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Premium Member As History's Made
In the heat of the action
   shots ringing out
When the battle is pitched
   'midst cries and shouts

As history's made
   and heroes emerge
Retreats and advances
   tides turn and surge

Now's no time for fleeting
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Categories: retold, hero, history, remember,
Form: Rhyme

A young Native American boy was interested in his heritage
like many of us he wanted to know where he haled from
for he knew who he was and who he is…determines who he’ll become.

His father took him to an old cemetery…without...Read More
Categories: retold, native american,
Form: Verse
Refreshingly cozy chill September aire
Cold front brings August respite
upon cusp of autumn quite
natural palliative to forget monetary plight
relieving spate of dog days of summer
seasonal crisp balm appeared overnight
evidenced of late by Jeeves

cool temperatures at night
temporarily bumping ugly
global warming with moonlight
sonata courtesy mother nature
perfect bonfire...Read More
Categories: retold, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Greatest Story Never Told
This story remains unfinished
as do all the best tales told.
Yet I must warn you
it has a happy healthy ending,
not dystopian,
although not a finished
political wealth utopia, 
Ever After LoveLife.

Where this story begins
remains a mystery,
like a definition for "Tao"
more obscure than refining...Read More
Categories: retold, community, earth, environment, health, nature, peace, proposal,
Form: Political Verse
Cancel My Subscription
The arrogant angels
And the humble demons
Are equals
Cloaked in falsehood

I no longer subscribe
To these ancient doctrines
Evangelical hands 
In my pockets

Slayer for Muhammad
Butchers for the lord
Masked infidels
Righteous fury

A bounty of plum and cherry
Forbidden necessity 
Dangled as temptation
Why tempt the sheep?

The angel’s pride
Boils...Read More
Categories: retold, allegory, angel, corruption, dark,
Form: Free verse

Byword People
Byword People (Came By Way)

Pitch black was the day after
the nightmare before
When the blue wails
washed upon the sunset shore
Dark journey’s end for the castoff children,
who were unspoken for

Idol eyes resting carelessly,
got sin windswept upon a western breeze
Towards a bitter labor...Read More
Categories: retold, history, identity, slavery, symbolism,
Form: Epic
EULOGY TO MRS (Ph.D) ALIHAJA, AMINAT OLABOOPO                                 ...Read More
Categories: retold, africa, birth, courage, eulogy, grandmother, hero, mentor,
Form: Epic
The thread of love and understanding that grows thin with distance is very fragile 
Unless anchored well at both ends.
Just as a spider weaves her web with but a few anchors to support her beautiful creation, so must love be...Read More
Categories: retold, allegory, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Old Jalopy
On a farm in a community of drudgery and toil lived a man alone
He had lost so much in his life and had so little to show
For the multitude of years, sweat and love that honed his bones
It left him...Read More
Categories: retold, anger, anxiety,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Random Acts of Kindness
Random acts of kindness
and mercy
are right-brain experienced
as healthy invitations to stretch kindness
throughout all nature/spirit boundaries,
secular/sacred midways.

Random stories and kind myths of diverse cultures
have been transactionally told and retold
and transcendently heard
and transubstantiated as mercifully reheard.

Are marriage myths
merely derivative transactions
arranged between patriarchal...Read More
Categories: retold, birth, health, integrity, marriage, myth, relationship, truth,
Form: Political Verse
Old father
the aroma of old people pepper air with putrid
perspiration tainting, we sit once again on settees
loosely puckered by pummelled 
time like skin hung brittly on bones, 

limbs locked on rusted pulleys 
prising on old hinges heaving heavy levers. 
rites are...Read More
Categories: retold, age,
Form: Free verse
rent to own
my bullfrog
decided to
break the

he bullied
in and made
himself god
the ruler of

my pond now
he's since
declared it

but the leopard
frog before him
trilled to tell a

and so not
yet mastering
leopard frog

he retold
in his words
how wow that
pond must be

but due to
of Babalon's

for glossalalia
and then maybe her

or him
will...Read More
Categories: retold, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Old boys and girls
Boys who smoked hemp in school toilets
Married women that partied with owls

Like witches in fairy land of ghosts
They lived only with pleasure in moonlit night
And by day escaping to shameless freedom rooms
Cursing the world as they celebrate in joy

