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Face masks, face veils: same thing When last I visited India almost a decade ago I recall riding on my brother's scooter as he drove me around town, And I saw fully veiled Muslim women half their faces veiled, masked in Niqab driving scooters, motorbikes, mopeds and motorcycles. I also recall some women also covering half their faces with their dupattas but their bodies were not covered up properly, their arms and skin exposed since they were not wearing the Islamic burka cloaks and overcoats and I remember asking about them to my brother who had answered that they were Hindus, thus not wearing the hijab gowns but still veiling their hair and half their faces like Muslims do and I had remarked wow they are not Muslims yet covering their hair and faces like us niqabiz and hijabeez but to protect from dust, dust mites and other traffic pollutants and irritants while we Muslim women veil half our faces and hair also to protect as well from the germs of lust, the virus of lewdness and leery stares. Well, well now in these pandemic covid 19 virus times people in many places in the world are now wearing face masks as the virus strikes and attacks ESP those countries where the Muslim face veils had been banned and niqabi women mistreated. Now the globular ball seems to be having a masquerade ball where masks are the in thing for bare necessity and baring the full face is risky for all. I can't help saying yippee I may hum like a hippy ! For now in these masking times few will frown and look down upon our face veiling Niqab masks. Both Muslims and non Muslims will give us face veiled women a break where we can breathe free, without our masks being opposed and criticised since there are Muslims too who had turned against this fine soft shield known as Niqab. Authorities everywhere are less likely to ban and give trouble to us masked women like before because wearing a mask first protects others from the corona virus than the wearer herself. And now even men are wearing masks, so now we have support from both genders. and less people will give us hijabees a hard time as they had been doing lately. The ninja Niqab face mask was fast disappearing even among Muslim women prior to corona but now it has become quite a global necessary item of protection and prevention of the spread of disease. I feel everyone ought to wear face masks for general protection from viruses, germs, bacteria, dust and environmental pollutants and irritants. and there are helmets which motorcyclists don that veil and cover half or most of the face already all over the world so people shouldn't make a fuss at all about us niqabees and hijabees really.!!! Medieval European women used to wear black chiffon or georgette veils and I read of that in medieval plays and dramas as well. In fact if you delve into historical literature you will find it was the medieval European non-Muslim women from the upper echelons of society, i.e the high ranking aristocratic elite women who wore head coverings and veils far more than the so called 'lower' rank women from the low social strata. So I strongly feel all cultures ESP western societies should be more accepting of the Muslim hijab and Niqab veil masks. I totally love love my Niqab, I am as attached to it as a turtle is to its shell and couldn't part from my face veil for a million dollars and it is indeed a rare gem item of modesty even among Muslim women. So now that face masks are back, yep yup hurray what I can say is yeahh man, wow, hurrah and yay!! Corona will teach the hard way that a woman in a mask and face veil can be an accomplished and awesome participant and citizen in service to society in general. I don't know of any Muslim woman who is coerced into veiling the face, I too wear the face covering veil outdoors of my own accord, by my own choice and out of my personal spiritual preference.
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