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Rook Poems

Rook Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rook poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rook.

New Poems

Difficult Choice

By two Bishops 
And a Rook,
I surrendered.
As always, 
I submitted 
To my fate,
The old deceiver,
Whose vicious gaze
Threatened to kill me 
At each move, I made. 
Now, again
I am in pain,
The fears settled in my body
Foment pain.
Stake your life
To get...Read More
Categories: rook, confusion,
Form: Free verse

Most imp potent and salient playbook page
Most imp potent and salient playbook page...
'bout fluffiness of hair after washing

Now get ready for...
yup intelligent persiflage
determining if potty "talk" gauge
correctly calibrated courtesy this sage.

Beats out global warming
by a long stretch
most important commander
must set example you betch
chore life no matter
if...Read More
Categories: rook, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member POISE

Stern poise
Calm voice
Clear choice
Sans noise

Sound say
Wise play
Bold stay
Still way

Warm sight
Spurs flight
Feel light
Charm bright

In time
Glimpse rhyme
Pure mime
Crisp chimes

Now here
Love cheers
Peace gears 
No fear

Just look
Wit hooks
Deep book
Dear rook

Health shows
Wealth grows
Soul knows
Grand flow

Poise seeds
Voice feeds
Wants bleed
New needs

Leon Enriquez
29 August 2019

...Read More
Categories: rook, blessing,
Form: Quatrain
The treasures in old books
The treasures in old books

Historic events,
The times that have been,
Adventures to live in,
Those wonderful dreams.
Thrillers and killers,
And spies by the score,
Dancing, romancing,
The heart can adore.

Warfare and combats,  
The Maginot line,
Vampires and zombies,
To mess with the mind.
Magic and tragic,
So happy...Read More
Categories: rook, appreciation, books, imagination,
Form: Verse
Ode To Bobby Fischer
Child of darkness, child of scorn,
The devil danced when you were born,
For demon seed from Morphy passed,
Would haunt your days ‘til everlast.

Predestined to die derelict,
An iso-pawn so cynical,
How cruel a fate awaits the one
that conquered Caissa’s pinnacle.

With skills eroding into...Read More
Categories: rook, death, eulogy, memorial, tribute,
Form: Rhyme

So Long as
"So Long As"

Came a long way from being a rook
They're about to forsook
Scared to take a look
Competition shook
Not ready for what I'm about to cook
Can't find it in any book
Everything is what it took
By the end, you'll be hooked
It's already...Read More
Categories: rook, deep, fun, how i feel, poetry, rap,
Form: Rhyme
A Letter To Grandma
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 5/27/2019

I'm writing my letter to you, dear Grandma, 
because black thoughts keep me up at night, 
please, send to me a fairy queen 
Let she rook me gently to sleep, 

let she tell me a tall...Read More
Categories: rook, fairy, magic,
Form: Free verse
Emerald green 
Peering Queen
Futile moves
Quite obscene 
Rook to king check
Heart filled with regret 
Thinking of things
 Did not expect 
Love never found
Like roots in the ground
Careful caress
Celestial dress
Heart fulfilled 
Mind at rest
Hard to find 
Not out of reach 
Final bid...Read More
Categories: rook, anxiety, appreciation, change, conflict, courage, desire, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Flight now or Fight now? -- Fear or the Rage?
Contrary twins on a Black and White Page
Doubt and Confusion, no longer the sage
Angst in my youth only worsened with age.

Opposite sides of a leaf from a book
Like the torrential river...Read More
Categories: rook, angst, anxiety, depression, fear,
Form: Quatrain
Cucumber And Gin Popsicles

She was a bookworm of the most finicky kind  
reading every day with a book always in reach 
at the thrifty store the books were all consigned
she rebuffed discriminately with slow impeach 
and rebuked all books that weren't a...Read More
Categories: rook, food,
Form: Rhyme
(1 AM in the morning  -  Naples, Maine)

When unseasonable lake water balm 
meets you tripping out of Ricks’ Café 
after midnight
you know those blues notes  
were not...Read More
Categories: rook, autumn, farewell, feelings, water, wind,
Form: Free verse
Awaiting Rescue By Good Ole Extraterrestrial Homeboys
Upon surrendering this self
hypnotized faux yes ("FAKE") Earthing,
I noticed nothing amiss
(which temporary state of transcendent bliss
twice daily meditation strives to attain),
ah...before you dismiss
a non "FAKE" claim lemme juiced

apprise ye with a very brief hiss
tour re:, how this generally outlandish
(long gush...Read More
Categories: rook, absence, adventure, confusion, hate, hope, miss you,
Form: Free verse
Old Ferdie had a bushy beard
when bathing some birds just appeared
two cocks and a hen
a rook and a wren
were nesting, it truly was weird!

