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Truth Personification Poems

These Truth Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Truth. These are the best examples of Personification Truth poems written by international poets.

The Hyena
I‘m not a dog or cat in the area,
I am a carnivore in Africa;
I really roam to look for food to eat,
You cannot evade my...

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Categories: animal,

Hello Hurricane Katrina
Hello Hurricane Katrina. How are you these days?
The last time you visited us we shall never forget
Your generosity, kindness, humility, love, hard work
Which community cannot...

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Categories: natural disasters, satire,

Premium Member Running Makes Me a Stallion
Running turns me into a stallion
Not a filly
A stallion

A full blown running machine
With strains in my neck 
And puffing and huffing from my nose

I know...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

My Nature
Through darkness, soaked in fear
And blinded,
I ventured forward to the sound. 

Then darkness whispered in my ear.
I shivered,
Clinging on to what I’d never found.

It spoke...

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Categories: death, depression, destiny, dream,

You’ve seen my rage that can smite cathedrals’ steadfast posture 
Exempting not that edifice in Notre Dame midst its antique feature…
May I remind you of...

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Categories: christian, faith, god, grief,

Premium Member May Comes In Disguised as a Faerie
May comes in disguised as a rainbow unicorn faerie.
She leaps into the air dancing on frothy snow clouds.
We try to slow her up, so we...

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Categories: may, spring,

Premium Member A Wolfish Throwback
I wolf down my food
in a gluttonous way
chomp chomp slurp slurp
Gnash gnash slurp slurp
A throwback to a previous incarnation
When I actually was a wolf, or...

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Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,

Premium Member MY SOUL A TORCH

My soul, a torch my Lord,

Praying to be lit by Your heavenly sparkle 

So as

The path of Your righteousness to discern 

© Demetrios Trifiatis

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Categories: god, light, truth,

Spin the Bottle
we play spin the bottle like children pulling wings off flies
no care full abandon no threat of the truth the next the 
tomorrow the what...

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Categories: personification, body, break up,

Premium Member LOVE THY NAME

Oh Thee 

Unique truth, among all truths,


That reside in every heart 


Name to the world I wish Thee to reveal 


Mankind- LOVE...

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Categories: love, truth,

Premium Member I Love Everybody Testimonial--
This is the absolute;
This is the truth;
I have a mantra…
And it says that
I say that
I Love Everybody;
I Love Everybody;
I Love Everybody;

Did I say, yes I...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, caregiving,

I only tell of sunny hours…
With my radiant optimistic perspective
Instructing humankind to cheer up
As our Creator wakes every one 
To enjoy life to the fullest.


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Categories: appreciation, cheer up, christian,

A Letter About My Friend
To Whom it may concern:

I have known him since birth and beyond.  I also knew his parents who were very Godly people in a...

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Categories: friendship love, god, love,

I’m black powder with my useful explosive might
Gun powder is my military name for defensive light
Yet be warned against my evil users in their hatred's...

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Categories: courage, faith, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member Venus statue in a garden
Unblemished in a seamlessly soft, 
Carrara marble, all young and proud,
Standing in the moment of pure delight, 
With nobody else around,

Your soft kitten paw covered...

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Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, love,

Love and Lies
Have become friends
Have become enemies
Love's identical twins.

Letter E: enemy of love is truth. 

Drencho POET Loads....

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Categories: love hurts,

Dark hope
You are in control 
Will you lead,  follow or go over protocol 
The life we live 
One must always strive 
Finding your ambition and...

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Categories: color, confidence, cool, courage,

You Are What You Eat
Okay, in many cases people use this term or expression to distinguish a likeliness to becoming what you eat… The truth, really, is that you...

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Categories: care, creation, culture, devotion,

Premium Member NOUS

Oh Nous,*

You divine faculty of perception

Mother of conception

Source of understanding

Gate of wisdom

Without your presence deaf and blind I would be

Perpetually oblivious to truth eternal!

© Demetrios...

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Categories: god, wisdom, world,

Cry of the Heart
Oh! Hypocrisy, I don’t know who you are!
I cannot decipher you, though I try hard
People who have you, seem so smart
They tend to win a...

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Categories: angst, blessing, confusion, feelings,