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Short Ac Poems

Short Ac Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Ac by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Ac by length and keyword.




Slash from a/c !

(A/c -Account)...

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Categories: ac, creation, imagination, truth,
Form: Light Verse

Every things at hot els hot,

Easy with ac to rest,rest aurants,a cool spot!...

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Categories: ac, appreciation, environment,
Form: Light Verse
How Long
Wait on bus
Hop not cuss!
Heat drain
Live in Spain!
Sometimes late
Which hate
Once on
AC dawn!...

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Categories: ac, funny,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Yellow Teddy Bear
The yellow teddy bear with plump cheeks lies there, I wish it were real.

5#: Stuff: Teddy Bear For Linda

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Categories: ac, animal, chocolate,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member ac
And today I feel better
The pain in my stomach gone
And the alcohol’s pull
Has subsided
I think its great now
All I need is an AC

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© cs parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ac, addiction, age, america,
Form: Free verse

The AC Unit
The AC unit
Cold, Hard
Freezing, Shivering, Dying
The AC unit, The Dials, Bed bugs, Bed sheets
Sleeping, Snuggling, Dreaming
Warm, Soft
The Bed

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Categories: ac, child, child abuse, clothes, kids,
Form: Diamante
After the Earth Summit

After the Earth Summit---
ACs  cooled the empty hall
for one more hour

*Switch off your AC atleast 5 minutes before
leaving the room :)


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© kash poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: places,
Form: Senryu
Death Valley
One hundred thirty degrees yesterday.
Somewhere on the border between 
Nevada and California...

I wear wet clothes..
I do it on purpose.
Wet and cold.

I have no ac....

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Categories: ac, weather,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fear of Lightning and Thunder
Astraphobia is alive and well
Thunder terrifies Mr. A.C. Bell
Lightning scares him sometimes too
A phobia that makes him blue
A full blown rainstorm to him is hell.


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Categories: ac, weather,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member BLOSSOM TIME
Lasting,just a moment
Transitory as snow
Indelible impressions
Stay,and never go

In a Shoreham Garden by Samuel Palmer

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Categories: ac, art, seasons
Form: ekphrasis
Craving AC
A flame containing exponential fervor and luster

scorches a visage through the cerebellum

a scintilla of contact melts the epidermis

utilize every fluid ounce quenching the burning ache...

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Categories: ac, addiction, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member in these calming times
Its these calming times
In the ac 
Near a girl that’s fine
That make me appreciate life
More and more
How could I want so bad 
To move on
When theres so much here
With which to belong


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© cs parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ac, america, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MONOKU#16
kick boxing in flight - lessed yellow-legs bicker

Inspired by Georges Decamps-Shell Life comp

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Categories: ac, animals
Form: Monoku
Mustang Sally
I remember my Mustang the year  '64
Fire engine red with four on the floor
Wheels with spinners, new at the time
Manual AC, truly devine!
Racing police, zippin past Vets
Mustang Sally, GOOD AS IT GETS!...

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© Judy Konos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ac, love
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member DORMY ONE
fixed stare-
the sentry's
eyes wide open,

Owl Glare Regis  Corignaux-Shell Life comp


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Categories: ac, animals,
Form: Lanterne
Premium Member AS ONE
feast of the
five thousand fish

Ekphrasis on Shell Wild life photo by Bella Nasfay

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Categories: animals, art, places,
Form: ekphrasis
Premium Member MONOKU #18
hunger burrows deep - coyotes cry together

Inspired by Cathy Illg's Photo in the Shell Wildlife Photo Comp 2007

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Categories: ac, animals, nature
Form: Monoku
Premium Member MONOKU #19
a penguins fate is sealed - the leopard did not change its spot

Inspired by Paul Nicklen's Shell Wildlife photo

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Categories: ac, animals, nature
Form: Monoku
Premium Member Images of Fall
Fall is here with its brisk, exhilarating air. 
Southern girls wear boots and jackets with a distinctive flair.
It's fun to pick a pumpkin, and rake a big pile of leaves. 
But one good thing for the frugal, is no need for heat or AC.

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Categories: ac, autumn, humorous, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member MONOKU #16
elephantine small talk - vibrations of  the sole

inspired by Shell Wildlife Photo Comp Great Foot by Kur tJay Bertels
photo=2336&category=50&group=1 Bertels...

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Categories: ac, animals
Form: Monoku
no ac
I can’t imagine my life without air conditioning.
Without it my life would just keep burning.
Without ac life would be too hot.
If you asked me to go outside I would not, 
Because it would be too hot,
But I have ac so its not even a thought.

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Categories: ac, imagery, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member MOVING ON
puzzle of
a climate change-
trapped on
global warming

Ekphrasis of Norbet Rosing's photo Shell Wild life photo

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Categories: ac, art, nature,
Form: ekphrasis
Premium Member The Children and I Face Summer





till past 

You bet!






turn up

now I’m 

June 14, 2022

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Categories: ac, summer,
Form: Footle
Angel Sayeth
An Angel cometh to earth sayeth: 
Why ye' weeping 'n fret'
The tears you wept in regret
I collected them unto myself to get

I will present them to our Lord 
And he will return them to the heavens ward
To bless all things on the earth a-bôard
When the gentle rains fall in ac·cord

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Categories: allusion, earth, emotions, miracle,
Form: Quatrain
true evil
cars, knives, building, planes, boats, pens, computers, soda pop,  lighters, money,
jewelery, tvs, tool, stoves, fridges, blenders, forks, spoons, guns, heater, ac, belts,
fans, canned food,  batterys,  toasters, washers, dryers........  

what do all these things have in common. it's truly unnatural....

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Categories: ac,
Form: I do not know?