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Raven Poems

Raven Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about ravens. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for raven.

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bird, edgar allan poe, obsidian, charcoal, onyx, somber

New Poems

Holdin' Back Sunday
Weekends go fast
Time is a curve
And if you drive a car
Watch out you don’t swerve
Watch out you don’t swerve
When you come ‘round the bend
‘cause you been holdin’ back Sunday again

Death and dishonor –
All those ugly words
Always hovering closer
Like malevolent birds
The...Read More
Categories: raven, anxiety, cheer up, forgiveness, how i feel,
Form: Verse

Black Raven
A black raven 
Perched on the branch 
Of a dead tree,
His dark haunted eyes 
Glaring down at me.

          W.A CHOLT. Copyright Fergal O Reilly. 2019.

      ...Read More
Categories: raven, bird, death, evil,
Form: Tanka
i turns the quiet ex's into the exquisite
dying words on the page
losing definition as the ages past
Think you can work me out
Why do black bags open at the opposite side you rip you them from
I follow no from
morph the form
lines...Read More
Categories: raven, poetry,
Form: Free verse
7 Ravens
7 Ravens

In a terrible time of famine, war, pest and inquisition,
a master Wicca giving homeless boys a apprentice permission.
They had to maintain a household in an isolated place,
working very hard to earn some recognition to face.
Collecting woods, herbs and edibles...Read More
Categories: abuse, forgiveness, inspirational, raven,
Form: Ballade


Einstein, the frizzy-haired,
proved E equals MC squared.
And so mass decreases
as activity ceases.
Not my mass, my ass declared!
—Michael R. Burch

Dot Spotted

There once was a leopardess, Dot,
who indignantly answered: "I'll not!
The gents are impressed
with the way that I'm dressed.
I wouldn't change even...Read More
Categories: raven, light,
Form: Limerick

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 10
All factors begin to come together,
deep within this song of Alahsar,
The Dark Man and Turvehr,
they are come upon the earth,
the storm begins to dissipate, 
the sky becoming light,
a mother calls no more,
the thunder is gone,
silence is ever deafening.
Turvehr's wings outstretched,...Read More
Categories: raven, dark, death, dream, fantasy, light, love, war,
Form: Epic
Raven: a poem of morality
With wings as black as night, what death holds sway
By powers strong and ancient, death’s favored creature
Spirits burst to song at the Morrigan’s passing
With dark song filling the air, tulips wilt turning bare
As they pass through the morning air
Bird of...Read More
Categories: raven, bird, dark, death, emo, gothic, mythology,
Form: Narrative
The town folk below gazed in startled wonder
Suddenly a clap of lightning gold thunder
Above the dragon silently flies
Under dark black raven skies
Gliding lower, ever near
People scatter in total fear
For, they know this majestic beast
On their children it does feast
...Read More
Categories: raven, children, fun, humor, humorous, school, water,
Form: Rhyme

Out of the hand of that ancient man,
the Raven flew to and fro.

Over a devastated land,
washed clean, for new darkness to grow.

That Crow, that black, black Crow,
devouring seed before new life.

That old Crow sees the man on the pole.
That old...Read More
Categories: raven, allegory, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Periwinkle Time

"The Periwinkle Time"

Blues crushed prepossessing Violet
Lavender starbursts 
sharp as diamonds
undressed, a soul preys 
with black as crow feathered lashes
that rim the open mirrors 

There in the Pierian Reviviscence of Periwinkle
within each twin reflection 
auroral Jade unveils 
a Silent 
secret...Read More
Categories: raven, freedom, imagery, love, mirror, psychological, romance, sensual,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member RENOIRs REDFOX

Fall’s raven-black hat
highlights her redfox-wool locks —
the xanthous sun leaps
from the buttery bouquet
twinkling in the atmosphere

...Read More
Categories: raven, art, imagery,
Form: Tanka
Quoth The Raven

Quoth the raven sat at the table to a feast to blow one’s eyes
Curtains closed to prevent the peering in of other raven spies

On been handed a gold platter was told fill your guts I implore
O' Nay”...Read More
Categories: raven, funny, humor,
Form: Couplet
Under Luna's Smile - A Collaboration With Michael P Clarke
Under Luna's Smile - A Collaboration With Michael P Clarke (Vladislav Raven)

Oh, Luna, in thy glory smile,
as love's most beautiful wonder, I now hold,
where we two do embrace, do linger awhile,
in your silver beams, our love is told.
My most beautiful...Read More
Categories: raven, dedication, love, moon,
Form: Rhyme
"I want to die."

