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Poets and Poems | Examples of Poems for Poets

Poetry about Poets. Read and share great examples of all types of poems on being a poet or about poets. This list of poets poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, and famous examples of poets poetry. It is not unusual for a poet to write about other poets and these are great examples of poems for and about poets. 
Chthonic Stygian Princess
I am the very definition of madness, a title swiped from Alice in Wonderland, used to love riddles and tea in the past, until that all changed and I became more Chthonic. An ursine out in her meadow stream, a...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, anger, art, child, dark,
Form: Bio

Premium Member An Audience of One
Categories: poets, blessing, confidence, creation, god,
Form: Free verse
Weaving Worlds With Words
Words, like a gentle breeze, can whisper untold tales, Carrying secrets through meadows and rustling in sails. They can build winding sentences with clauses that flow, Connecting ideas where knowledge can grow. But words can also storm with righteous...Read the rest...
Categories: poetry, poets, words, world,
Form: Free verse
Morier Invictus
Esoteric enchantress mellifluously serenades Abattoir hymn of threnody in this boudoir Quintessential embodiment of thanatopsis Quixotic dreamscape’s lachrymose fountain Melody of scarlet puppetry in a masquerade Grandiloquent gaiety phantasmagoric vitae...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, beautiful, career, confidence, dark,
Form: Bio
Premium Member PS Male Poets: Six Years Later
6 years ago, I wrote limericks about 5 PS poets. Today, I've posted about another 5 and will continue to add more... before 6 years. I tickled funny bones of five Souper men So, I gave thought...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, how i feel, humorous,
Form: Limerick

The Going Soul
Did you see the soul up high? It's once with the ailed and fainted body— Bleeding across the way of earth to sky, Biting the undone assignments lost to the Orby. Swiftly, it's chased to earth, Whereas, to length the...Read the rest...
Categories: poets,
Form: Other
Premium Member I do not read your poems
I have held it Caressed its jagged smoothness Embraced its subtle metaphor Wept in its nuanced nudity I have been held hostage Imprisoned by strangers Tortured by their words Scalded by their souls – unsheathed Escaped The arduous and trivial Riding the stoic stallion Of poetic...Read the rest...
Categories: emotions, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Oh, to write a dozen poems
Oh, to write a dozen poems Then…post only ten To rise upon the morrow Saying…”won’t do that again” ...Read the rest...
Categories: poets,
Form: Rhyme
Run And Duck
“Ready or not?” Footfalls and bosom heaves Through the forest of trees Someone please come rescue me Dragging across the leaves “Ready or not?” Silence that’s brief Duck barely dodging axe’s swing Footfalls and bosom heave “Someone help please” Echoes my cacophony scream Through the...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, dark, fear, poetess, poetry,
Form: Verse
The Dance of Dances Will You Take My Hand
My eyes gaze into twin hollow sockets. Behind it, a trail leading over the hill to a sepulcher. A ghastly cloaked apparition offers its hand. Bones intertwined with my flesh fingers. Waltzing, twisting, flora maelstrom...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, dance, dark, death, extended
Form: Free verse
Pendulums At My Feet
A conflagration rages within my being, Looming over the tableau of woe at my feet. Silken threads and ribbons tether their flight, they opt for a divergent retreat from reality. In a moment of frailty, Taut sounds sway their desolation, Erupt...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, dark, death, evil, extended
Form: Free verse
Kissing Ghost
An abattoir, a hymn of scythes severing flesh, is sung mellifluously by a siren with onyx scales. Bubbles in the twilight abyssal depths, a symphonic orchestra of eels gavotte. Orbs watch at these pressures with...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, beautiful, dark, deep, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Lips Curl At Your Fiddles
(Piece is intended to be the most complex vocabulary gothic ever) Grandiloquence, mellifluous pulchritudinous, gaiety of quintessential moistening serendipity, bile deluge if you show the sanguinary breath, crimson waterfall sizzling on lava rock hellscape. Yclept necrophelia maestra, macabre tableau, dips douse abyssal incarnate, now...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, anger, beauty, conflict, dark,
Form: Free verse
And I keep writing
I feel the weight of tears and keep writing, Wayward word endears, and I keep writing. In life there’s pain, there too is emptiness, As love pours from all spheres, I keep writing. Life gasps what with such corrupt...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, writing,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Where is Waldo
Where’s Waldo? Do not worry about poets gone! Care and love the many talents here! Let go, no crying into sorrow’s beer, They...Read the rest...
Categories: poets, how i feel, humorous,
Form: Quatrain

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