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Real Poets Poems

These Real Poets poems are examples of Poets poems about Real. These are the best examples of Poets Real poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I Write For Me
It’s not about you I write for me;
To keep a positive mind or vent,
so much more than art it’s therapy;

Poetry let’s me be real gutsy;

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Categories: emotions, feelings, poets, writing,

Poems for Poets IV


These are poems about professor poets and other wanna-be “intellectuals” who miss the main point of real poetry, which is to...

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Categories: poems, poetry, poets, political,

Poems about Poets VIII


These are poems about professor poets and other wanna-be “intellectuals” who miss the main point of real poetry, which is to...

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Categories: class, poems, poetry, poets,

Trying to Live in Your Shadow
I have not prayed enough to be like you,
I have not loved enough to write like you.
The night is my god, stars my angels
I'll never...

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Categories: poets, death, heaven, loneliness, love,

Premium Member Not my pen for the drum
Do all the words that I've turned?
Define me to all the enemies I've earned
Slowly as I ponder this
I will not trade the pen for the...

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Categories: poets, metaphor, motivation, poems, poetess,

robbed robber ,  
and the owner. 

A robber robbed some valuable properties ,  he met a gang from breaking the house ,  he was...

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Categories: poets, angst, fear, men, pain,

Poets are a lofty bunch,
     their ideals so sincere,
          but when...

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Categories: america, betrayal, poetry, poets,

Premium Member Loved and Lost
When I open your book of life,                  ...

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Categories: poets, animal, car, dad, fun,

For The Pen
When I write I feel right
Checking in from within.

What else can I say other
then I do it for the pen.

I do it for the pen...

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Categories: creation, poetry, poets, repetition,

All are Free to Write Poetry Part 1
Poetry can be written by all
It is not any one's sole right
All are capable to write poem
What one needs is thoughts

Thoughts come via experience
Experience comes...

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Categories: imagination, poetry, poets,

Premium Member Nature's Winter
Autumn and the birds left real fast,                                  Autumn's...

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Categories: poets, autumn, beauty, bird, snow,

Premium Member When A Poet Dies

When a poet dies, there is a silent night
One where the only light is moon and stars
Glistening through the hearts who are reminded
There is a...

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Categories: poets, appreciation, death, death of

Premium Member Twas the night before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas and all seemed to be well,              ...

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Categories: poets, christmas, family, food, grandmother,

Premium Member Dot to Dot
What do you see from dot to dot,                 ...

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Categories: poets, boat, flower, fun, games,

Premium Member Home
"Poetry is a life-cherishing force. For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as...

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Categories: poets, imagination, inspiration, muse, poems,