"Just wait till the pills kick in. I'll make you a cup of coffee. I'll take you to the beach."

A wave of drowsy non-being. A chemical gunshot of mercy, inaudible, invisible. You ease into a gentle craddle...Read More
Categories: raven, allegory, america, bird, dark, death,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dare We Bring Poe, Raven From Darken Grave Renewed Poets Tribute Series Second poet, Edgar Allen Poe
Dare We Bring Poe, Raven From Darken Grave
Renewed Poets Tribute Series
Second poet, Edgar Allen Poe

Hating blade yet they are so quick to cut
in glee at dark spilled blood, yet lack the guts
walking forth with halo's, prayers said in haste
may find...Read More
Categories: raven, appreciation, art, creation, dark, inspiration, poets, writing,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Poe, Raven's Writer
Edgar Allan was his name,
Daring the world, was his game,
Giving the touch of fear,
And never shedding a tear.
Richly endorsed with fright he was!

Poe the poet, wrote to write.
On and on, into the nite.
Endless hours, endless plight....Read More
Categories: career, dream, inspiration, poets, raven, simple, write,
Form: Acrostic
The Angelic Icon
Behold the Angelic icon!
Who sings like an Amazon
Whose image changes my demonic heart
To an angelic heart

I crush on her
Like a butterfly crushing on nectar
I dream of the sweet calmness
That could come from her presence

I feel I'm in heaven
For her beauty...Read More
Categories: raven, angel, beauty, birthday, crush, heart, heaven, image,
Form: Romanticism
Fly Without Fire
Ruffles the feathers
holds the scruff of the neck
resembles the raven
disguise imperfect
subjects favoured
unwisely project 
suspect flavour
returns the reject
correct behaviour 
or disrespect
what flies lands 
what lives dies
play your hand
calm and nice
avoid the stand
Do not go twice...Read More
Categories: raven, destiny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Raven Run And The Southern Lass Wanting To Have Fun
There once was a southern lass 
Who was looking for a good-looking guy to make a pass,
She thought fast and decided to sell them gas. 

Now here comes Marty 
And he was a dude who like to party
Watching the car...Read More
Categories: bird, drink, horror, howl, raven, scary, sexy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hello Bad Boys
Hello Bad Boys!

The starry, twilight zone high above, this night
With it’s shooting stars, and the moon, so bright,
Looked heavenly, even Venus, was in sight,
It was clear, could see far and beyond
Across every mountain, ocean and pond!
Echo...Read More
Categories: raven, earth,
Form: Free verse
Forgiving the Moon - night owl iii
Moon, let us be friends again!
The night is young and the stars are spread like city lights!
We will wax and wane together, you and I,
passing through each other’s dark and light.
I will decorate your face with the bright colors of...Read More
Categories: raven, angst, anxiety, bird,
Form: I do not know?
Lost Swans
Apollo en garde,
my prose to re-verse

Where Swans freely sing
—the Raven in search

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017) 
...Read More
Categories: raven, voice,
Form: Rhyme
The Raven Sang More Than One Song
 During the industrial revolution,
Poe’s raven spoke with elocution;
“Nevermore”, now we’ve a solution,
just you wait for distribution.

We’ve invented great machines,
clicker-clankers, sure to please,
With cogs and wheels that spin with ease
and long, tired days, they will soon cease.

Wondrous gauges, invented by...Read More
Categories: raven, animal, bird, metaphor, perspective, poems, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
Dear Old Dad
This is hardly a poem
Is barely a rhyme
But I have to tell someone 
What I’m feeling inside

I never had a dad
Just a beast in his skin
But the dad I never had 
He was a living sin

He hit me and screamed
He...Read More
Categories: raven, abuse, addiction, depression, family, father, i miss
Form: Rhyme
I come to Pos' ey Soup' ers Rec' ip' e Res' cue
 ( Looking at the poems of the day or year or whatever it was- saw a poem . . . A poem? Actually called a recipe. Inspiration! --- Trans°mutilate a recipe into fungal posery. The PoserSoup diablos (devils) will...Read More
Categories: raven, 2nd grade, baby, bangla, baptism, baseball, beach,
Form: Didactic