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Rodent Poems

Rodent Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of rodent poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for rodent.

New Poems

Morning of the Great Horned Owl Part 1
Part 1

The sound was unmistakeable, and I 
knew instinctively it could be only
the mating call of a great horned owl 
coming from a dense wooded area 
where the gravel road I was about 
to take my usual morning walk ended...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, death, life,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member Animal antics and semantics
A pup is a dog and a dog is a pup
   And a puppy dog is a doggy pup
A chick's a little hen and a hen's a big chick
   Put 'em together and you get a...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, silly, word play,
Form: Light Verse
February Child Watch

The groundhog is about
his angelic business,
rescuing snow shadows
for his hedgerow shelter.

Winter babies are carried
in small wombs over stark ground.
They have eyes and mouths by now,
human paws.

The snuffle of a small rodent
awakens the unborn;
even my own inner child
opens its eyes, calls...Read More
Categories: rodent, poetry,
Form: Free verse
rodent of choice
all the wheels
are still 
so no 
lights light 
my darkness

this must be
sleep for a
circus finds
me when i'm
awake so i must

make but 
with only a few 
to power a turntable
to start turning churning 
out Proud Mary but would

need thousands with
a thousand...Read More
Categories: rodent, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Busy Business Above
Scratchy, scratchy, what's that sound,
Atop my home space, high and round?
Could there be one self-served mouse,
Schemed to steal my sweet, dry house?

No, those sounds don't seem that soft,
For some such small rodent, there aloft.
Could be, large birds of prey thus...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, happy, home, image, imagination,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member What Do We Do About the Rodent Problem
Breakfast in your rooms, the unknown suited lady says with pride.
She has written a grant, and the school district is happily clapping it into our buildings.
Miss J, an older teacher who is always dressed to the nines
raises her hand.
“What do...Read More
Categories: rodent, school,
Form: Narrative

Most are related to shipwrecked ghosts,
accomplices of my blood
that can still be found
in geographically scattered albums.

When there were cities to occupy,
they lived one level below expectations.
Like defective fireworks, some went off early.
A more dedicated few grew old and medicated.

Historically speaking,...Read More
Categories: rodent, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Great Horned Owl Part 2
The Great Horned Owl Part 2

Fixed on its descent I momentarily
forgot its dark purpose as a bird of prey:
to kill, eat, survive and reproduce. 
And yet it was a creature of beauty, 
designed like nothing the ingenuity 
of human hands...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, nature,
Form: Dramatic Verse
They claim
I entertain, insignificant thoughts
I feel, insufficient, pain
All of my burdens are my own fault
Or that is what they claim

Un-lived, unloved, un worthy being
Sheltered from extremes
A foolish child, kept from seeing
What heartache truly means

This life I lead, is just pretend
I’m a...Read More
Categories: rodent, bullying, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Fountain of Mice
My best friend was on the phone,
laughing like a great aunt who had lost her mind
“Joe thought it was dead, but then he saw it making reservations with the dog,” I informed her. “We have a bunch of mice here,...Read More
Categories: rodent, funny, marriage,
Form: Narrative
ode to a mouse
finding a mouse in
my clothes dryer i
reflected upon his
or her death thinking

that it ran on its
rodent wheel trying
to keep up but at
some time realizing

it was not generating
the power but the
machine was in
control so at

one point the mouse
embraced fate denying
free will...Read More
Categories: rodent, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Two great minds had a tete-a-tete
to apply their intellectual grace
to the achievement of a utopian state
and improving the condition of the human race.

Said one, "Religion leads to violence,
foolish thought and senseless wars.
Therefore, replace all faith with science
and utopia will certainly...Read More
Categories: rodent, assonance, humanity, philosophy, society, truth,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member invasive
the bittersweet that grows and starts
clandestine tendrils at my heart
pulling as my grasp decays
on withered vines by
lonely caves

yet I reach for
fetid fruits while
rats in my gaze and guile
chuckle with their
rodent smiles

still wondering how
we chose to be
this victim of insanity
where sand...Read More
Categories: rodent, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A New Dawn
For millions of years the dinosaurs thrived,
but when a meteor struck earth, all the dinosaurs died.
Tiny rodent like mammals adapted and survived,
evolving into many varied species of every shape and size.
From these tiny little creatures would evolve you and I.
It...Read More
Categories: rodent, science,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member No Shadow This Spring
Early Spring I did recall that little groundhog made his call
but record snow and freezing cold and icy winds that bellow
Testify no weather predictor is a groundhog detector
He usually does see his shadow near and winter stretches in the year
but...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, funny, humor, weather,
Form: Rhyme
I remember Dinky, a hamster family member of mine; I had, her as a kid; a golden teddy bear with, a heart the size of Texas.  Her cage was in the opposite end of our house from my bedroom....Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, family, image, life, memory, pets, uplifting,
Form: Haibun
Tale of Two Arrows
Twas by sunlit lavender fields they met
in France, each man with bow and with arrow.
On show, skilful eye, for all to place bet
with target moving, freely and narrow
of size no greater than smallish sparrow;
yes, famed Robin Hood of Old English...Read More
Categories: rodent, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme Royal
A Fact Of Life
Curious cats play
While mice run away
Sharp claws are no fun
They pierce tender flesh
Leaving holes galore.

Rodents fear them
For they bring death
Finite is life
For small and meek.

Tides won’t turn
Nature’s way
Stays the same.

Cats play
Mice die.

Fact!...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, cat, conflict, environment, food, life, nature,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
Premium Member A Welcome Guest
He races 'cross the fenceposts
   As perky as can be
Pausing abruptly, occasionally
   As like a statue as a tree

Sniffing the air around him
   Head cocked this way or that
Wondrous sense of balance
  ...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, how i feel, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mystery House
On an broken up chair ~ where a rodent once sat 
Sat a frightened feline ~ Constance the cat 
She was left all alone ~ in an abandoned old house 
Where someone had murdered ~ Charlie the mouse
He was...Read More
Categories: rodent, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting ~

waiting in the trees  ~
unsuspecting deer walks by
a jaguar strikes ...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, insect, nature, rainforest, river,
Form: Haiku
Garden Sage
Garden felines are a treat; chasing bugs and squirrels, they play.
Guarding gardens isn’t work; has its own rewards.
There’s cat grass, catnip, garlic, even sage.

Now the feline is, somewhat clever; 
in fact, they are furry sages.
There’s more to those little critters;...Read More
Categories: rodent, animal, appreciation, cat, garden, nature, pets,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member THE HIGH NOTE
The fat lady, lips in shape of par excellence “O.” The viking hat makes her taller and more ominous. Faces flicker like torches in the dead of night.

operatic score
the deafening metal shriek
— pissant rodent ears

Doomed shadows quiver where the flesh...Read More
Categories: rodent, murder, violence,
Form: Haibun
Slithering Meat

Reptile meat got a foul swallow
The creeping things they eat
emit putrid vapors ...
vocal odors lemmings do follow

Falling off the cliff
into the mouth ...
Bask in the saliva nasty

Get paralyzed stiff — 
a human mouse ... 
Cheesy flavor of a patsy

Snakes eat...Read More
Categories: rodent, corruption, dark, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
I got up this morning in a good mood 
searching for solitude in the distant skies
And watching the clouds rolling by
I stopped and listened to the sounds around me
While contemplating my sacred destiny
Barking dogs and singing magpies resonate from a...Read More
Categories: rodent, appreciation, confidence, future, happy, loneliness, love, places,
Form: Narrative