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Quintella Poems

Quintella Poems. Examples of Quintellas and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Quintella poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quintella. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

Premium Member Reincatnated
As I was going to St. Ives,
I met a man who had nine lives,
He said he'd pinched them from his cat,
Who didn't look too good, at that,
Maybe its love of mice survives....Read More
Categories: animal, life, love,
Form: Quintella

Premium Member That Ship
The ship was launched with ballyhoo,
The greatest one to hit the blue,
Due to the delay of advice,
The darned thing barged into the ice:
"Unsinkable" was not quite true....Read More
Categories: anxiety, blue, destiny, sea,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Don't Do It
To kill a mockingbird would be,
Inevitably, not easy:
Anyone who had read that book
Would give you such a nasty look
You would feel like a downright turd....Read More
Categories: bird, death, emotions,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Salad Days
How green was my valley before
My life became a metaphor,
Synonymous with discontent
As through good times and bad I went,
For that catch cry "I want some more!"...Read More
Categories: cry, green, metaphor,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Letters Home
I am writing letters home,
And will enclose in each a poem.
Here is my selection
For my verse connection.

I think for Maybelline
My best Alexandrine,
Six syllables per line,
That I'll polish till they shine.

Something different for Fritz,
I am sending him a Blitz,
I've not written...Read More
Categories: quintella, animal, cat, day, home, nonsense, poems,
Form: List

Premium Member Life Is Not Only an Unfair Exclamation Point
It is a week before Christmas,
And I recline in my desk blue chair;
Bursting with words
That matter to you,
And hoping that that’s very fair.

For I know that you have your moods, too,
I hope that your girlfriend (or “boy--”) cares
And gives you...Read More
Categories: christmas, humor,
Form: Quintella
Wait For The Torque

Upon the table knife and fork,
tried to not be far from the food,
and from where the iced bottle stood.
Train of thoughts waited fingers’ torque
to spurt champagne with popped up cork.

December 2, 2019
Syllable count : 8 each line
Checked on howmanysyllables,com
Contest :...Read More
Categories: celebration, drink, wine,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member My Ol' Houn' Dog

He swallowed a spoon,  then a fork
Upon a train trip to upper New York
We had not traveled very far
And I discovered he had eaten a cork
Yes, that dog of mine is really a dork

1 December 2019...Read More
Categories: dog,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Smile I feign
Cork of my life, sheer pain in vain,

Rode with me upon a fast train;

Not far could I go, though I tried

For it blocked my path, hurt my pride;

Yet, tricking my brain, smile I feign.

November 29, 2019
Five word challenge poetry contest
Sponsor:...Read More
Categories: introspection, life,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member I Went Far Far Away
I went far far away,
On a train that took all day,
Upon my arrival,
I tried but my energy was final,
I popped the cork and enjoyed my glass of wine.

11/29/2019...Read More
Categories: day, humorous, travel, wine,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Silly Notion
A cork for bottled emotions
Train rocked like it's on an ocean
How far would these rails take me 
I tried stifling these feelings you see
Wished upon were a silly notion

Contest; 5 words challenge
Sponsor: Beth Evans
...Read More
Categories: feelings,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member She Left Me
I can't hard I've tried 
How far, I've be denied 
One hundred miles, I rode that train 
Upon those tracks, in pouring rain 
I could not cork my tears; I cried 

Five Word Challenge 
Sponsor: Beth Evans 
11/25/2019...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Quintella
Tried to prevail against kids’ quirks

in so far as I can’t hide mine

my heart strives to train, midst bliss-jerks

special child, upon God’s design

closing distress’ cork for good works*.

*Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good...Read More
Categories: appreciation, cheer up, child, christian, encouraging, god,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Pilgrimage
I saw three ships sailing the sea,
Sailing towards Gethsemane,
They were making a pilgrimage,
Which was to be the privilege
Of those who were Christ's refugees....Read More
Categories: jesus, religious, sea,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member I Felt Like a Dork
I tried to run after the midnight train
Too fast for me was abundantly plain.
Sat down with a bottle and popped a cork.
Way far gone she was. I felt like a dork.
Upon my word I had nothing to gain.

Contest: Five Word...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Man Of Means
I fell in love with a man of means,
Money jangled in his blue jeans,
It did not take me long to dote
On one with gold around his throat,
And hair that held so bright a sheen.
...Read More
Categories: hair, men, money,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Local Girl
I must go back to my home town,
Now I have won this beauty crown,
My Mum and Dad will want to boast
Of my triumph on the Gold Coast -
The folks will cheer for Bessie Brown.

(This is a complete fabrication!)...Read More
Categories: beauty, dad, home, mum,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Wet Reception
I tried to find my way to York,
It would have been too far to walk,
Instead I went upon a train,
And I arrived just as the rain
Fell like the sky had lost its cork....Read More
Categories: rain, sky, travel,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member The Butterfly Princess
"Just living is not enough, said the butterfly must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower"  Hans Christian Anderson

                   ...Read More
Categories: butterfly, fairy, fantasy,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Along My Back Roads

In the backstreets of my mind I find passages anew
Along diverging paths, I often see my way through
There are places I can ramble or find myself rather lost
But there my thoughts can stumble at no damage or cost
As I rehearse...Read More
Categories: destiny, journey,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Dawns Arrival
As the morning carries different bird song
My body stirs from its cozy slumber, begone
Aloft to the mountains volcanized hard crest
Dark clouds beat upon its jagged green breast
Then raindrops fall down in a long mighty yawn

The sun fights back to bring...Read More
Categories: morning,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member A Mystical Evening

Crickets serenade the night with their musical clicks
The dogs answer as the moon rises over the trees
The wind swirls a mystical sound of humming breeze
Stars alight a fire of harmonic healing that transfix
Quietly the fairies open their magical bag of...Read More
Categories: fantasy,
Form: Quintella
Premium Member Comes the Rain
Raindrops hit the metal roof in a dancing melody
The night a dark aura of deepest ebony
Softly comes the wind to whisper to the clouds
As sleep beckons through the quiet shrouds
I wrap myself in the softest down of security

Trees release the...Read More
Categories: rain, storm,
Form: Quintella
To My Seductress Duchess
These, cacophony that beggars descriptions

Disorder from indecent breed incubating, 

Confusion of morals, the imposition of strange culture, 

Filthily dressed to undress my mind, 

Our teacher teaching theories of writs and wits

These promiscuous pastors parading piety with nudity

Lewd licentious and libidinous...Read More
Categories: anger, celebrity, daughter, deep, family, for him,
Form: Quintella
God, the voice of Scriptures’ command
     Moves my service* with love-demand

          Along His mercy’s prodding drive 

     ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Quintella