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Introspection Sestina Poems

These Introspection Sestina poems are examples of Sestina poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Sestina Introspection poems written by international poets.

The Dragon Flight
Atop a jagged pinnacle, 
he sits, just waiting; 
ragged wings stretch into flight.
Dragon eyes his prey; 
downward sweep and clasp 
brings supper for a dragon.


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Categories: introspection, metaphor, poems, poetry,

Count to Ten
To every zephyr comes a bold quest
and every squall can whisper regret.
Those who will take the deeper breath
are those who gain a discerning spirit. 

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Categories: introspection, passion,

Lifes Rotations
Universes of time, aged stars;
Silent and bright, how they swirl.
Each one lights its own corner of the heavens;
each stands as one body;
serving the universe, alone.

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Categories: age, introspection, life, poetry,

Sestina In The World Of Worm
Contemporary and vast in imagination is the girl lost in her own world.
Concealed between the paragraphs and ink typed pages of the book.
Remain cross-legged, as...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, books, color,

Triple Redundant Tercets

The ebb and flow of your life is in a constant state of flux.
While the “meat and potatoes” of a soul are at its’ core,

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Categories: introspection, life, life, life,

Premium Member Sestina
Quite often it seems we tell kids, it’s best to be first
They sign up for fun; parents, it seems, for the fame
Whether it’s academics or...

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Categories: childhood, family, children, introspection,

The day’s beginning is a special gift.
Given over a life’s eternity,
One can’t help but feel the daily change.
How often we stay into the evening. ...

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Categories: confusion, dedication, devotion, faith,

Premium Member Bye Gones
A full heart chokes
too full to feel
anything but broken.
Seems all is lost
and only phantoms linger
must I remain?

A hollow husk, a remnant
yet, engorged and choking 

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Categories: depression, introspection, forgiveness, love,

Premium Member Death Undignified
The summer sun was high. The heat was oppressive.
A whalebone corset dug into my body's tender parts.
Peering from the shop, my hand touches the pane

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Categories: cowboy-western, introspection, life, baby,

Tree and me
Sitting under a tree, old and grey
No flowers to bloom, leaves falling down
Birds desert the nests, no one to play around
The clouds are around, they...

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Categories: introspection, life, nature, sad

Premium Member UPbeat

Before there was a world or a word 
there was unfathomable loneliness
in the gaseous expanse of pin pricked night
an infinite course of vibrations, sound
nascent, coalescing,...

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Categories: god, inspirational, introspection, longing,

Premium Member Head Lines
The traffic was strident, lanes straight
the cars lined the street and froze rigid.
The cop with a glare of pure hate, directed
a line of gate crashers...

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Categories: art, introspection, on writing

Premium Member Idella's Gift
There are smells and sights and tastes which always remind 
of Grandma with her rows of flowers bright,
the red of poppy the gladiolas white, the...

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Categories: caregiving, childhood, family, introspection,

Blue Ascendance
In the teasing bouts of an early spring,
One must have patience to watch a flower bloom
From the municipal bud to the ripe decor
From which pursed...

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Categories: allegory, death, introspection, life,

Witches Pull Switches
A light bulb screwed in, then turn on switch witch.
We all can learn from experience.
But you can also experience what you learn.
Time and again learning...

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Categories: education, introspection, passionpain, me,

Split Temptation
My temptation is great at times in my life.
At other times, it is lost and no to be found.
I know it will always be there...

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Categories: allegory, angst, depression, faith,

Sestina of Self
I am the center of raw and wild feelings.
Born from an ancient spirit of infant and child.
Falling back in a womb of darkness, myself I...

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Categories: childhood, cry, fear, hope,

A merciful and forgiving  soul
molds a person's character...
to lead that heart down the path of awareness,
to weather all difficulties with confidence and ease;
surly and...

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Categories: faith, father, forgiveness, inspirational,

Materialistic things fulfill us temporarily...trifling with our emotions, 
but their shallowness is discerned with bitterness:
when they can't save a life even with invoked mercy so...

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Categories: introspection, people, sad, science

Will I live longer than I suppose to be living...possibly a centenary,
and struggle on a cane to sustain my weakness?
Those beautiful and vibrant years have...

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Categories: adventure, death, health, introspection,