Inspired after spotting a man with a HUGE beard


...Read More
Categories: rook, body, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Savor Each Moment
Whether a totally
tubular ordinary day, or...hmm...
perhaps at the
approach of yuletide,
one need not go

far and wide
across the webbed world
to experience being unified,
this quasi motto maxim of sorts
analogous to auld 

sanity clause trailguide
motivates me to 
seek if necessary
all the way to Telluride
to...Read More
Categories: rook, bereavement, celebration, confusion, death, environment, grave, missing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SOMETIMES

Words stride
In joy ride
By my side

Thoughts sneeze
In stray breeze 
Fond fine squeeze

Touch pokes
A harsh yoke
In deep strokes

Fright feels
Wounds that chill
On this hill

Who knows
How love grows
Deep crisp flow

Good times
Fling buzz rhymes
As change chimes

Bright book
Hurls sharp hooks
Pain blinds rook

Leon Enriquez
22 November 2018

...Read More
Categories: rook, allegory,
Form: Rhyme
The dawn is damp and grumpy grey 
strong fungal odour fills the air.
The ground is dark with death decay
beneath the beech that's now stripped bare.

Its foliage starved of chlorophyll
so spectral span is lime to bronze.
No life-force flows and all is...Read More
Categories: rook, bird, tree, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A LONE ROOK
...lands on my garden fence
sways to-and-fro to stabilize
crabs along towards me
inches away, eye to eye
we fix into a stillness

a flux flows, minds fuse
a binding of sentient beings
I feel I am one with him
beyond the here-and-now

our stillness nulls time
takes me to...Read More
Categories: rook, bird, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ROOK VISITS
I hear his cawing cry come from the elm
see him take a steep glide straight to me 
he flaps, flares, flies onto garden fence
sways fore-and-aft, 
fine tunes the fulcrum for perfect pivot 
his feet lock tight; his hold confident

with corvine...Read More
Categories: rook, bird,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member ROOK'S NEST
Autumn has stripped the elm down to bare bone.
The trunk, a steel bolt, stands in majesty
but this tree's crown is far from royal affair.
Acute angles and twigs with snapped off ends.

Aloft, in the chaos, rook plans his nest,
inspecting each bend,...Read More
Categories: rook, bird, tree, wind,
Form: Blank verse
True FAKE Story Of A Vita Man Junky
True "FAKE" Story Of A Vita Man Junky
(any resemblance between this poem,
and living persons...iz purely coincidental.)

Ruthlessly abuzz in my mind
     loosed another idea
     for a poem asper
(wren) this wordsmith
   ...Read More
Categories: rook, 12th grade, 9th grade, magic, men, smart,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Trying To Access Mine Excel Lent
Trying To Access Mine Excel Lent...
Pow War Full Pointed Outlook

As I ponder what to write
today august thirtieth
      two thousand eighteen,
     thy ploy doth in vite
a gamut of spontaneous thoughts,
  ...Read More
Categories: rook, 11th grade, 9th grade, hello, integrity, introspection,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Glue Bill Whar Ming Dublin Down
Court hiss sea hove The Irish Times,
     this hum mere ruck can bloke
kin esse spy climb mitt till impact
     desiccation ravaging with choke

hold thee aim rilled isle,
     which...Read More
Categories: rook, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, change,
Form: Free verse
Ironic Grook


Topic: Birthday of Germalyn H. Maasin (June 21) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: rook, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
One Knight Stand
The Queen bade us not to despair
When a knight leapt into the air
Sly as a crook
He took our Rook
Check-mating our King fair and square!...Read More
Categories: rook, computer, conflict, culture, games, horse, international, war,
Form: Limerick
Rapa Nui Warriors
Rapa Nui Warriors stand bright and tall and stark
Monolithic dynasties enshrined in all our hearts
But what if I told you, til death doth do us part
Santa's elves could fill the shelves, 
Yet you'd still leave your mark

Rapa Nui Warriors croon...Read More
Categories: rook, allusion, anxiety, political, power, society, spiritual, spoken
Form: Free verse