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Islamic Prose Poems

These Islamic Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Islamic. These are the best examples of Prose Islamic poems written by international poets.

lazy dream mysterious death
From the heart of green naïve village
surrounded by corps field, mosque, ponds, 
ancestral grave yard, school, college, 
madrasah (islamic school) etc he is

brothers, sisters with...

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Categories: prose, sorrow,

Perched on the precipice of my newest adventure, I felt heat from glares: insecure cohorts. Was it my height? Did I look like I didn’t...

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Categories: allah, america, anxiety, black

Not A Serious Discussion of Doctrine
"Does god take a daily shytte?"
"Of course not."
"But I thought god could do anything."
"He can."
"Even take a shytte?"
"I suppose so."
"Would it be magic shytte? Should...

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Categories: prose, atheist, christian, hindi, islamic,

Alert Alert Alert

Alert Alert Alert

A bomb in New Jersey
A bomb in New York
Two bombs not detonated yet

Is this a distraction or a warning to come?
To see what...

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Categories: prose, allah, america, angst, fear,

Premium Member Scales of Omnipotence
We might discern diverse scales 
for describing omnipotence 
of CreatorGod
in the Bible,
as elsewhere.

Genesis begins with Earth's wind and water,
and is about CreatorGod of Earth as...

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Categories: prose, bible, cancer, christian, earth,

A Muslim Girl's Plight
My sisters and I are slaves,
Slaves to a harmful culture
That forces us to marry before we are grown,
At age 14
At age 9
At age 6
At age...

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Categories: abuse, horror, sad,

Premium Member Higher Powers
I was noticing that those in the Unitarian Universalist Association,
with which I am more or less anonymously affiliated
in some far too abstract way for personal...

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Categories: prose, creation, destiny, health, humanity,

Premium Member First Faces of Conflict
Perhaps too redundantly,
and not quite octave-eloquently enough,
we have pictured Original Yang/Yin ReGenerative/DeGenerative CoArising Intent
as LeftBrain Patriarchal EgoDominant
with a preference for WinLose,
defined as Either-Or thinking
with fundamentalist...

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Categories: prose, earth, environment, health, humanity,

Awakened Tears
As I awaken tears spill from these eyes
I question it all, please answer my why's?
Stomach churning rolling like the sea
No purpose no meaning no reason...

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Categories: cry, fear, islamic,

Premium Member The Town Council Proposal
Some say it began with the Jehovah's Witnesses
ingesting sacred substances with the Rastafarians.
Others say that could not possibly be true or false.

What emerged one sultry...

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Categories: prose, community, culture, health, love,

Premium Member JustUs Fundamentalists
Said the JudeoChristian Fundamentalist (JCF)
to the Islamic Fundamentalist (IF),
We began building our ego-nesting sensory receptors
learning to RightBrain distinguish Self from BenignOther,
sensory nomial v binomial fundamental...

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Categories: prose, culture, fear, humor, power,

Premium Member Fundamentals Revisited
If it is a premise of fundamentalists,
whether Christian or Islamic or Devil Worshipers,
that Reason is bad, faith is good,
what could anyone reasonably say
that could not...

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Categories: prose, christian, health, islamic, religion,

Premium Member GeoPolitics of Health
Healthy robust empathy of embryos,
is recognized by its instinctive curiosity,
absence of well-articulated avoidance behaviors.
Absence of trust is learned
through parenting and schools and religions
and other educational...

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Categories: prose, destiny, earth, education, health,

Premium Member Empathy as Green Democracy
I don't think it's just me.
I find myself challenged to change LeftBrain cognitive beliefs,
languaged abstractions of personal knowledge,
perhaps because it is not possible to change...

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Categories: prose, education, health, history, integrity,

Nine Eleven
Nine Eleven
By Curtis Johnson

I did not have any exposure to news on the morning of  911 until I entered my truck to go to...

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Categories: america, anniversary, christian, courage,

Premium Member Life, Now A Blind Date: A Cry Against Boko Haram
How can geographic points for interaction
and socializing become haram?
Catching up with the flying time
and constant upgrade in civilization process;
these too are also haram?

Is seeking knowledge...

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Categories: prose, abuse, allah, anger, conflict,