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A Salaam poem is a type of poem that is essentially a salutory poem in praise and celebration of the prophet. This type of poem is usually recited standing up. This type of poem gets it's name from it's Arabic meaning, as a salaam is a greeting in Arabic. Because of this, a salaam poem is a praise, a salute, a greeting and often a celebration of the holy prophet.

Many people who live in middle eastern countries consider this style of poem to be a very important one. However, many other countries of the world have little idea what a salaam poem is, and therefore one is less likely to find this type of poem in the western world. This type of poem is usually medium to long length and is often considered a very personal, important and celebrated salutation the prophet. Due to this, many Arabic poets and their readers take this style of poetry very seriously. 

A salutory poem written in praise of the holy Prophet. It can also be a poem describing the incidents of Karbala. It is recited standing up.

[n] a deep bow; a Muslim form of salutation
[v] greet with a salaam

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