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Car Prose Poems

These Car Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Car. These are the best examples of Prose Car poems written by international poets.

mr flim flam
Hey son of an evil witch
I got a hitch A big gun of a sitch' 
I saw you kissing Karla  
Under the umbrella of...

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Categories: prose, humor,



      - Junior piece...

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Categories: prose, father son, funny, humorous,

A car rolls into a soundless night,
It's light sends a bursting view of overhanging growth,
In a microcosm succession of descending seconds,
Pruned for a snapshot temporal...

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Categories: prose, analogy, creation, earth, future,

On Dreams and Imagination
Something I've long been curious about is the great disparity between our 'waking lives' and the lives we lead whilst dreaming. We all dream--that is...

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Categories: allusion, appreciation, creation, dream,

Night and Morning

You sleep
In the next room
As you are
Restless, sore,
Not wanting
To keep
Me awake

Yet, we
Sewn together
Like incubated

In the morning
I, half asleep,
Feel you
Breeze by me
And I get...

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Categories: prose, religious,

The Power of Whatever
The Power of Whatever

     Whatever! I probably say it a dozen times a day, and it makes things feel better. It...

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Categories: prose, freedom, peace,

We Used To Go To The Store Together
We used to go to the store together.
Picking out vegetables was her Glory,
‘Let’s get a nice, Vibrant one!
No, not that one, THIS one!’
She would say.

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Categories: prose, appreciation, funny, humorous, loss,

Premium Member Thoughts on My Mindfulness
Mindfulness. . . what know I of mindfulness?
My mind is full of many things,
but unfortunately for me, that is not the meaning of mindfulness!

So, am...

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Categories: philosophy,

it in my plans
put this in your can
i'll be there
if it snow  or rain
car  train or plane
if have to flow like dust
I'LL BE...

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Categories: prose, adventure, christmas,

Premium Member Incessant Talkers Bother Me
incessant talkers bother me.
I leave the room upon their arrival,
not caring if I hurt their feelings, for I know they
do not notice, it always being...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

PRAYER: power or placebo-- part I
Does prayer work? Or is it merely the placebo effect when things get better?Your mind convinces itself you are feeling better and you do. Your...

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Categories: allusion, angst, appreciation, faith,

no matter where they are
they travel plane or car
its that time
have family in mind
mabe from rome
together they are

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Categories: prose, destiny,

On Chance, Fate, Probability, and the Fear of Death
It's always struck me as amazing how folks will buy more lottery tickets as the odds increase, so long as the prize money increases. The...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, atheist, death,

Premium Member My Enthusiastic Shopping Mood
When I go into a store, I take no prisoners, especially if I like the merchandise.
I ooh, and awe. I exclaim loudly the attributes of...

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Categories: prose, feelings,

Premium Member Thoughts At A Faculty Meeting
A Meeting after an eight hour day
Should include jubilant jiving,
Exciting conversation,
Lively chatter,
Not a speaker who drones on and on and on and on and on...

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Categories: prose, teacher,

The Haunted Farmhouse
A country weekend I felt, would be just great
and so I rented a house in the country where,
I could be alone in the quiet and...

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Categories: dark, halloween, horror, october,

it was  nice day
was on our way
it was vacation time
the car was fine
before we reach our goal
it broken down 
before we got to the...

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Categories: prose, adventure, hilarious,

CAR TROUBLE on a trip
our car whip
and it dip
and my brother
was broke down
mortor had  lound
sound was had

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Categories: prose, grief,

How Sweet it is
O' HENRY'S my name and me and my dog CHUNKY, the SLO POKE dog, wanted to go on a shopping spree on 5th AVENUE since...

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Categories: car,

Premium Member The Blower
I am in my school building, listening the blower of the furnace, there is no other sound.
Except the clicking of my typewriter keys ; for...

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Categories: environment, feelings, school,