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Scales of Omnipotence
We might discern diverse scales for describing omnipotence of CreatorGod in the Bible, as elsewhere. Genesis begins with Earth's wind and water, and is about CreatorGod of Earth as Eden with Her divine lights and clouded winds coming down from sacred Heavens, where God dwells when not choosing to incarnate in anthrocentric forms and functions, icons and language of motion and, eventually, LeftBrain development of sacred story-telling language. The Gospel of John begins with a Universal Articulating God, manifesting LeftBrain sacred Word for relationships between sacred-secular differences, contrasts and comparisons, bipolar oppositions and dipolar appositions. Words are created by distinctions within a Universal System created by sacred GodSpeak, primal distinctions of YangSpace within bilateral flowing YinTime. The AbbaFather God of Jesus Christ is a nondualistic God of Earth and Her Heavens, Her visible to the naked anthrocentric eye Milky Way SolarEnergized EcoSystem, as sensory accessed by humanizing sacred nature, whose traditional Jewish economy of law and order was redemption by blood retribution ceremonies and by water ritual restorative cleansings of grace. Blood sacrifices were about a God of ReTributive Justice, Natural Law and Order. Water cleansings, baptisms, are about a God of Restorative Justice and Peace, about a gift economy of mutual grace and love ever growing more powerful than PreAbba God of Traditional Judaic ritual, self-sacrificial liturgies of continuing enslavement to YHWH of vengeful winds and a Fallen weedish PostEden, in monoculturing decline of climates and landscapes. But, we will find only one Biblical and Koran articulation of idolatry. What is substituted for all these faces of God as Creative-ReGenerative Love, as taught by false prophets and practiced by modern day capital-driven Pharisees of evangelical ethnocentric jihad, just war theories, Crusades against the AntiChrist which are actually crusades of and for AntiChristian competitions, monoculturing colonizations rather than polyculturing creolizations, which was the Jewish Messiah's world-redemptive intent, to reform, to restore, to re-baptize into global civilizations of sacred cooperativity. Fundamentalists, Christian and Islamic, would re-reduce restorative Grace back to their own ethnocentric narrow-minded boxes for retributive vengeance, against losing Losers, the not-so-ChosenPeople also worshiping at idol altars for continuing military-industrialized violence, competitions rooted way back in sexism, racism competitive anti-ecological absence of restorative grace, discarded meditative medications for growing healthy cultures of polypathic gratitude.
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