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Prawn Poems

Prawn Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of prawn poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for prawn.

New Poems

Prawn soup
Prawn soup!

I own the whole eatery. 
I drove miles to be here.
The aroma and warmth, 
Makes me drool to eat here.
I can never resist the prawn soup!
The spices and hotness 
I get indulged in
The sour taste 
It is just perfectly...Read More
Categories: prawn, drink, food,
Form: Narrative

A Floating Market on the River
Floating  Market on the River

A Thailand tradition 
Large sun umbrellas 
And boat roofs or hoods
And Asian conical hats
A bucket of cracked brown egg shells 

A grandma quickly whips up 
Egg, oyster and fresh, crisp bean sprout
In rice flour batter

Raw...Read More
Categories: prawn, fishing, food, garden, money, people, river, water,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dinner Demands
Soon we're having guests for dinner,
Some old friends from out of town,
So you three must mind your manners,
Just as you've been shown.
Jane, as the eldest, your example
Should set the standard:
Remember, you assume the mantle
Of the courtesy demanded.
Now Stella, you are...Read More
Categories: prawn, dad, daughter, drink, friend, son,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Suddenly Swans
‘One more job and then I am going to Panama and watch the canal in the sun’
John’s trust funds had not done so well lately and pension age approached fast
‘They ripped me off once more and I need my share...Read More
Categories: prawn, farewell,
Form: Free verse
Toilet Rush
Prawn cocktails I really do like to scoff,
but with this one, I’m not game to cough,
for it sent me reeling;
I’ve got a gut feeling,
that the prawns in this cocktail are off....Read More
Categories: prawn, humor,
Form: Limerick

Monsoon Turbulence
Waves leap over his roof again.
Coconut sentinels lose their heads.
His breakwater breaks, but he won’t 	
flee to the monsoon refugee camp.

People and the press stand amid 
the lightning from cameras. Their
rapture is with the waves rising 
high to touch the...Read More
Categories: prawn, sea,
Form: Free verse

You're a puppy, I'm a big dog
You're a guppy, I'm a big cod
You're a tadpole, I'm a big frog,
You're a piglet, I'm a big hog
You're a shrimp, I'm a big prawn
You're a baby, I am King Kong
You got a twig,...Read More
Categories: prawn, fun, perspective, poetry, rap, word play, work,
Form: Rhyme
Need thee, o how I need thee
need thee
need thee
oh, how I need thee
and every hour
need thee
need thee
oh how I need thee
I need thee
every minute of my life

presence the diamonds
presence the gold
the prawn that are drawn
to hold
the papers for us
to sign and agree
to stand before all
for the...Read More
Categories: prawn, art, beauty, bridal shower, business, celebration, future,
Form: Ballad
I've got a dish of killifish
I wish to eat that silly fish
Baked, or fried in peanut oil
Roasted, dried, or let to boil.

Make me a star-gazy pie
Take me to the Catfish Fry
Lead me to the China Sea
Feed me hermit crabs and...Read More
Categories: prawn, animal, fish, fishing, food, funny, sea, word
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Prawn and Winkle Custard
Prawn and Winkle Custard

Prawn and Winkle Custard
A delicacy and delight
Much nicer than Pilchard Jelly
Sounds disgusting and contrite
I’m partial to Bat wing stew
Though not to the taste of all
But as for Squid legs soup
Yuk, that makes my Stomach crawl
...Read More
Categories: prawn, food, nonsense, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Where I was in the seventies
I stood before the mirror, one last check,
a quick inspection, then head off to town,
silver kipper tie around the neck,
shirt of green, sports jacket of light brown.
Platform shoes on, I boogie down the street,
a first date to look forward to...Read More
Categories: prawn, first love,
Form: Couplet
My Blue Cheese is
The blue cheese is too smelly which I do not like 
The white cheese with the orange stripes and dots
From my mom’s kitchen gets into the psyche
With the Darjeeling tea and toast it cozily prods

Towards the hectic activities of the...Read More
Categories: prawn, food, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Fine is neither a road traffic fine nor a fin
fine isn't a road traffic is a fine of a finest fin favour flashing feverishly


