience...

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Categories: accelerate, africa, appreciation, change, courage, fun, future, image,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Together We Stand
Building things together is the best way to make changes,
Having partners every step of the way makes things possible,
Working together we can help transform,
Make thorough dramatic changes,
Where changes are needed,
We can accelerate, move more quickly,
Correcting unfairness,
Better understanding build-time,
And creates a better future,
Together we stand, divided we fall....

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Categories: accelerate, bible, confidence, courage, deep, jesus, prayer, thanksgiving,
Form: Name
Deep erupt tracheal cry;
Gypsy shrill into the sky,
Passion soars, raking air,
Igniting like a solar flair.
Lunging tones as pleas profound,
Accelerate away from ground.
Deeper zeal that pulses forth,
With pain as waves of emotions court,
Beseeching shaft as fast as light, 
Ripping shreds of cosmic night. 
Humankind has made its mark,
And roared its presence in the dark!

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Categories: accelerate, allegory
Form: Rhyme
In The Midst Of Woods
In the midst of woods

I was walking alone

In a mood of sorrow

There was no one to follow 

The winds blowing past me

Makes a whistling sound

The growing darkness haunts me

As I feel the presence of someone around

I got stuck up in my way

As the negative thoughts carried me away 

As my Mind began to exaggerate

My heart started to accelerate

In fear of getting lost away

From the woods I ran away....

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Categories: accelerate, fun, giggle, humor, innocence,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Building Together
Building things together is the best way to make changes,
When you have a partner,
Each step of the way,
Makes every thing possible.
Working together we can help transform,
Make thorough dramatic changes
Where changes are needed.
We can accelerate,
Move more quickly in correcting unfairness,
Better understanding, build time
And create a better future,
Which is ‘The FutureNow’
What we do for others NOW will last....

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Categories: accelerate, appreciation, beauty, courage, creation, destiny, future, trust,
Form: List
Don't pull the trigger
Once you shoot
There is no going back
The responsibility 
will be yours

The realisation of
 what you've done
Will haunt you
You would kill 
That one person
That you ever loved
The only one
you felt connected to

Then it's just you again
All alone
The guilt eats you up
You would go insane
You need him

You pull the trigger
Bullets accelerate 
Damage you can't undo
He's gone



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Categories: accelerate, anxiety, dark, death, imagery, lost, meaningful, murder,
Form: Free verse
Waist  belts are not a show off 
Tie it if you don't wanna 
Fall off 
Hold the handle tight 
You have to stand a fear fight 
The track looks scary 
But to have fun you have to show some bravery 
On some point the coaster will be Topsy turvy 
It will also accelerate the speed during the turn 
But lemme tell you after this you will not ask for a penny to be  returned 
Revel in the ride 
And look at the theme park from a thrilling side !!!!!


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Categories: accelerate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 3rd grade, 5th
Form: Rhyme
Faster than light
Take me now
to a place in the universe

where I can stand upon
and jump into the

vacuum sea
and accelerate

at a constant nine-point-eight
meter per second squared

and fall to infinitely low
ground, so I can travel

faster than the light
passing through the lens

of my eyes,
to see the future

(c) 2012
Sherwin Balbuena
when I go against
the shrinking cosmos,

to visit the past
when I face

its expansion,
and to love the present

when I fly across
the plane of time....

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Categories: accelerate, science, science fiction, space, time, universe,
Form: Free verse
Will I Live Another Day
Restless nights
Toss and turn in beds
Those sheets that I bled onto
It's my heart that is going crazy

My breaths accelerate
My stomach butterflies
My head's a mess
I can't go on anymore

Oh, tomorrow that kills me
Oh, yesterday that leaves me sorrow
How can I live today?
I have yet to live another day

Send me news of today's tale
I'll be in my room as usual
In the dark shadows
Surrounded by fears that's holding me to my neck

26th November 2017...

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Categories: accelerate, anxiety, depression, sad,
Form: Free verse
If I Were a Sparrow
  If I Were A Sparrow 

I thought If I were a sparrow ....
I would be free from every sorrow,
I would glide in the sky as fast as an arrow,
accelerate in every corner thick or narrow ,
But Now my life has only one stage ,
to be locked in a Cage,
This gives me a lot of rage .
There is nothing rare like me a  sparrow so brown, 
Is my species really going to drawn,
Thinking of this my face will always frown ,
Because there is nothing like me a sparrow so brown!...

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Categories: accelerate, 7th grade,
Form: Personification
The clock is ticking
Time is passing
Mistakes are engraved
Looking back I cannot erase nor can I replace
Time has made a permanent place
I cannot control, I cannot erase 
Things of the pass are forever engraved
Time we cannot change 
Nor can we turn back or accelerate
Time is great it's the one thing
Mankind cannot control or erase
Time is a master piece of its own
It teaches us how to avoid mutual mistakes
For there are things in this life 
We cannot erase or change


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Categories: accelerate, time,
Form: Free verse
Taboo Poetry Part 1
You fit me like a glove.
Pure ecstasy and I'm swimming in your love.

     Our bodies magically entertwined.
You shiver as I kiss along your jawline.
     Pressed chest to chest.
Sweet sweat glistens off your breasts.

     Moving and grooving in slow-motion.
Slipping and dipping in and out of your ocean.

     Our hearts begin to accelerate in euphoric emotions.
And on the verge of explosion.

     We climax and finally relax in a heap of love.
Our union was conceived above!...

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Categories: accelerate, love
Form: Free verse