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Best Rodent Poems

Below are the all-time best Rodent poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of rodent poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Uninvited Guest
2009 and the expenses scandal
Made Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, lament
So John Bercow, was appointed new ‘Speaker’
To be ‘The Commons’ new broom, was his intent


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Categories: rodent, funny, political

Beloved Pets- for comp
(For Beloved Pets competition, submitted June 16th 2015)

Tell-tale marks from your last climb, those claw marks in the paper
removing the wall coverings better than a...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: rodent, pets,

from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator ...

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Categories: rodent, animal, insect, nature, rainforest,

Valley in the High Country
A constant vein of nature’s blood cascading rock and sand,
Flushing grains of dislodged mud. The beat in a mountain band,
Currawongs sing melody. Black Cockies rasping...

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Categories: rodent, nature,

New City - Get Ready
Mama I want to be a star
I want to grace stages that host the world's revered faces
Fantasies shameless my pipe dreams contagious 
I want to...

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Categories: rodent, art, career, character,

Palisades Park
A rodent in the road

Jammed into my  tires

As I screeched to a halt,

Then bolted past

Remembering a deer

In the headlights

A victim underneath me

Forever frozen in...

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Categories: rodent, angst, confusion, death, depression,

Premium Member Rose With Thorns
I surround you,
     beanstalk without beans
Invade you, 
     rose with thorns,
     reach my...

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Categories: rodent, abuse, anxiety, dark, deep,

Own It

Before work burned something potent
Then checked a trap inside was a dead rodent
It got disposed quick
No coffin, tombstone or roses

Realize it won't always be harmonious

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Categories: rodent, dark, how i feel,

Premium Member A Bit of Lofty Chit Chat
Greetings from Canada dear readers !  Let me cajole you with a wee bit of fun
and ardent banter.  Well, obviously I am Canadian...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: rodent, fun,

Mother Rat
Mother Rat

The queen of common suffering
is a pregnant rat.
She lifts a perfume atomizer
from a dumpster-

for its chandelier glint,
lilac smell,
mint vodka taste,
soft squeeze-bulb feel,
and 'pfffit pfffit'...

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Categories: rodent, animal, death, drug, mother,

Premium Member invasive
the bittersweet that grows and starts
clandestine tendrils at my heart
pulling as my grasp decays
on withered vines by
lonely caves

yet I reach for
fetid fruits while
rats in my...

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Categories: rodent, life,

Nzongi N.Mwero
Large population live in slums,
Youth unemployment looms,
Illiteracy looms,
Poor health standards zooms,
In Africa poverty has rooms

A protein starvation diseases on the rise,
Due to...

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Categories: rodent, poverty,

Pest Control --- Goodbye
Goodbye, farewell, adieu, please go away,
this house is mine. I will not share with you.
You see my cabinets as a buffet,
pay no rent, and use...

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Categories: rodent, funny, life,

Premium Member The Mouse is a Rat - Show Me the Funny II
The mouse in our house is a rat,
I'm now quite certain of that.
It's not little and cute,
It's long and uncouth.
Can't wait til I hear it...

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Categories: rodent, animals, , cute,

The Hunter and the Hunted
Night has fallen
dark and deep
creatures stir that had been asleep.

A light from passing cars flash into the dark
yellow eyes peer from the night
a scurrying movement...

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Categories: rodent, adventure, animals, naturedark, dark,

Bedtime loving
(ohw! ohw! ohwwwww!)
The wolves are out tonight.
“Tread lightly”, echoes father’s words,
“and stay clear of their sight”.

Excited by, my first hallo
to stars and moon so bright.

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Categories: rodent, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member What Llama Lil Saw in BagDad

In Llama Lil's Cafe eating crackers and Stilton 
surveying the street and reading Milton 
Sits a strange and moody itinerant 
Icon for a well-known roll-on...

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Categories: rodent, adventure, humorous,



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Categories: rodent, introspection, life,

Premium Member The Amazon
Above the palms I scan the ebon night
With crystal stars reflecting in the dark
The yellow moon is shining on the boat
A crocodile swims by without...

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Categories: rodent, vacation,

Premium Member Squeaky The (Poor) Church Mouse
Squeaky and his buddies resided somewhere deep within the church's organ.
That elusive rodent was the bane of the pastor, The Reverend Doctor Morgan!
The reverend almost...

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Categories: rodent, funnyprayer,

The Explorer

...and then just as suddenly, constellations appeared in a daytime sky, framed by white pines crawling with multicolored caterpillars.  So from this day forward,...

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Categories: rodent, beauty, color, culture, fantasy,

Premium Member The Grand Canyon
From the Painted Desert, head west
Past sagebrush, brittle bush, desert scrub
And The Petrified Forest at rest
To the Rocky Mountains above
Go past the Continental Divide
Below Douglas...

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Categories: rodent, adventure, america, animal, history,

Premium Member My mirror, my truth
This mirror doesn’t assess, nor does it judge.	
It will never critique nor hold a grudge.		
It will always be my glass of reflection		
Showing every curve and...

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Categories: rodent, anxiety, beauty, conflict, feelings,

Premium Member A New Dawn
For millions of years the dinosaurs thrived,
but when a meteor struck earth, all the dinosaurs died.
Tiny rodent like mammals adapted and survived,
evolving into many varied...

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Categories: rodent, science,




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Categories: rodent, cheer up, children, nursery