Fine is a shrine,
Not a mortified prawn,
Fine is a tail,
Of a cloud wisp at dawn,
But a fortified wine could build a fortress tunnel,
With undergrowth measuring...Read More
Categories: prawn, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
A dance with a prancing prawn should be held at dawn with birdsongs
The idiosyncrasies of a semi idolised biscuit is often symbolised by riotous clapping sessions. By camels who love to crunch. But a crunch is neither a cream, a crevasse, a cape nor is it a crammed carton. So in fact...Read More
Categories: prawn, august, baby,
Form: I do not know?
When I see a king prawn in its shell
Some vomit I want to expel
This fish food I despise
With ten legs and two eyes
It’s really my idea of food hell!
I baulk when a king prawn is peeled
and that witchetty grub is...Read More
Categories: prawn, fish, food, how i feel, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Invitation for Food Fight
Invitation for Food Fight

                            ‘Can you hear?
      ...Read More
Categories: prawn, celebration, christmas, food, for her, for him,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member LETTUCE EAT
It’s half pasta ate won chilli winter’s knight sew we staid in cider
Eye maid sum doe four my bred
Aye got in a pickle with sum flower, but I donut carrot all 
Eye'd ewes plane knot self raisin flower
Witch meant my...Read More
Categories: prawn, food, humorous,
Form: Free verse
OOniversal OO
OOOniversal oo

Frightened tepid antisocial ant was football training avidly but failing to attend a fragrant tailor army. Oh dear. That was sure to be put forward to the sacred sanction ship and the sacred sanction ship was neither a scared...Read More
Categories: prawn, absence, adventure, angst, anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: I do not know?
Fabrics finding fabrications
A prawn masquerading as a peanut can be quite disturbing. So many times a peel is a garment used to shroud. A tentacle hidden. Here and there. Then to reappear with an often violent burst of becoming. A burst of...Read More
Categories: prawn, animal,
Form: I do not know?

Explosions do not always signify combustion but often combustion arrives after many years of layering the layers and tightly packing. Thus meaning that a fried piece of fat could slip and burst out of the prism shelf. Bringing with it...Read More
Categories: prawn, africa, animal,
Form: I do not know?
bring brring telephone calling
'BRRRING BRRRING' said the telephone

“Oh hello” said the wide viewfinder to the telephone. “How are you today?” The telephone fell silent. Very silent. It had no battery with which to call, speak, shout or do anything that much really. Batteries...Read More
Categories: prawn, bangla, baptism, baseball, beach,
Form: I do not know?
Beneath the Sea

Through the journey, life arrives
Underwater – start their lives
Stable neither hot nor cold
Soft tiny eggs there to behold

Of such a time, lay vulnerable
For many eggs is tactical
Protection of the animal
Camouflaged with gravel

Frogs and toad, amphibian class
Eggs that float in jelly...Read More
Categories: prawn, animal, children,
Form: Free verse
A salty spray is a senseless stationary smelling spitting sprite How rather dangerous
Petrified pottery ponders plots. Ploys play putting purring. And a frantically fraternising pickle arch can glow on many a skyline at dusk. In many hues. Many dusks many arches many hues and many hues mean many hundreds and many hundreds...Read More
Categories: prawn, assonance, baseball, basketball, beach, beautiful, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
A very noisy talkative toast was jumping today
Queen quilt was arguing with prince pillow over a diamante duvet. But diamantes are not difficult dreamers nor diagonal deprivation. In fact it is the elite of every ethos that speaks of a qualifying uneven road surface. And uneven road...Read More
Categories: prawn, aubade,
Form: I do not know?
A categorization is neither a cat clapping nor a centimeter of cubic cakes
A slipper stained in a knot is appearing to emulate a wanton soup. Wanton soup is grinning a beaming smile. Whirling around. Nine noodles nimbly nick niceties. And the prawn dance begins as they fling themselves out of the rice...Read More
Categories: prawn, age, america, angel, animal, baseball, basketball,
Form: I do not know?