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Ripped To Shreds Poems

Ripped To Shreds Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ripped to shreds poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ripped to shreds.

New Poems

My Life
Who am I, I seem to wonder as my thoughts hide in the back of my head, it's like my mind playing it with the truth, "I said to myself as my life is ripped to shreds", I no longer...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, childhood, death, family, life, me, mother, self,
Form: Free verse

What does grief feel like?
The world comes to an uncomfortable silence
nothing feels real
it's like a mask placed over your head-
a mind game
one you can't break out of
it's the lonely gazes
hoping to see you in my peripherals
it feels like part of...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, death,
Form: Free verse
A nation divided, its fabric ripped to shreds
Like a clipper ship’s sails in a hurricane
Its rudder wrenched from its stern
Leaving its course to the mercy of its abuser
The fate of its crew dependent on its strength
And its ability to weather...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, america,
Form: Prose Poetry
God Saw A Prize
God Saw A Prize
By Valerie D. Staton

My world a chasm of utter darkness
Dreariness enveloped me like a cloud
Bound by chains in an abandoned fortress
tormented body - a field freshly plowed

Accomplishments ignored; voice never heard
Wondered why on earth was I even...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, bullying, god, hate, jesus, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Bullet
Over 50 years ago the draft almost took my brothers soul
A Vietnam Battle that almost took his life
On Sept 16th in the year of 1968
While out on patrol a sniper was lurking in a tree
Pop was the sound that he...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, war,
Form: Epic

Angel With No Wings
Ripped to shreds like paper
As I fall from the sky
Heaven has abandoned me
The Gods have forsaken me

And every time I fall, another part of me breaks
He always picks up the pieces and attempts to put them back together
But every shard...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, hurt, i love you, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Nightmares Extreme

Our spirits can be affected by little changes in routine
Simple things like a happy dream or nightmares extreme
A monster bites your leg
Though you plead and beg
It's ripped to shreds but you're glued to the scene

...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, violence,
Form: Limerick
Death Where Are You
Fraught, distressed, my love forlorn!
Ripped to shreds, my emotions torn!
Without you, I rue the day I was born!
                    Death where are...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, death, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
No Voice, No Name
Bloody fetus ripped to shreds
Tissue mass scarlet red
Ancient slime, evolution stew
That was all I thought of you
Your life demands inconvience me
I'll kill you now to keep me free
My idol, my god, myself be praised
A sacrifice offering to hell I raise
Your...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, abortion, anger, bereavement, dark, death, destiny, fate,
Form: I do not know?
The pain is so strong, so deep,
I can’t help but to think, and cry, and end up losing sleep.
In my dreams, my nightmares, my thoughts, running throughout my head,
I can’t get it out, it keeps coming back, to the point...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, heartbreak, heartbroken,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Vincent The Stray
Vincent The Stray

Mind soldiers march on but who is the private not yet 
              promoted from privation to privacy from battle to peace

Vincent feline and feral with...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, growth, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Touched by Suicide
a trouble or struggle; something that is hard to understand or surmount

I’ve felt hell’s fire and dealt with many circumstances I may confide-
But the most difficult thing I have to live with is being touched by suicide.
She brought sunshine...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, death, grief, suicide,
Form: Couplet
Just Another Day

Silent tears poured from her wounds,
Making tracks forever known, 
Rage and Pain echoed around her in silence,
Laughter at the thought of being alone, 

One drop of acid in an eye,
Pain multiplied tenfold by salt in the wound, 
Pounding heart...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, anxiety, body, death, deep, depression, life,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Nine Lives
I struck out on my own around a year old
life was so full of fun, so many things with
which to play, a leaf scuttling by, a rustle
in the undergrowth. I was enthralled.

I stood on a road watching intently
a little mouse....Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, animal, destiny, life,
Form: Personification
Have courage and be kind
Her mother's wishes still fresh in her mind
For she had not a single bone of hate
Leading her courage and kindness to seal her fate

The days turned to months and those to years
For only time could calm...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, cinderella, growth, hope, imagination, inspiration, strength,
Form: Narrative
Garden Fate
It was ripped to shreds
turned over, and dumped
atop a chipped hole in the earth

The garden had been pretty
weedy, but pretty nevertheless

Like anything it took time to grow
a bleeding heart a couple bushes
the occasional tulip planting
a horrifying dog toy and bones

but...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, absence, garden, tribute, , fate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member NO FEAR
When your heart
is being torn asunder
and completely
being ripped to shreds;
when your spirit's 
being crushed 
by that heavy, 
"DO NOT COWER!!!"....
and...."DO NOT DREAD!!!"

When you're standing
with the devil,
and you're 
then look that devil 
right straight in his eyes-
say.......Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, courage, destiny, inspiration, philosophy, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Foolish
I opened my heart
A heart without walls
Fragile & weak
Tired … damaged
I bared my soul
My past, my fears
My ghosts.
We shared
We laughed
We kissed
Together we danced,
Like children without cares
In the rain
Under the stars …. I was hypnotised
Your sensual mouth 
Words softly spoken 
Securely...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, betrayal, heartbreak, love, lust, universe,
Form: Free verse
Single Girl
Lonely street, dark and late
She ran so fast and hard
Waiting there, watching her
He dragged her in a yard

She tried to fight, scratched his eyes
Screaming cries through pain
Some one saw, some one heard
Yet no one never came

Torn to pieces, ripped to...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, death, murder,
Form: Rhyme
The Dark Side of Love
The obsession born of forbidden desire,
Just as powerful as pure love, but more dangerous
Than any other force on earth.

Is that why you cannot keep away from me?
Does the power of your desire
Hold you prisoner against your own will?
And how am...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, dark, desire, love,
Form: Free verse
Girl Uncompromised
 You touched my face and said goodbye, and looking back you met my eyes. A spark of what, regret perhaps? You left me wondering why. 

Who do I owe this heartbreak to? Another girl? Or perhaps, two? “Oh, it’s...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, beautiful, betrayal, courage, faith, heartbreak, passion, relationship,
Form: Prose Poetry
This is what a PANIC ATTACK feels like
It’s like all air passage ways have sealed shut, and you’re gasping, reaching out blindly in search of a solution and, slowly, that little voice in the back of your head is getting louder and louder and the list is...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, anxiety,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Depression A dear john letter I have moved on to better Moving on

There is no one reason, some remain depressed.
One could be, a fear to stand before – undressed,
looking at all their natural beauty – glory repressed.
Never to see, to feel, to know reality- their story supressed.

A dear john letter ?
I have...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, life,
Form: Rhyme
Monotonous Black
The pain I've felt this past year
Makes me wonder how I made it to here

The pain and the tears --- built up in shame
Go for a lot of one person to blame

The pieces of my heart ripped to shreds
This current...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, lost,
Form: Rhyme
In the Eye of the Storm
As young people, we feel we are in fact immortal,
 like the pits of death will never cut the breathe of our pharynx short,
 until tragedy strikes and reveals to us that death and sorrow have no respectable persons
 regardless...Read More
Categories: ripped to shreds, dark, deep, depression, family, god, love,
Form: Prose Poetry