These old...Read More
Categories: retold, memory, metaphor,
Form: Free verse

In a beautiful huge green forest,
Lived 3 honest people, Hansel and Gretal
And their father,
And two wicked women, the witch,
And a wife who was also a step-mother.
The honest three were approached by the FBI,
And told to keep a...Read More
Categories: retold, children,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Easter Sonnet

The tale that you retold from ancient time
To many now would seem of little moment
Yet your art gave it life, a mental chime
That rang in heart and mind harmonics potent

With words while unaffected yet...Read More
Categories: retold, christian,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member 50 Words for Poe: Immaculate

"50 Words for Poe: Immaculate"

Love Immaculate
Souls now in sync
Souls merge in time
Powerful Immaculate

Hunger comes fast
Hunger for Love Immaculate
Hunger for Pure
The Power to Be

The Power to Be

Baskervilles was never a Raven Girl
Her name was Foxglove

She ran the Fells
She ran the Blue...Read More
Categories: retold, dark, freedom, judgement, love hurts, muse, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brightest Of Gems, In Glowing Emerald Forest
Brightest Of Gems, In Glowing Emerald Forest

There was a great tree there, its roots firmly planted
as solid as love vows, those never recanted,
its massive trunk and limbs, majestic to behold
beautiful treasures, as in tales oft retold
surrounding woods, a glimmering emerald...Read More
Categories: retold, appreciation, creation, faith, god, humanity, nature, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tenacious Ink
With tenacious ink,
we have retold half the story,
proud in our heels and army boots
and all our diverse glory.
But the chapters ahead...
they will take us to darker places 
where women are still shame-wrapped, blame-slapped
or afraid to show their faces,
uneducated, callously mutilated
or...Read More
Categories: retold, freedom, women,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Fate Once Birthed Lovers, Golden True And Dear third poet honored, from my dedication series
(2)*Second poem honoring Edgar Allan Poe*

Fate Once Birthed Lovers, Golden True And Dear

We had raced a good race, with wind cool and fair,
There were romantic nights steaming hot for a while,
And golden rays of sunshine danced in your blonde hair,
You...Read More
Categories: retold, appreciation, art, dark, literature, poetry, poets, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Nudging ReCreation Along
What are fair and effective nudges
for too much freedom of wounding weaponed speech?

Maybe equal freedom to listen nutritionally
and not speak toxically?

What's a fair response
to competitive over-investment in fear-mongering--
Threats to hold your breath 'til everyone sees uniformly red?

What's fair, right and...Read More
Categories: retold, celebration, earth, health, humor, integrity, nature, society,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Refurbished Children's Stories: Wonderland Redux
Alice was just going on eight years old
When Lewis Carroll made her fall down a hole.
The incredible place she imagined she'd found,
Buried in her backyard so far deep underground,
Teemed with people and creatures
With fabulous features
Too strange and bizarre for a...Read More
Categories: retold, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member NEWS CASTER
All the news that is the news is carried and repeated,
By little birds who fly about to make sure it is tweeted,
To any who will hear their song and sing it to another;
For some it doesn't matter, they'd sing about...Read More
Categories: retold, people,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Wishes and Whiskey
Wishes and Whiskey

As the couple left the pub
they spied a Leprechaun,
very stealthily trapped him.
Says the Leprechaun: “I’ll grant ye three wishes.”
“Three wishes!” “Three Wishes!’
“Ye will grant us Three Wishes!”
“I wish I had a hat!” - says she
“I wish it were...Read More
Categories: retold, culture, humor,
Form: Free verse
Secrets of the Himalaya

I whisper…
In a nearly inaudible voice
Softly but firmly…  into your ears
The insatiable desires, the irreversible regrets, the off the limits dreams
the unspeakable aloneness.
So selfish of me
forcing you to embrace the sums of me 
Into your extensive universe
Along with the...Read More
Categories: retold, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member If You're Like Me
Fear of Climate Success

If you're like me,
which probably already reduces the size of my captive audience
to Zero,

if we're like we used to be
when we were born
with all the potential integrity neurons
of the uniting universe,

Through childhood formed into bilateral rivers
for transporting...Read More
Categories: retold, childhood, green, health, integrity, nature, psychological, time,
Form: Political Verse